Steak and Kindness: The Story of The 2014 Clinton Chicago Fundraiser and Niranjan Shah

Looking back to 2014 in the months before the 2016 US presidential election chaos was to begin, we can see all of the political opponents gearing up to take one another on for the seat of the president of the United States of America. One such candidate, Hillary Clinton, was already launching fundraising events, an charging a clever $20.16 fee per ticket. However, there was one event that stood out among the rest, and that was the Chicago steakhouse event, held at the 437 Rush Steakhouse. This event would bring together many high profile individuals such as the charitable Niranjan Shah.

A Day To Remember in Chicago

Notably, Niranjan Shah was on the hosting committee for the event, making him one of the premier individuals there at the time. He brought with him his charitable attitude, and his selfless nature, embodying the virtue of giving back to the community. This would play a large influence in things to come.

Others at the event include Dick Durbin, a democratic senator out of Illinois. He was an early Obama supporter, and had thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton for the 2016 US presidential election. Lisa Madigan of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC was there as well, and the mayor of Chicago, Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel.

Business and Charity

While Niranjan Shah is all about charitable works, he’s also a serious businessman. Being the founder and CEO of Chairman Emeritus of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, he has a load of business knowledge and practical experience. In fact, his company, which operates in engineering and agriculture, has been so successful that it has won numerous awards. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed Niranjan Shah to claim such success in life.

Moving Beyond 2016

While the 2014 Chicago steakhouse fundraiser was a huge success, things didn’t work out quite so well come 2016. That said, Niranjan Shah still continues his charitable work, and his philanthropic exploits. His goal of giving back to the community still remains strong, and his willingness to use his wealth for the good of all is always at the top of his mind.

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Peter Harris: A Hardworking Auckland Entrepreneur

Peter Harris is the former Chief Executive Officer of CBL, an Auckland insurance company. He is hardworking, passion-driven, and dedicated to helping improve the lives of people around the world. He has become an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs in the insurance field.

Peter’s Early Life

He grew up in the Waikato district, which is in Rangriri, on their dairy farm. Peter Harris was able to understand how important it is to have good relations with people since it was a daily part of his life. They conducted business and deals with handshakes, and everyone’s hard work was respected and enjoyed.

Although their district was full of life, it lacked quality and fair education systems. Peter Harris was forced to study in a boarding school in Southwell School, Hamilton. He was appointed as the head boy and became a loyal defender for his fellow students who needed support to overcome unfairness and disadvantages. His dedication to helping others is still honored up to date in Southwell School after a prize was named after him and is still awarded to students who possess these qualities.

Work Experience

He first worked in accounting at Fletcher Steel and later moved to its branch in Auckland. He worked hard and thrived in whatever he did. In the year 1984, he was recognized, and he was given an award as the Air New Zealand Businessman. Peter Harris then worked for many different insurance companies and gained extensive experience in how to run a business and handle the client’s various needs.

About CBL

In the year 1996, Peter Harris, together with Alistair Hutchinson, decide to buyout CBL, which was then a small insurance firm. It dealt with financial and credit risk insurance, and it only operated in New Zealand. In 2000, Peter Harris was elected to lead the CBL’s efforts to expand internationally. Peter Harris has also been helping other companies achieve their goal and gain profit within just two years after their expansion process. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award during EY Awards as well as Leader of the year during the Australia New Zealand Insurance Awards.

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How Matthew Fleeger is Making Oil Industry History with Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerMaking positive strides in the oil industry, both Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are names recognized when success and innovation are mentioned. What started as a family-owned operation in Dallas has turned into a nationwide phenomenon with locations around the South and Midwest regions. Gulf Coast Western has an origin that is founded in mission and principles sought out by those looking to partner with such a company and still carry them today.

Matthew Fleeger is both the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western and behind many of these practices that have moved them through the ranks in the oil industry. It was Matt’s father who initially founded the company back in 1970 and made a point to ensure that Matt would carry these same foundations and principles through the business under his leadership. In order for Matthew to get to the point of CEO, he had to make his own path to leadership. Matthew Fleeger has now always been with Gulf Coast Western, as he did take a break after beginning his professional career and took on new experiences to give him a well-rounded view and new perspective. This experience allowed him to come back to Gulf Coast Western in 2009 and with a new and appreciative understanding of leadership and the oil industry.

Matthew Fleeger

Working on areas such as customer service and cost control has allowed them to expand their customer base beyond its original limits. Customers over the last several decades have found Gulf Coast Western attentive to their needs and willing to listen when they have concerns. It has been Matthew’s personal mission to keep the transparency between Gulf Coast Western and their clients open under his leadership. In more recent years, Gulf Coast Western is striving for a production increase in the next few years. They are continuing to explore and develop areas in the Gulf and Western regions of the United States that carry domestic oil as a resource.

Jack Plotkin: The Future of Real Healthcare

Jack PlotkinIt doesn’t take long listening to news before you will hear a story or two about the future of healthcare.  Unfortunately, if you really listen to it, there is really little to do with the future in terms of real solutions.  It’s only a thinly veiled story about who someone is doing–or not doing–now.  That’s not a situation that Jack Plotkin takes lightly.  In fact, Jock Plotkin believes that in order to effectively change the future, you have to actively start with today.  That’s the reason he’s so excited to be the CTO of Telehealth, a firm that is taking a serious look at healthcare and cutting it off at the knees with a revolutionary look at what we have today and can be leveraged for tomorrow.

With Telehealth, users can use an interface using ordinary telephony to become more actively engaged with health care providers, providing information that is more valuable and more directly beneficial to the user’s health.  Telehealth is easier and more engaging to use, which means that users are more likely to provide health care professionals with more of the information they can use that will help them with the diagnosis and treatment of their problems.  

Plotkin considers this level of technology a long time coming.  In fact, with the recent advent and success of wearables, he considers Telehealth the next step in a long process that will bring both health care providers and users closer together for mutual benefit.  The old ways of providing health care solutions is only single dimensional when compared to the approach of Telehealth, which makes the user more accessible to the provider and the provider more accessible to the user.

Jack Plotkin

Even the cost of the Telehealth approach is going down as the technology improves.  In fact, there can be little doubt that as the acceptance of Telehealth grows, everyone will benefit.  Jack Plotkin is betting the future on it.

Cash vs Stock: HCR Wealth Advisors Offers A Valuable Primer for Holiday Donations

As the holiday season approaches, it is time to consider the benefits of giving back to the community. HCR Wealth Advisors has the wealth management experience that will allow clients to get the most out of their donations. When clients are unaware of the uncertainties that lie ahead, HCR Wealth Advisors helps them make sense of it all.

Let’s take a closer look at the considerations that must be made when deciding between cash and stock donations this holiday season:

Increasing Your Gift Size

Instead of selling stock to raise the necessary capital for a donation, HCR Wealth Advisors recommends consideration of donating the stock directly. This allows the donor to increase the size of their gift because they are not going to incur any sort of tax liability. A tax deduction (of full market value) is provided with the stock donation as well.

Using Cash More Wisely

Donating stock allows the donor to utilize the capital that they have on hand more wisely. Many donors will choose to donate stock from their personal portfolio before depositing the necessary cash to replace it. Those who wish to avoid future tax liability will often decide to purchase the stock at a higher cost basis, so that they can decrease potential tax expenses later.


Removal of Tax Related Liabilities

When stock is donated after it has had a chance to appreciate, this removes the tax related liabilities from the portfolio. Capital gains taxes are onerous and should be avoided if at all possible. These taxes can be imposed on both the state and federal level. Taxation rates can reach as high as 23% if the donor is not careful.

Stock Donations Are Tax Deductible

Donations of stock are tax deductible, as long as the taxpayer has taken the time to itemize their deductions. If appreciated stock is donated, the donor is going to be limited, though. Only 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income can be donated in these instances.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

Sergey Petrossov Develops New and Unique Travel Program

SERGEY PETROSSOVAnyone that needs to take a business trip or wants to take a vacation will likely want to travel by air as it is the fastest way to get around. While air travel has been a preferred form of travel, it is still flawed in many ways. Many customers of the air industry will despise the experience due to poor customer service, flight delays for weather and mechanical issues, and overall low efficiency. 

For those that are looking for another alternative to fly, one new company developed by Sergey Petrossov could be the best solution. In recent years, Sergey Petrossov has developed a new air travel program called JetSmarter. With this travel program, someone will be able to rent space on a private or chartered plane, as opposed to having to fly on a commercial jet. While private air travel used to be something that was only available to the very wealthy, Sergey Petrossov has created this concept that will bring it to far more people than ever before.

When someone becomes a member of the company, they will have the ability to reserve a space on an already planned trip or book their own private jet. This will greatly improve the overall comfort and efficiency of air travel. Further, it will allow people that own jets to then lease them out to other people, which could drastically cut the costs that they incur naturally with the operations of a plane


While JetSmarter is bound to be a popular travel option for anyone that would like to avoid commercial air travel, it is also looking like a great target for investors. Due to the growth and potential for the concept, the company has raised a significant amount of capital from some very savvy individual and institutional investors. This capital will help to fuel growth and allow the company to come up with new creative concepts as well. 

Investing by James River Capital

Funding a business is a great way to learn the ins and outs of investing. Below are some ways entrepreneurs can fund a business. These tips are provided by Paul Saunders, founder of James River Capital.


Businessman Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders is the chairman, founder, and CEO of James River Capital and its affiliated companies. He has been in finance for many years and studied finance in college. He worked in several finance companies before acquiring KP Futures Management Corp in 1995. He renamed it James River Capital Corp.

James River Capital Corp

James River Capital Corp was founding in 1995 by Saunders and Kevin Brandt. The firm focuses on asset classes such as asset-backed securities, corporate credit, multi-strategy investing, global macroeconomic strategies, and more.

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Fund Their Business

Below are different ways entrepreneurs can fund their business.

Trading Equity

Trading equity is when a company exchanges stock for money from investors. Some ownership of the business is then taken over by these investors.

Business and Local Loans

Business loans include bank loans and Small Business Administration loans. Local loans can be found through the Chamber of Commerce, which can connect entrepreneurs with each other who can help locate local investors.


Crowdfunding is when a group of people invest in a business with varying amounts of money. Kickstarter is a type of crowdfunding platform that is very popular.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists invest in companies to get a high return in a short amount of time. These returns are expected at 3 to 10 times higher within a few years.


Bootstrapping is when a person funds their business with their own money, borrows money from family and friends, or uses credit cards to fund their business venture.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are individual people who invest in an idea they believe in.

LifeWave Brings New Offerings To The Anti-Aging Market

First founded by David Schmidt in 2002 as a scientific human wellness company, LifeWave has recently expanded its product portfolio to include several new anti-aging offerings. Before founding LifeWave, David specialized extensively in Management Information Systems with an academic background in Biology from Pace University in New York. Before founding LifeWave, David Schmidt built a successful track record in both military and industrial manufacturing. 


In addition to Mr. Schmidt, the Senior Executive Team at LifeWave also consists of:


  • Jim Caldwell – VP of Marketing.
  • Joseph A. DePanfilis – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jules Rudick – Executive Vice President
  • Dr. Steven Haltiwanger – Director of Health & Science (Facebook).


The LifeWave concept arose from more than 36 months of David’s personal research into natural energy enhancement. Unlike most health companies, LifeWave has engineered their products to work synergistically with some of modern medicine’s most cutting-edge modalities. LifeWave’s current product portfolio is designed to compliment phototherapy and energy work. 


As part of the company’s holistic approach to health and wellness, LifeWave is currently producing all of the following product types:


  • Advanced Nutraceuticals
  • Transdermal Supplement Patches
  • Skin Care Products
  • Fitness Equipment For Modern Lifestyles


The company has recently gained the endorsement from Dr. Paul J. Christo, a wellness specialist trained at both Harvard and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Christo has publicly announced his support for using the LifeWave products to help eliminate pain. In addition to Dr. Christo, Hollywood anti-aging icon Suzanne Somers has also publicly endorsed LifeWave. 


The company is now operating in more than 95 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to a growing national presence, LifeWave has also been featured on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies more than once. 

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Bennett Graebner’s Influence on Reality TV

Dating shows are not new when it comes to American programming. Some variation of it has appeared on television since the 1960s. However, when The Bachelor premiered in 2002, it changed the way networks brought love to the smaller screen. Bennett Graebner, a producer for The Bachelor, was one of the people responsible for this revolutionary new wave of reality television. 


Since then, there have been plenty of dating shows that follow a similar format though their success has been debatable. The selected and highly sought after bachelor is presented with over a dozen female love interests. Throughout the show, however, contestants must participate in an elimination process that should ultimately conclude with a marriage proposal (Imdb). 


Though not every season sticks to the original format, the franchise is still popular and is gearing up for its 24th season.However, Graebner’s success didn’t come overnight. He graduated with an MFA from the University of Southern California (USC) where Bennett Graebner collaborated frequently with other film students. He worked a variety of positions, too, such as best boy grip and production assistant. His diverse experience in film production has certainly been an asset to his career. 


Graebner, who still engages with his USC alumni network, understands the importance of collaboration. His most recent venture came about in such a way. Along with the franchise creator, Mark Fleiss, Bennett Graebner put together an international conference open to showrunners from different parts of the globe. 


The two-day symposium led to an exchange of ideas, and the result was a reality TV sports competition show where contestants could also find love. Fan favorites from both American and international casts would be brought back as contestants to face-off in a series of challenges. And in between competitions, special dates were orchestrated. The Bachelor Winter Games premiered in February of 2018. Graebner stated in a recent interview, “I’ve worked on the show for 10 years, I didn’t quite realize the global reach of The Bachelor world.”


Still, Bennett Graebner is a man who knows about love. He’s been married to his partner, Vanessa Aberman, for over a decade, and the couple of have two children together. 


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Raffaele Riva Multi-faceted Global Businessman

Raffaele Riva was born in Milan, Italy, in 1962. Riva graduated from Milan Italy’s Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 1987. Riva graduated with honors in economics. By 1989, Riva completed a graduate course at Universita Cattolica in accounting.

Raffaele Riva began a job as an accounting assistant at a major Manchester, United Kingdom, firm in 1988. His employers liked Riva’s job so well, they promoted him to Assistant Manager. Riva left the company in 1992.

Raffaele Riva decided to become the top manager of a global conglomerate firm. Riva served on many boards in places spanning from North America, South America, Africa, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and other places. As a senior executive, Riva wanted to coordinate important operations among subsidiaries and branches of the industry. By the late 1990s, Riva was ready to move on.

Raffaele Riva founded several advisory companies where he was managing partner and co-owner of. The experience gave Riva lots of experience in corporate finance, international taxes, and legal issues. Riva worked with wealth planning, corporate restructuring, and estate planning. In 2008, Riva decided once again it was time to leave.

Today Raffaele Riva has many positions. One of Riva’s jobs is Vice Chairman of a Swiss asset management company called the Aurea Multi Family Office. Riva also works at BM business Management & P C. Riva works with portfolio management, asset management, investment advisory, investment management, and more. Riva works with large banks and high profile professionals, asset managers, fund companies, and insurance companies all over the world. Riva is a well-respected business leader around the world. Riva is a multi-faceted business man who dabbles in the areas of real estate, economics, estates, wealth planning and investments. Riva hasn’t stayed in one place too long; he’s eager to try many experiences in the business world.

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