Success Has Not Dulled The Need For Respect In Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a well known name and face to those with their finger on the pulse of the cosmetics industry and have wished to keep up with the latest developments in the way the industry is heading in recent years. The founder of the Lime Crime brand is leading a revolution in how cosmetics are made, marketed, and sold around the world; however, Doe Deere does not believe the business practices of the past are as successful in a modern world where the majority of interactions now take place Online in many different forms.


A move to Los Angeles to pursue her music career partnered Doe Deere with her husband and Lime Crime chairman, and set her on the way to creating her own way of conducting business in the 21st century. Doe believes the best way to get positive results from vendors, employees, and other business contacts is to use respect at all times in a bid to show how successful every person can be in the future; the iron fist approach Doe has witnessed in the past has little place in the career of this entrepreneur looking to follow her own path in life. Positive reinforcement is the key to the success of Doe Deere, who explains she has always had the best results from those she cares about and lifts up to greater levels of success.


In her career, Doe Deere has also looked to develop a successful role in the cosmetics industry that has seen some of her innovations taken on by the more traditional companies who now view Doe’s Lime Crime brand as a major competitor. The creation of the lipstick swatch is a good example of the innovative techniques undertaken by Doe Deere, which was initially mocked by the industry but proved such a success that it is now used by the majority of brands looking to provide Online sales to customers; Doe Deere continues to find success by following her gut feelings about products and deals that are now loved by millions around the world.

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