The Government Has Developed a Solution to Insider Trading Through the Sec Whistleblower Program

For the longest time, insider trading in the securities market has always been an issue and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has been trying to find the best method of eliminating this unlawful practice. The law enforcement was found ineffective in policing the market unless they got help from private individuals. It is after this realization that changes in the securities market enforcement started through the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower Program.


After the market experienced the financial crisis of 2008, they were a need to regulate the financial markets. Therefore, in 2010 the Congress met and introduced the Dodd-Frank Act which was meant to create financial stability in the country. The act became law in 201o and among its provisions was that the SEC has the power and mandate to develop a whistleblower program that would be offering rewards to the members of the public who would provide reliable information of insider trading. The reward will be offered if the information provided leads to the SEC carrying out an enforcement action and the perpetrator is liable to pay more than $1 million in penalties and sanctions.


The program offers employment protection to the whistleblowers or an individual could choose to report insider trading anonymously. However, the enforcement office of this program only launches an investigation of original information only. This means that it should not be a case already known to the commission. If another person has provided the SEC with the information previously, then its no longer considered original information. The information should also not be publicly available.


The information should also be sufficient to motivate the SEC to take action on the individuals involved. Or it should be details that could influence the Whistleblower Program to re-open a case that has previously been closed or offers the regulatory body a new line of pursuit. The violation could be reported at any time whether they happened in the past, are happening presently or are likely to happen. They cover instances of deceptive conduct in stock trading, bonds, notes to mention few. Even individuals from other countries around the globe can report cases of insider trading to the Whistleblower Program.


The reward is given once the case is completed and it ranges from 10-30 percent of all the money paid by the guilty party. However, the reward is only given if the amount paid is over $1 million. So far, the Whistleblower Program has awarded many whistleblowers to amount totaling to millions of dollars.

Investment expert, Paul Mamphilly explains trends in the stock market

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru with many years of experience in the management of firms. Paul has a solid background in the financial field obtained from his undergraduate and graduate studies. Paul has worked with many financial institutions where his impact in those organizations was felt and seen. He has traversed many parts of the world and gained skills in the investment industry on the management of portfolios and dealing with the hedge funds. He is passionate about writing and has served as editor in various newsletters sharing his expert knowledge on a wide range of investment strategies and finance.

Paul Mamphilly’s professional journey

Paul Mampilly kick-started his professional career when he was recruited to work as an assistant portfolio manager. His talent and analytical skills helped him considerably to get noticed in his undertak-ings at the Bankers Trust Institution. Paul grew honed his analytical and management skills sig-nificantly which enabled him to develop professionally and work with some large organizations such as Kinetic Asset Company. Paul Mampilly has managed many multi-dollar companies and financial institutions and gained extensive experience over the years. He works as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly writes popular articles in the Winning Investor Daily newsletter at Banyan Publishing Company to keep his readers informed of the trends in the stock market for them to make informed decisions before investing.

The impact of technology and changes in the stock market

Paul Mampilly points out that the use of technology has revolutionized the stock market sig-nificantly. He says that computers and the artificial intelligence has enabled tracking of stock and made it easy to analyses the market speedily. Paul also states that the introduction of ex-change-traded funds has significantly changed the decision-making process in the buying and selling of stock. In the recent past, mutual funds were in use, but the introduction of the ex-change-traded funds has shifted the way people do business as thorough research is required be-fore engaging in a transaction. To know more about him click here.

Investment advise to first-time investors

Paul Mamphilly states that new investors focus on a single stock where they invest all their money in it before doing a thorough analysis of the market. The tactic used by the new investors ends being a high-risk investment strategy that can result in huge losses. He advises them to in-vest small amounts in multiple stocks to diversify risk. Paul Mamphilly states that first-time in-vestors should seek the advice from analysts and experts in the investment field to avoid frustra-tions that come s with losing money on stocks. He says that the knowledge of the market is crit-ical before investing.

Paul Mamphilly states that he admires the go-getter entrepreneurs who do not get discouraged to carry on business despite obstacles. Paul singles out entrepreneur Elon Musk as his follower due to his success in the industry and overcoming all the odds in establishing his businesses.

Chaz Dean Creates Products That Are Effective and Safe

WEN products are not like every other product on et market. Products such as WEN Cleansing Conditioner is made of natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, and rosemary extract are formulated to soothe hair. Wild cherry nark conditions the hair and glycerin moisturizes while panthenol helps to strengthen the hair as it restores its natural resilience. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is safe and gentle enough to use on all hair types, and it will not strip your hair of its natural oils. That is because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and it is made from ingredients that are found in nature.

Many of the products in the Amazon market are full of chemicals like formaldehyde and can even cause cancer in those who use them. Even though they are used externally, they can still be absorbed into the skin through the pores. WEN products are nourishing and safe to use on your hair and body.

Chaz Dean is passionate about hair and about creating products that are good for your hair and well-being. Why it’s unique is because he uses his own products, and he uses his products on his clients. He does not use bleach or harsh chemicals because they are no good for your health.

Chaz Dean has many clients, and many of them are well-known celebrities. He has his own salon in Hollywood where he styles and cuts hair for award and fashion shows. He is also always perfecting and developing new formulas for hair care and body products that are natural and effective. He is very humble despite all of his success, and he has a Zen-like aura about him that is catchy. Everyone who is around him feels instantly calm, and he doesn’t let things like stress get to him even though he is a very busy hair stylist and designer.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares he Secret Behind Success at

Richard Qiangdong Liu is a Chinese billionaire who came from a very humble background. While at home he helped his parents run a transport business before moving to Beijing to further his studies. Despite the challenges encountered when joining the university, Richard Liu managed to get enrolled in the University. He started a small food business that did not work out very well due to inadequate time. Richard Qiangdong Liu later started a computer selling business that grew leading to the establishment of 12 more stores in China. Richard Liu is a father of two. He encourages his children to work hard and realize themselves.

In 2003, SARs stroke which was an infectious respiratory disease. This situation forced Richard Liu to send his employees home. He gave them water among other products to use at home. Richard Liu together with one of the managers who is a billionaire remained at the company premises. SARS outbreak forced Richard Liu to close the 12 stores as the offline business was not working out. At the end of 2004, he launched website that worked out very well. company started with phones and IT products as the finances were limited. Each Year Richard Liu working closely with his employees ensured to introduce a new product to the market. Currently, the company deals with more than one billion products which are nothing else but original. There are more than 160, 000 employees at who serves all the customers with high standard services. There is much competition from Walmart but having advanced technology to deliver the products fast is the largest and leading retail shop in China.

According to Richard Liu, the hottest goods at include consumer goods and fashion. More than 300 million customers prefer fashion products as they are of high- quality. Richard Liu is dedicated to ensuring that he establishes new branches in the US, Europe, Asia among other parts of the globe.

Richard Liu also uses his wealth to fund different charitable organizations as a way of giving back to the community. He is a role model of many entrepreneurs, and his parents are proud of him.

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Boss Investments Wanted To Do Business With Margaritaville

Margaritaville’s Bahamian franchisee has refiled its lawsuit in Florida state courts. It is still working to block the $250m Pointe project. The US attorneys representing Boss Investments have released a statement that the company is still pursuing Margaritaville for breach of contract. The US federal judge dismissed the action and it has now been filed in a Palm Beach County courthouse.

Reason For Dismissal

Todd Levine and Adam Steinberg said the federal judge dismissed the action due to a legal technicality, but all legal options of Boss Investments were not exhausted. Todd and Adam said their client, Boss Investments was looking forward to the deal with Margaritaville, to bring the brand to The Bahamas. They entered into an exclusive agreement allowing Boss to use Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville trademarks in The Bahamas.

Changing Course

Margaritaville has mentioned the exclusivity in dealings before. Not long after Boss had a successful opening of Paradise Island, Margaritaville reneged on the deal, and partnered with another company to launch a huge Margaritaville resort only miles away from the initial Boss Investments location. The action by Margaritaville, is clearly a breach of contract and Boss is within its contractual rights for filing the lawsuit in Florida state court.

Already In Violation

The US federal court did not rule on the case, and threw it out based on the lack of jurisdiction to hear the case. Now the case will be heard under Florida state law. There are two of the Margaritaville entities listed as defendants. They have offices in Palm Beach County. It is alleged that Margaritaville is already in violation of its own exclusive right to use trademarks and intellectual property in the Bahamian area. This is according to the company’s deal with China Construction America’s downtown Nassau resort next to British Colonial Hilton. According to Boss Investments, Margaritaville discouraged it from starting an additional restaurant by Nassau’s port to safeguard the plans for The Pointe.

Victoria Doramus Shows The World Her Love For Animals

Animals aren’t able to speak for themselves when it comes to the pain that they are going through and the issues that they are facing. This is why the Best Friends Animal Society was founded and why Victoria Doramus is such an avid supporter of them. Animals aren’t unlike humans in the fact that they need to feel loved and cared for too.

Victoria Doramus knows what it’s like to feel lost as a recovering addict who is now enjoying a life of sobriety. It can be even harder for animals to recover from homelessness and abuse than it is for humans and they often end up in a shelter where they are quickly put down if nobody chooses them for adoption. By bringing rescue groups and shelters together across the United States, Best Friends Network is able to save the lives of animals in shelters throughout the country.

In her professional life, Victoria Doramus is known for her extensive work involving print and digital media in some important campaigns. Not only does she work in this area, but she has also worked in many different fields that have allowed her to retain a large base of knowledge that has helped her become a success. She earned her degree in mass communication along with journalism while attending the University of Colorado in the city of Boulder. While her formal education has served her well, it’s her real-life experience that has helped her along the most.

The things that the Best Friends Network has been able to achieve since they began in the 1980s are impressive and Victoria Doramus is excited to be a part of their present and future growth. They share the belief that no animal deserves to have to die alone in a shelter and are working to be able to save as many of these animals as possible. Thousands of animals are being helped by the donations that the organizations receive and they will be able to continue helping thousands and thousands more in the upcoming years. If you are interested in helping, you can contact them or your local shelter.

Gareth Henry And Private Equity

Gareth Henry is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things like real estate, buying out companies, equity, and many other things like that. He recently wrote up a blog post all about private equity. This article is going to give you a look into private equity and what Gareth Henry thinks about it.

Private equity can be a very confusing thing. Private equity is made up of something that is not listed to the public. Private equity is made up of money that is invested directly into private companies. A lot of times private equity comes from public companies being bought out and then being taken off of listings. This usually gets the attention of the public because it hits headline news quickly. Most private equity companies try to invest in private companies, but sometimes they will take the jump and try to get public companies. Any money that is made from the private equity can be used to fund new things for the new companies that will be taking over. Gareth Henry says that private equity has really jumped up into the spotlight.

Private equity is not for everybody. Private equity commitments can take a very long time. If you are thinking of doing some kind of private equity deal you cannot think in terms of days, you have to think it terms of months or longer. Processing a private equity deal can be very difficult. Private equity investors a lot of times come from institutional investors. They are used to dealing with these kinds of things. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

Gareth Henry has worked around things such as real estate, equity, and many other things like these for a very long time. He has a lot of experience in world. If you want to learn anything about equity and private equity Gareth is a good place to start. Gareth is a very successful individual who has a lot of experience in what he does. He can help you learn anything you want to learn about these topics.

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Get to Learn About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf originated from Brazil where he was born and brought up. He is the son of the famous and highly honored Paulo Maluf. He hails from a political dynasty as his father used to be an excellent Brazilian political figure. Flavio life was shaped by his father together with his uncle. The two offered him chances to join the world of business immediately after he completed his education. He started his early career after he completed his studies at New York University where he studied business administration. He also joined Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado and attained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

After his education, he worked with Citicorp and Grandfood Group and gained incredible experience. He has great interest and desire to lead his family business in new directions that was noticed in 1997 when he assumed to take control over the business. Eucatex experienced tremendous growth and development after he took over the leadership role. The company grew and expanded their services to approximately 35 countries via subsidiary office building. The supplies buildings were utilized in the Olympic games when Brazil hosted the games. This happened under Flavio Maluf leadership.

Read this article about Maluf at

Flavio Maluf has consistently contributed to the growth of the entire society via various activities. Besides his incredible business skills, he is also a great philanthropist. He has actively participated in philanthropic activities mostly for under-financed health organizations. Among the great example was his donation contribution to the Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity for an X-ray machine. He is also an author who writs blogs and articles on subjects that helps business enthusiasts, managers as well as entrepreneurs. He has gained vast experience from operating the company that allows him to offer people with crucial and valuable advice regarding joining the world of business.

For example, he talks of the major issues that relate to time and capital for the mere fact that these are among the significant questions among many entrepreneurs. Flavio gives the form of advice that comes from experience when addressing investment issues which mainly occurs in the two styles. For instance, most of the business models hardly require entire funding in the initial stages and hence, limited of huge access to capital is not a significant issue in an emerging business. He also advises entrepreneurs on the importance of evaluation of revenue producing activities beyond the initial capital investment. This helps to break a significant assumption that hinders many businesses from attaining their full potential.



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