Perfecting Feedback Culture with Betterworks

Performance reviews are unavoidable for staff in every career. Depending on feedback approach, management can create either progress or strife. When dealing with employees, it is important to determine which factors can be either beneficial (such as frequency, balance of compliments and improvement feedback, etc.) or counterproductive (different biases, “The Halo Effect”, etc.) strategies to get desired results. A company that has mastered these techniques is Betterworks, known for it’s workplace software development. Implementing their Continuous Performance Management solution, Betterworks has perfected their employee feedback system.

There are many moving parts to giving great feedback; as a manager, it is important to consider both when and how you give feedback. Showing employees how to receive the information you present is key, especially since majority of them are used to getting feedback that either doesn’t help or seems negative, impacting their desire to improve. Make a necessity of delivering feedback often, avoiding fixation on one triumph or failure. Routine engagement and dialogue will show the employee you pay attention to them and allows genuine feedback since you’re witnessing their progress and stumbling blocks continuously.

There are a lot of components in maintaining a thriving workplace, including feedback; workplace feedback culture is imperative to communicate company standards. For offices looking for efficient results in exchanging ideas, look into Betterworks’ Continuous Performance Management solution to help automate necessary communications between leadership and staff members with common productivity tools that create necessary, unbiased dialogues, while setting and tracking goals on a consistent basis.

Dick DeVos: The Man Bringing Change To Michigan Since 1991

In 1991, the city of Grand Rapids underwent a number of changes, considering the new developmental projects that were being introduced. One of the proposed projects was to construct a multifunctional stadium that hosts an array of sporting events. The entire project was deemed to be beneficial for the development of the city, even though some of its notable members thought otherwise. One person who disagreed with the developmental project was Dick DeVos, who at the time was a prominent figure in the business and political scene. DeVos cited the example of another city who had moved in a similar direction. He decided to approach the city council and mentioned to them that this was something that could potentially hurt the city. He stated that the city that already went through with this plan had more to lose than to gain. The city managed to host a few sporting events, but for most of the time, the city was unable to fill up the seats of the sports center. This, in turn, caused them considerable loses and affected the overall outcome of their developmental plan.


The strong argument that Dick DeVos made resonated with the city council who then realized that this was not the best direction to move into with regards to the sports center. The realized that a better course of action would be to construct something that would actually benefit the people in the city and which could be used by its citizens on a regular basis. He proposed the idea of starting up a community center that could host local events and which could provide individuals with a place where they could meet and engage with others from the city. This new project proved to be an enormous success and was something that was greatly beneficial for the city of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has always been interested in the development of his city and of his state of Michigan. He believed that the state could possibly become one of the most prosperous in the entire country and believed that there was an incredible amount of developmental potential within it, which is why he always strived to achieve the best for it. This was even showcased in his run for the Senator of Michigan. Although he did not secure this position, the contribution that he made was evident and something that could not be ignored.


Dick DeVos has always been a high achiever since his early days and knew that he was destined to do good in the world. Being the son of the founder of Amway was just a bonus for him as it helped him grow in the professional sphere. He helped the company tremendously and fulfilled the shoes of his father in the most efficient manner and enabled further growth of the company as a whole. The contribution that he has made has helped Amway reach the top of this industry and has helped it grow into the international powerhouse that it currently is.


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Look As Young As You Feel With Genucel By Chamonix

As people age, they begin to notice the appearance of fine lines, and maybe a few wrinkles in the skin. At first, this may not be a cause for concern, but after a short period of time, they become more noticeable. This is when most people start to visit the wrinkle reduction face cream department of their local cosmetic store. There are hundreds of products available that claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but few of them do. Both men and women take their chances with these products, but have no acceptable results. One cream that has been proven to give results in making fine lines and wrinkles disappear is Genucel Medium by Chamonix.

Genucel Medium is a stem cell line of beauty product that is plant based, and works to combat the droopiness and wrinkles around the eyes. It uses Eyeseryl which is one of the active ingredients that is at double the clinical concentration. This is combined with apple stem cell to help reduce the bags under eyes, and the wrinkles around the eyes to help provide a more youthful and healthier appearance for men and women. The innovative formula of Genucel Medium tightens, lifts, and firms the skin under and around the eyes to provide the youthfulness that most people over the age of 55 love to have.

This Genucel product was especially designed to promote a more younger and healthier looking skin while creating smoother skin around the eyes. Every older adult dreams of having the appearance of younger looking skin and eyes, and this can be possible with the use of new Genucel Medium. When used as directed, the results will always be favorable, and the spirit will always be lifted by the welcomed new appearance. Genucel is the amazing new way to a youthful look.  For more info about genucel visit

Isabel dos Santos: the White Knight

Isabel dos Santos is a well known and well-reputed businesswoman from Angola. She is considered to be the richest woman in all of Africa. She is also the oldest child of the former President of Angola Jose dos Santos. She is indulged in business ventures all over the world and her net worth is $2.3 billion according to the Forbes magazine. 

Apart from being a corporate titan, she is also working avidly for the general welfare of the people all over the world; especially in Africa. When she is not busy in her professional ventures, she works to render the use of her publicity and fame to bring the attention of the media bodies to aspiring young people. She is a firm believer of the notion that doing so will help the leaders and role models of tomorrow catalyze their growth and augment their chances of success (LinkedIn). 

As she herself has worked extremely hard in order to become one of the most successful and popular women in all of the earth, that too while belonging to a region which is considered to be backward by many and where women typically have no special future, Isabel dos Santos knows the value of hard work. Only those who work hard themselves and reach their true potential have the ability to recognize those who are presently working hard and are destined to become great in their future. Isabel dos Santos does just that. 

Not only is this, but Isabel dos Santos also is an avid worker towards the goal of financial empowerment of the African women as a whole. This is evident from the speech Isabel made at the UN. She believes that the ventures to financially empower the women of Africa will lead to a higher level of social welfare which will be beneficial for not only the people of Africa but the entire world. She also has an entrepreneurial dream for all of Africa. She rightly believes so that in order for a region to develop, it needs more entrepreneurs. For this purpose, she dedicates her time and efforts. 

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The History behind the Achievements of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has received so many success in his field as an investor. His life journey started in Brazil where he was born, in 1947. The success received is all because of the education he received at the Federal University of Parana. At the university, he got to train on engineering and economics. At the time he was taking the course Federal University was the only one that offered the engineering course, in Parana and Santa Catarina. The reason why the protocol for admission was strict because it was so in demand. Through the education that Igor received, he has managed to change the lives of so many people.

The first company that Igor Cornelsen worked for was at an investment bank, which was after he graduated in 1970. The investment bank wanted people that had done engineering in university because they knew how to calculate the compounded interest rate. In a lot of Brazilian banking companies, Igor has held different positions. For instance, at the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, he was the CEO and a member of the Multibanco’s board members. He was in the banking industry for a long time, before he decided to quit so that he would have enough time to pay attention to investment.

That’s what lead to him opening his first investment company where he offered people help. He has always been passionate about assisting others in making money. Cornelsen is well known as someone who will persuade the investors to invest in potential companies, and also he will advise them on firms they should avoid that are having financial problems. The advice that he gives people is that they should take advantage of the damaged stocks and declining stock because they can resell them at a profit. At first, the damage stocks will be cheap. He knows all the advantages and disadvantages of each investment because of being in the industry for so long.

Behind the Success of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is a successful entrepreneur who has led Match Group and other firms to their success. Before his success with Match Group, he had worked with a variety of law firms and dating firms. At the time when he was the CEO of Match Group, he was also the CEO of Tinder and before that he was an Executive Chairman in both institutions. Greg Blatt has held various managerial positions in the different firm including IAC and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Greg Blatt was the general counsel for both institutions. His work with Martha Stewart molded him to who he is today. 


After completing law school,  Blatt started his career as a corporate law and finance practitioner. Greg’s work in corporate law did not last since he perceived that it was not the field of work he wanted to pursue. Since he used to write novels and plays, he decided to switch to entertainment law and determine whether that would work for him. It was during this time that Greg met with Martha Stewart, who was making her newly founded company a public institution; Martha Stewart hired Greg and he joined her. As mentioned earlier, Greg worked for two major institutions as a general counsel. Greg worked under general counsel for several years before he got the opportunity to work on Match Group. Greg has successfully developed Match Group, but during its early development years, Greg left to get back and work for IAC. Greg Blatt, later on, discovered he was better suited for Match Group. 


According to Greg Blatt, each step in his career journey helped him to become a successful entrepreneur. Earlier on in his life, he had no career path and would not have expected to succeed. As an entrepreneur, Greg ensures that he asks ‘why’ to any business idea or project. He believes that by understanding how people think about a concept, he can efficiently work on errors and make the design better. Greg is a flexible entrepreneur who applies flexibility in business, though he saw the continuous growth of Match Group, he ensured that he was open to working with other online dating firms.


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Isabel Dos Santos – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

The chairperson of Unitel, Isabel Dos Santos, has been using her position at Unitel to assist the country of Angola. This help has benefited the Angolan country, as well as the world. Unitel’s efforts, coupled with the personal effects of its leader, Dos Santos, reveal a great story of an improving economy for Angola and Africa. Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur who has worked at numerous jobs spanning multiple industries. She added a different set of skills at each of these jobs. These skills have prepared her for the experiences that have followed.

All of these seemingly “random” jobs helped make Isabel Dos Santos the businessperson and entrepreneur that she is today. Also contributing to her skill set is a formal education background that spans several different schools. She brought a skill set to Unitel, which speaks to the need for the country of Africa to complete globally with increased technological knowledge and capacity (Isabeldossantos).

With Isabel Dos Santos leading Unitel, there have been jobs created in the telecommunications industry. She has communicated a personal commitment to affect not only Unitel, but also the world around it. That commitment is reflected in her encouragement of entrepreneurs throughout Angola. Isabel promotes entrepreneurship and other’s work, she is also an accomplished speaker, and a very busy one. In her speeches, she often focuses on the concept of equality between the sexes. She does not believe that men and women receive equal opportunities to succeed in business. Dos Santos also believes that the ability of Africa to prosper is linked to its ability to communicate.

Dos Santos also believes in steady progress in the direction of one’s goals. She promotes new entrepreneurs growth breaking a goal into components. This way, people and/or companies can see and measure progress toward that goal. She also believes, however, there is still much to do to improve Africa’s economy and the plight of its people. She seems to have promoted a synergy among Angola’s citizenry towards the improvement of a mediocre economy.

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Matt Fleeger Makes Bold Acquisitions in Southwestern Louisiana

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an established gas and oil Exploration Company. The establishment is primarily based in the gulf coast of the U.S. Gulf Coast Western manages a vast conglomerate of oil and gas companies, also referred to as Joint Ventures. The success of Joint Ventures hinges comes from its experience, qualified staff and having the right resources

Meet Matt Flegeer

The success of Gulf Coast Western has a lot to do with its prolific CEO and president, Matt Fleeger. Matt is a career oil and gas man who has spent a lifetime in this particular industry. Matt is quoted on the, saying that his company’s growth comes from the transparent and open client relationships nurtured over the many years they’ve remained in operation.

Humble Beginnings

Gulf Coast Western LLC got founded in Texas in 1970. The family-owned venture has since expanded to have branches in other states like Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma and Louisiana.

The company has, in recent times, acquired a majority shareholding right in the Southwestern Louisiana oil and gas company called Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. That acquisition alone added 13 new oil producing wells and 140 oil and gas drilling locations to the company’s asset portfolio.

The company anticipates that the hundreds of square miles acquired from Orbit Energy Partners could potentially be holding close to 30 million oil barrels.

Lucrative Deal Signed

Gulf Coast Western is scheduled to take over the developed wells under the control of the following Louisiana operators: Endeavour NG, Union Gas, Zachry Production, Neumin Production and LLOX. The transaction also gave Matt Fleeger’s company full access to all the 3D seismic data in St. Landry and Evangeline.

Joint Ventures’ presence in the Louisiana region is set to get yet another massive boost through its partnership with the Northcote Energy Company from Dallas.

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The Masterly Maarten De Jeu

Maarten De Jeu stands out since he is a leader and a strategic advisor at the same time. His background in education is from the Leiden University, where he studied an MA in Social Science. In addition to that, he holds an MBA from the University of Oxford. Further, he is brilliant in several languages such as Dutch, French, English, and German. For this reason, he can reach out to many people worldwide who understand the dialects. He has been at the forefront in devising new initiatives in the United States and Europe. 

In regards to acquiring work skills, he started as an analyst at TVDK Management Consultants. He worked with renowned clientele such as ING, Sara Lee, ABN AMRO and Heinz. Hence, he interacted with arrays of cultures that gave him an open mind to embrace other people’s differences. Additionally, he interacted with customers from Asia and North America. The blend of various people paved the way for him to be an exceptional leader. He became the director of Aviva Plc after gaining sufficient work experience. 

In 2012, Maarten De Jeu led the inception of SVM Business Advisory. The company is a boutique that handles clients from around the globe. He advises business owners on the ultimate options and solutions that achieve goals worldwide. Many people consult him on the way forward when the businesses are stalling. Maarten De Jeu designs the strategic plans and presents them to clients who will implement it on their end. Those who take heed have reported immense success from practical methods. He is the co-founder of the company Speak-Up, which specializes in compliance and ethics in Europe. Learn more:

Scores of people reap great benefits when they listen to the advice by Maarten De Jeu. The striking part is respecting the cultural uniqueness of all people regardless of their countries. Thus, if you intend to do business outside your state, it is essential to learn about their customs and way of life. This way, you will be sensitive and well-conversant about society as a whole. For a venture to be lucrative, it is vital to be versatile and adapt to new changes. It embodies devising new ways to be relevant to the dynamic business environment. Hence, a company will grow and follow a path that overcomes challenges.

Maarten De Jeu enjoys social life away from his busy schedule at work. He is an eager tennis player who fancies the game. Similarly, Maarten De Jeu values his family because he dedicates time to spend with them. As for the community, he is active in some organizations that contribute knowledge to the people. Perfect examples are the Museum of Science & Industry and the Environmental Law & Policy Center.

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Academy of Art University’s Spring Show

The Academy of Art University is an art school located in San Francisco, California, United States. It is a school that was built by artists for artists, a sentiment that is apparent today; as this is still the school’s motto. Despite a major focus on art, the Academy of Art University also competes in NCAA division II athletics with the Urban Knights mascot. The school currently offers 25 different art degree paths, from associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in various disciplines. Recently, students from all disciplines participated in the schools spring art show, which is a place to showcase all of the recent student work.

The spring art show at the Academy of Art University, however, is not just a show for family and friends to come look at their student’s work. Rather, it is a place for industry professionals to network with up-and-coming artists and designers. This event is regarded as one of the few in the art world where the opportunities come to your rather than vice versa. Thus, the spring art show is viewed as a networking opportunity for students and professionals alike. Oftentimes, industry leaders use this show to set up individual meetings with students whose work they like, thus providing truly valuable contacts to these students. Thus, the importance of networking within the art world is underscored heavily.

Networking is focused on a lot at the Academy of Art University. Most teachers at faculty at this institution are industry professionals as well, so for students, networking and making connections starts on the first day of class. For some students, the Spring Show 2019 leads to job offers that night. For others, however, connections are forged that don’t become relevant until a few years down the road. The Academy of Art University attracts a lot of extremely talented students, as well as huge names and companies in the various creative fields. Beyond world class instruction, the education from the Academy of Art University is valuable to students due to the connections that they can make during their time there. This is, of course, reflected in the Spring Show of 2019.

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