Sheldon Lavin Transforms OSI Group from a Regional meat Supplier to an International Food Production Company

Over the last four decades, Sheldon Lavin has transformed OSI into a powerhouse of innovation that processes value-added food products such as hamburgers and meat patties. OSI Group won a reputation for producing safe and high-quality food products in an industry that has had negative headlines over the years.

Sheldon Lavin, a renowned banker, and investor sits at the helm of a company that has become a household name for producing innovative fast food products. In early 1970, Sheldon Lavin quit his job as a financial consultant to become a partner at OSI Industries. His journey in the food industry began when he arranged to finance for Otto & Sons which rebranded to OSI industries.

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Otto & Sons wanted to build a processing plant in Chicago to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s. The company had landed a contract to supply hamburgers for McDonald’s outlets in the US Midwest, but their processing facility could not meet McDonald’s demand. Sheldon Lavin agreed to arrange to finance for Otto & Sons Ltd on the condition that he would become an equal partner as the founders.

Lavin’s involvement with OSI industries deepened when Otto Kolchowsky retired in the late 1970s. Sheldon Lavin began working fulltime for OSI Group at the request of McDonald’s. One of Otto’s sons sold his stake to Lavin, giving him half of the voting power. During this time, OSI Industries were expanding in Taiwan and South America. After becoming a full-time manager, Sheldon locked his eye on China which provided a vast market for OSI’s products.

Sheldon succeeded in taking over the Chinese fast-food market by becoming the biggest supplier of food products for the McDonald’s, Starbucks, Yum, and other Chinese restaurant chains. OSI’s success in the last 40 years was a big reason the Vision World Academy recognized Sheldon Lavin for turning a family business into multi-million-dollar food company.

Besides being a successful investor, Sheldon Lavin is a renowned philanthropist. He contributes to many charities including the Inner-City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, among others. At 85 years, Sheldon continues to lead innovation at OSI Industries.

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The Private Aviation World of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov, founder, owner, and CEO of JetSmarter says he has had an entrepreneurial drive since he was 11. In 2009 he graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Florida Later that same year he co-founded the Federal System of Distance Education, a company that aided educational institutions set up online education platforms. It’s the primary focus is institutions in Russia and Eastern Europe. It was while working here that he was introduced to the very outdated and inefficient methods of companies in the private jet industry.

Sergey Petrossov

At that time he found that the industry operated with a very slow booking process filled with lots of paperwork and middlemen who were just trying to get more money out of you. He introduced the industry to digitalization by inventing an app on which members of his company JetSmarter could navigate the private jet industry. Members of JetSmarter are required to pay $15,000 a year. This service has been compared to Uber. Petrossov likes this comparison, but at the same time, he says it limits his visions.

He envisions for more than just jet travel for JetSmarter. Jet travel is not the only feature of JetSmarter. Membership also gives travelers access to partner luxury hotels, restaurants, residences, and stores throughout the world. Sergey Petrossov does not intend to stop with these partnerships. His end goal is to be able to create a service that provides member travelers with a virtually limitless number of possible experiences. And Sergey Petrossov is making this kind of travel more affordable than ever before.

The Life of Russell Gimelstob

Although he is currently a member of a real estate company, Russell Gimelstob does in fact have his roots in the world of tennis. It all started back in 1994 when he received his first racket from his parents and trained every day to become better at the sport. To encourage him in his athletic endeavors, his folks even sent him off to Robert Lansdorp during the summer to train with the best in the business and he did not disappoint. In fact, he was named first-team all-state each year and he went on to become a three-time state champion with his team. He was even the youngest player to ever become captain of the Newark Academy tennis team. However, he did eventually have to graduate and move on to greener pastures which is why he chose to go to Cornell.

Obviously, he was being pursued by many other universities but he specifically liked Barry Shoemaker, the head coach of the men’s varsity tennis team, which is what heavily influenced his decision. He could tell this was clearly a coach who cared about his players. With all the training he did under Lansdorp, it’s no wonder he was one of the best players as he quickly became an academic all American and was chosen to participate in the NCAA national doubles tournament. He even won numerous all ivy awards and was selected as team captain when he was a senior. Eventually, he decided to stay at Cornell for grad school to pursue an MPA degree.

After receiving it in 2002, he was offered the chance to work for Goldman Sachs and he decided to take it. As one of their analysts, he eventually left the position after three years so he could become an associate at Dune Real Estate Group. He worked there for seven years prior to receiving his first promotion and so in 2012, he became their newest partner. He now serves as a member of their investment committee as well as their head of acquisitions and their managing director. So he’s clearly done well for himself.

Privinvest And Its Success

Privinvest And Its Success

When it comes to matters concerning shipbuilding, this company has always proved its products and services to be the best. Two brothers (Akram and Iskandar Safa) founded this great company more than two decades ago. Therefore, it is without a doubt that this company is the most experienced in matters of shipbuilding.

The headquarters of this company is in Lebanon since its where its CEO, Iskandar Safa, saw as the best and most suitable location. Even though Privinvest has its headquarters in Lebanon, it also has various facilities in different parts of the planet. So, apart from the Middle East, you can also find the facilities of this company in places like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean.

All these facilities deal with different things. Some of the things that they specialize in is making commercial and military vessels, transferring different technology and intellectual properties to various parts of the universe, superyachts, and other varying services.

Since 1990 when Iskandar Safa and his brother started this company, it has managed to do a lot of things such as delivering over 2000 vessels and other unique products. What is more fascinating is that this company gets orders and inquiries from more than 40 countries which explains why it has become so popular of late. Privinvest also provides some of its services to different private customers and national navies in the entire globe.

Currently, this company is focusing on coming up with new and more outstanding projects such as repairing and maintaining commercial vessels and giving surveillance and protecting exclusive economic zones. Apart from building ships, Privinvest is also known for investing in other things. Some of the things that it has invested in are in the R&D which is in the Marine Renewable Energies and startup company that is specializing mostly in the river and tidal turbines for hydroquest.

James River Capital

Answering Valid Question About Business Funding

There are many prospective entrepreneurs meandering through society. A great business idea does have the ability to lead to success when funding is in place for the endeavor. Paul Sanders will be glad to provide useful information about the unknown funding options that are available. Saunders is qualified to provide answers about funding because he is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the finance area. He is the founder, Chief Executive officer and chairman of James River Capital Corporation. This includes other affiliated companies. Saunders is a credible finance source because of his lifelong passion for finance. He received a B.A. from the University of Virginia. Include an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He is more than qualified to answer any valid questions surrounding funding for a prospective business endeavor. His roles in finance include investments and trading. He has an extensive background in finance and his credentials are highly impressive. Answering valid about business questions funding is right up his alley because knowledge is on his side. James River Capital had been founded in the year 1995 and it had been transformed into an independent firm by Saunders and Kevin Brandt.


Business Ventures and Funding Ideas

Every prospective entrepreneur will appreciate some good answers about business and the many ways to obtain the necessary funding for it. The following ideas and items will prove beneficial for a prospective entrepreneur:

* bootstrapping; this is known as funding that comes from personal savings, borrowing from friends and family members and using any available credit cards

* crowdfunding; this is a newer business funding option. The source begins from a large group of individuals who will give certain amounts of money in order to support a good business idea.

* various types of business Loans; there is an abundance of different types of business loans to choose from in this day and age. The Small Business Administration can be very be very useful

There are many more tips and answers to help anyone start a successful business endeavor. James River Capital is informed about the many business funding options.



Privinvest: The Most Trusted Shipbuilding Group since 1990

Privinvest: The Most Trusted Shipbuilding Group since 1990

Privinvest is an international shipbuilding group founded in 1990 by Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram Safa. It has its headquarters both in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Each of these headquarters serves as the group affiliates specializing in their line of production. For this reason, Privinvest produces and offers a range of products and services to both military and private clients. Since 1990, Privinvest has built and delivered over 2,000 vessels in more than 40 states. Here are some of the Privinvest products.

Patrol Corvette In- Collaboration with TKMS

This is a 90-meter corvette vessel manufactured for warfare missions against the surface and airborne threats, maritime surveillance and patrol and law execution missions.

Combattante BR71

This Combattente BR71 is among Garoh class and Barnunah class family vessels. Combattante is designed super excellent during littoral warfare defence operations against the surface and airborne threats, law execution missions, patrolling roles and ISR missions.

Combattante BR71 MKII

This vessel is the upgrade and evolution of Baynunah of the proven sea family. It is specifically designed and widely used during littoral defense operationalization against a surface and air terrorizations.  Besides, it is used in law enforcement missions, patrols, and ISR operations.

Privinvest offers repair, refit, and maintenance services. The worldwide group teams of experienced ad highly trained experts are available 24/7 for appropriate support, advice, and guidance. Privinvest has modern facilities in all its affiliates in Northern Europe, eastern Mediterranean and in the Arabian gulf as such making their services more and readily available. Besides, they have highly and technologically revolutionized workshops. Military-grade tooling, qualified project managers that oversee ship repair and maintenance to ensure all customer needs are met in time and within a friendly budget.  Privinvest further offers shipbuilding-training, logistics support, and integration of combat systems.


Client Focused: HCR Wealth Advisors

We all want to improve our economic status but might not have the proper knowledge to do so. We hear two financially astute people conversing about the bull and bear markets and assume they’re having a zoological discussion. Now is the time to acquire a firm that can educate you and give you the best investment advice for your financial future, a firm like HCR Wealth Advisors.


Who Are HCR Wealth Advisors?

Founded in 1988, HCR Wealth Advisors is an advisory firm that focuses on lowering their client’s debts while increasing their bottom line. They guide their clients with wealth and investment strategies that are insightful and streamline a winning formula for financial success.

Earlier this year the S&P 500 Index reached unseen highs before receding for a two-month period and then elevating to favorable levels again. This activity tends to spark bull market promotion. While the stock market is showing favorable results the bond market is another story. The bond market began dropping consistently as of late last year.

The Federal Reserve System has recently increased the Fed Funds rates over eight times from 0% to 2.25%. The Fed recognizes that the economy is too weak for any further increases in rates. It’s difficult to predict the outcome without considering various indicators. Even though last year there was a 20% spike in profits last year there is no guarantee it will continue to be on the incline. Most agree it will, but only in the single-digit numbers.

The market’s volatility is why you need professionals like HCR Wealth Advisors in your corner. They have over 30 years of experience and wisdom in transformation. They can help you plan for those bad situations and rainy days before they occur. They can assist in developing a nest egg for your future. HCR Wealth Advisors will give you the financial confidence for tomorrow.

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Taking a Look At What Igor Cornelsen Is Doing With His Retirement

Hallmarked for his business acumen and financial savvy, Igor Cornelsen is a titan in the Brazilian banking sphere. During his formative years, Cornelsen had aspirations of becoming an engineer. Cornelsen fostered this dream well into his adulthood, eventually switching paths upon discovering his aptitude for finance. Cornelsen leaned into his newfound talent, subsequently becoming a stalwart in his trade. From Multibanco and Second Chartered Bank to Libra Bank and London Chartered Merchant Bank, Igor Cornelsen worked for numerous banking institutions. His first taste of success betided during his tenure at Libra Bank.

Second Chartered Bank, an organization of similar practices, recognized Cornelsen’s prowess as an investor, in turn offering Cornelsen an executive role at their headquarters. Hungry for experience, Cornelsen leaped at the opportunity. He uprooted his life in Brazil and relocated to London, a transition that proved wildly rewarding. After seven years with the company, Cornelsen bid Second Chartered Bank a bittersweet farewell and returned to his homeland. What awaited Cornelsen was an entrepreneurial pursuit of grand proportions. Given his years of industry experience, Igor Cornelsen was confident in his ability to start his own enterprise. When Cornelsen brought Bainbridge Investments to fruition, his wildest dreams evolved into reality.

At Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen’s roles included managing funds, implementing investment strategies, creating investment models, and diversifying his company’s portfolio, among many other responsibilities. He led the organization to industry success, raising the bar for so many while setting unprecedented standards. After decades with Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen relinquished his duties and retired in Florida. Currently, Cornelsen is relaxing in the Sunshine State where he enjoys playing endless amounts of golf with his chums. Otherwise, you’ll find Igor Cornelsen investing on the side. In fact, Cornelsen continues to counsel individuals on their investment decisions via his highly sought-after consultation services.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews #4

The life of a plastic surgeon can be quite demanding to a certain degree, but the rewards are certainly worth the stress. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Texas, and she has worked with a diverse group of people to enhance each person’s overall appearance. Dr. Walden is one of the first plastic surgeons to perform high-volume treatments for labiaplasties and vaginoplasties. She has submitted a ton of research for bringing silicone-breast implants back into the forefront, and she has been trained by some of the best in the business. After spending seven years in New York City, she would relocate back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews has been a game-changer for people who are skeptical of seeking plastic surgery, and here are some of the personal reviews.


“What more could I say? Dr. Jennifer Walden is worth her weight in gold. I am four months post-op, and the healing process has gone as planned. I am so pleased with my new facelift and breast implants. Dr. Walden has literally given me more confidence to go out and associate with people,” said an anonymous reviewer. Reviewer A said that “I’ve enjoyed my short time working with Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff. These medical professionals have gone out their way to ease my stress of receiving cosmetic surgery. After two consultations, I can say that I’ve made my mind up because the rewards are so high.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews does a great job of epitomizing how great this woman is. Dr. Walden has always been a sought-after plastic surgeon for quite some time, and these reviews will certainly increase her overall value in medical aesthetics for the future.

Dick DeVos and Business Matters

Dick DeVos is a man who doesn’t ever make excuses for himself or for his actions. Fortunately, he doesn’t ever have to even think about coming up with them. He’s always been an individual who has done the right thing. He’s always been someone who has set a positive example for all of the people who are around him. He wisely married a woman who is a lot like him in that way. Betsy DeVos is a fantastic role model for people all around the United States. There are countless individuals who look up to her and all of the work she does as the Secretary of Education for the massive nation. Who chose to recruit this lady for this job? That person is President Donald J. Trump.


Dick DeVos has been Betsy’s husband for many enriching decades now. They’ve seen and done so many things as a married couple. They’ve raised children who are now content and productive. They’ve even been in charge of the creation of a huge non-profit organization by the name of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a group that they took the time to create in 1989. It’s been ticking for many years. It has achieved so much for all sorts of relevant All-American causes. It’s achieved a lot for households and families scattered all throughout the country. How exactly does Dick aid the organization? He makes all sorts of big decisions on its behalf. He consults his wife during the process. They also give the group donations that make huge differences.


Lobbying isn’t something that’s a remote concept to DeVos. It’s something that he has done many times throughout his lifetime so far. He was particularly keen on lobbying back in the beginning of the nineties in Grand Rapids in Michigan. He was overwhelmed to hear about the prospect of an ambitious arena construction project in the city. The project was all set to take place near its energetic downtown area. That news knocked the wind out of DeVos’ sails. That’s because it made him think about detrimental things that took place in Detroit in the seventies. The huge metropolis was the victim of all sorts of construction projects that wreaked havoc onto it and its residents. DeVos felt protective of Grand Rapids and because of that wanted to defend it from possibilities that were similar in any manner. He lobbied intensely against the construction project and the rest is history.


DeVos had a long run as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the widely known Amway Corporation in the United States. Working as the head of the big corporation was something that was fulfilling to this man. He stopped working as its head after the start of the 2000s. He remains busy in the business scene nowadays, though. He consistently accomplishes a lot for a firm that’s called the Windquest Group. DeVos knows how to manage business responsibilities of all kinds. He has a commitment to business success.


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