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It would be nice if there was a magic pill that would help with debilitating nervousness. However, there is no such thing as a magic pill. But benzodiazepines come pretty close.

There are countless testimonies on YouTube of how benzodiazepines help people without causing addiction as long as moderation is practiced. With that being said, some people may develop more dependency to benzodiazepines than others. In my humble opinion, it all depends on the individual.

The article entitled “American Addictions Centers Want You To Know About The Dangers of Benzodiazepines” seems to be peer-reviewed and thus a reputable source of information because it is published under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Weinstein in The Medical Daily Times.

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The article begins by explaining how benzodiazepines work in the first place. The article states that benzodiazepines, or Benzos for short, work by increasing GABA, which is a chemical in the brain. According to the article, increasing GABA causes a slowing down of brain activity, thus producing a calming and a drowsy effect.

Right from the beginning, this article states that although the calming effect is great while it lasts, over a period of time a patient might have to increase their dose to achieve the same calming effect. The article refers to this need to take larger doses to achieve the same effect as developing a tolerance for the drug.

Also, in further explaining how the benzodiazepines affect the brain, the article claims that benzodiazepines cause what is called dopamine surges.

According to the article, dopamine surges can be defined as the brain seeking a repetitive pleasure in the drug, which has to do mainly with the neural connectivity in the brain. The article explains that these dopamine surges are the main root cause of addiction.

After explaining how the benzodiazepines work on the brain, the article goes on to state what patients should know about benzodiazepines.

The article warns that benzodiazepines can cause addiction, cognitive impairment and anxiety as a withdrawal symptom. The article also suggests considering other pharmaceutical alternatives as well as good old-fashioned therapy.

However, right from the beginning of the article, one finds what may seem as a blatant error to some. Namely, the article first provides a list of common benzodiazepines that are most often prescribed.

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Interestingly, aside from listing Valium, Xanax, Klonopin as members of the benzodiazepines family, this article also lists Ambien, which is not a benzodiazepine. According to my humble knowledge, Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine although it shares a chemical structure with them.

Long story short, after describing the dangers of benzodiazepines addiction, this article recommends attending a detox center.

However, this may not be feasible for everyone. These addictions detox centers are fairly expensive and are not affordable for the average person unless they have great health insurance.

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American Addiction Centers Wants You to Know About the Dangers of Benzodiazepines

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