CEO Farvahar Partners Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik worked for different banks and learned the basic knowledge of banking. After he had enough expertise in the sector Omeed Malik went to make his merchant bank, Farvahar Partners. Farvahar Partners provides capital to early businesses and provides alternative investment funds.

Malik has worked as Managing Director and Head of Global Capital Strategy and Head of Americas Prime Brokerage Origination at Bank America Merrill Lynch before he launched his merchant bank. Malik has earned the degree of arts in Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University and after that, he completed his degree of Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law.

Malik changes the system of the merchant banks and said that the traditional way of working is not providing the same profits as before. Malik has talked about his viewpoints ion different platforms which include seminars and interviews. In an interview with Fox News, Malik shared deep insight into the working systems of Farvahar Partners.

In this interview Malik introduced a new term to the people, that is the “shadow market”. According to Gasparino, the company remains private because the trend involves the trading of pre-IPO securities gathering liquidity before entering the private sector. Although Malik somewhat agreed to the notion, he believes that these practices now lay in the shadow.

A week after the interview, Malik spoke about the world of public and private companies in an interview with Fox news. He spoke about the breaking news of Uber’s share pricing within the context of pre-IPO trading. In his interview, he talked about how private companies like Uber are trading privately through the help of licensed brokers before the company going public in a traditional market sense. Malik with his vast knowledge has brought about a change in merchant banking.

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NexBank Bags Three Awards Based on Excellent Performance

NexBank Capital is a financial services firm based in Dallas. The firm recently announced that it had topped three main categories following its excellent performance on equity, efficiency, as well as asset quality in the Global Market of S&P. This is according to an annual ranking of the best banking service providers and performers in the industry. NexBank Capital took the first position in the nation. The award was based on its yearly return on tangible common equity. It took the second position based on its efficiency ratio. NexBank handles more than $8 billion in assets. The company provides commercial banking, mortgage banking, in addition to institutional services to financial institutions, large corporations, and real-estate investors.

Background Information

Besides, the financial services company serves its clients through three major businesses namely Commercial Banking, Institutional Services, in addition to Mortgage Banking. NexBank offers tailored financial as well as banking services to its clients. Via industry leadership coupled with a commitment to clients, the company strives to deliver unmatched value at any chance. The firm offers envied access to viable and custom solutions administered by experienced professionals. NexBank Capital has an executive management team that combines significant industry expertise and a focus on serving customers.


The organization’s mission is to become a leading financial services provider to corporate and institutional customers. Institutions and corporations have turned to NexBank to seek financial assistance. The company offers such parties customized lending coupled with highly personalized services. The professionals work closely with its clients to grasp their requirements as well as structure financing that is designed to their long-term financial needs.


NexBank offers a substantial capital base for its clients. The skilled team of professionals also provides flexible financing options to enable clients to respond to opportunities. The management supports its client’s success by strengthening its financial capability. Moreover, NexBank takes a keen interest in its client’s financial growth. Whether a client is seeking financing to cater to seasonal needs or cement their presence in new markets, the commercial service provider offers a viable lending capacity coupled with financing options. NexBank understands that clients have different needs. Therefore, it caters to their requirements.  For more info you can checkout


Jeremy Goldstein: One of the Most Sought-After Business Lawyers in America

Jeremy Goldstein is an American lawyer who established his own namesake firm. He specializes in helping corporate entities, and he has the edge when it comes to company governance and executive compensation. He also specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and he became a legal counsel for the largest companies in the country especially if they will be on a buyout. Many companies trust his services, and Jeremy Goldstein built his expansive network because of the referrals from his previous clients. He is one of the most sought-after lawyers when it comes to corporate legal issues, and he is more than welcome to assist anyone who will be asking him for help.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate at Cornell University, taking up a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later on, he decided to take up a Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago. For his Juris Doctor degree, he went to New York University.


Many people are still wondering how he became successful in the field of law, and Jeremy Goldstein revealed that one of his secrets would be the establishment of a strong working relationship with his clients. Being an attorney requires the trust of his clients, and he is doing everything to make sure that the people he is working with are still trusting in his skills. After the case is closed, he explains that his clients are most satisfied with the results of how the case went through, and they are referring him to others who are looking for someone who can help them with their legal troubles. This is how he was able to expand his operations, representing businesses of all kinds.


Most of his income comes from becoming a legal consultant from chief executive officers who are serving the top companies in the country. He is also earning some money working as a representative at transactions specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein also highlighted how he has to work hard to attain the success that he is enjoying right now. He said that people who work in the legal industry should always remember to work hard because success would not come in overnight. There will be sacrifices, and they also need to face different challenges along the way. In the end, if they were able to go through all of the problems that they faced, Jeremy Goldstein said that they will be experiencing the most rewarding thing that they could imagine.


Aside from his career that focuses on becoming a legal representative for businesses, Jeremy Goldstein is also a philanthropist, and he is fond of helping charities that are focused on assisting the mentally challenged. The Fountain House is one of the charities that he is currently assisting, providing them funds through charity dinners.


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The Outstanding Managerial Tactics of Gino Pozzo That Rescued Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is a sports enthusiast from Udine, Italy. His interest in sports began in his childhood days. His parents Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo made him adore sports. His mother, Giuliana, comes from a family that once had interests in Udinese Calcio football team. The presidents of the club happened to be from her family. Concisely, the passion in sports is in Gino Pozzo’s blood. The Pozzo family continues to admire the club to date. On his side, Gino owns the Watford Football club from England.

Initially, the Gino family specialized in woodworking business but later changed to electrical appliances. The family business based in Spain has executed various successful mergers and acquisitions along the way. Besides, the family combines business with sports club ownership. The sports industry might not be the family’s daily bread and butter, but it’s committed on it.

Gino Pozzo’s experience in managing football clubs started in 1993 after joining Udinese. Under his leadership, the club displayed massive progress. In 2009, he oversaw the family’s acquisition of Granada Football club in Spain. In two years, Gino helped the once debt stricken team reach Primera La Liga. The team had stayed in the cold Sekunda B league for 35 years.

His aggressiveness in the sporting industry did not deter him from purchasing the indebted Watford club in 2012.He relocated to London one year later to nurture his investment closely. Gino sold majority of Granada’s stake to concentrate on Udinese and Watford Clubs. The €37 million deal took place in 2016 between him and Jiang Lizhang, the Link International Sports’ owner.

According to Gino Pozzo, owning a football club is currently a booming business. Gone are the days when people owned football clubs for fun. The Harvard University alumnus manages the club at Vicarage Road, London. His unmatched club management style of investing in coaches and players has helped the club tremendously. The club maintains exemplary performance in the EPL, English Premier League.

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Nicolas Krafft-the man behind L’Oréal international success

Fashion holds an ageless allure for practical, legal, modesty and aesthetic reasons. The fashion industry is so immensely successful because it provides an essential service. Everyone needs clothes to wear primarily because not wearing clothes can be illegal. An exception to this is public nudity laws in some cities, which allow less or no clothes countered by the preferences of most people to wear clothes. There is a variety of clothing tastes just as there is a myriad of fashionable clothes.

On September 30th, 2018, Nicolas Krafft and L’Oréal Paris presented a second annual fashion show right in the heart of Paris. The organizers came up with a creative plan when they decided to hold the fashion show on a 60-meter floating runway on the river Seine. This is what made it even more fun to attend. In fact, this fashion show was surprisingly accessible to the general public or the average commoner. In addition, it was broadcast on television in nearly 30 countries.

This L’Oréal fashion show was spectacular in the sense that it featured some top French designers and showcased not only some world-famous models but also employed a world-renowned makeup artist and hair artist. This highly prestigious event featured such famous models such as Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin. The makeup artist that prepared the models was none other than Val Garland and the hair stylist was Stéphane Lancien. This fashion show must have been indeed aesthetically pleasing with all the above mentioned talented people working together to do such an excellent job.

However, this spectacular fashion show might not have been possible without the tireless work of Nicolas Krafft, who is currently the International General Manager of Pulp Riot, a brand within L’Oréal. Like everyone else, Nicolas Krafft started at the bottom with a modest position as a product manager at L’Oréal Professional. Nicolas Krafft has become such a success clearly because he has a head for business. Nicolas Krafft knows how to sell his products even in tough economic climates.

Meet plastic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar has been a practicing plastic surgeon for quite some time out of the Dallas, Texas area performing typical surgery of the hands, arms, face, and lower body. He attended and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and accepts many different types of insurance for patients. Feedback of the doctor ranges from being very good to positive from rankings in a US News article from Binary Fountain. Many patients have rated him as excellent for being able to answer their questions, examine effectively, give good instructions, his overall care, and trust. Overall, he has been ranked as an excellent plastic surgeon. Although Sameer Jejurikar mainly practices in Texas, he has accreditations to also work in New York and Michigan. Aside from doing his job as a doctor, he also enjoys writing on medical topics as he has his very own blog. Some examples of what he writes about includes advice on what people can do to minimize scarring after surgery, information on breast augmentation, how to care for skin, top trends in the medical industry related to surgery, the safety of implants, and more. According to the surgeons’ website, he has been known for his caring nature with clients and his expertise in the craft as he performs other procedures such as hair transplantation by using SmartGraft, a procedure that restores hair with virtually no pain. His office also uses real 3-D imaging to show patients what they are getting into and what their body will look like after the surgery. Anyone can learn more about his practice and information through an online portal. Sameer Jejurikar has even formed his own skin-care line for clients to try to care for dark circles, wrinkles, and much more.

US News main article on Dr. Sameer Jejurikar


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar website

Aaron Lupuloff and Stepping Up

Aaron Lupuloff is an individual who is all about bringing the community together and improving the lives of others. This is seen, not in his tweets but in his deeds. Just recently, he was present at an event that was a hall of fame induction which would provide support for education. Now, as we all know, and Aaron Lupuloff does as well, education is the key to unlocking further value within the world today. As we learn more about the world and we practice certain behaviors, we are likely to help improve it. As such, Aaron Lupuloff is interested and has taken action in this regard. Aaron Lupuloff is now a director of the foundation that is oriented toward education.

The schools that he presides over include academics, athleticism, diversity and a vast variety of programs that help to shape and form the individual. Enriching programs bring about the best in these students and turn them into productive members of society. Proper programs require the best people and proper funding as well. That is why the work that Lupuloff does is of the essence, it helps to keep these programs and these kids in the right direction.

You can be like Aaron Lupuloff as well, you will have to start by looking at what your goals are in life and then you’ll have to make certain that you are taking actions that are in line with your goals in general.

According to youngupstarts, the next step in your life should be to, just like Aaron Lupuloff, be as productive and as effective as you can be.

Here is one productivity method that you may be able to use to do so.

Moderate: Sprints

When focusing on your tasks, it is best to treat them as a marathon than a sprint. You have to focus on them throughout the duration of working on them, so that you could complete them on time and with the quality that is expected out of you. After all, that’s what defines productivity in its very essence.

But sometimes, you have to run that marathon in a different way than is expected out of you.



Smita Shah, a Life of Hard Work

In a radio interview, Smita Shah spoke about her experience starting and fostering her own tech company. In a man’s world, this daughter of immigrants started a company just out of university and turned out to be a great success. She tells Steve Cochran that she probably would not have done it all over again. Perhaps it was the tenacity of youth that was more useful than the wisdom of experience. An older Smita Shah would have been wrong not to take the risk. The young girl, who was a self-described nerd, eventually went on to study at MIT. Now, she helps encourage young minds with her work in philanthropy. Smita Shah interned in the White House but later as an entrepreneur and business owner, she would work on future president Barack Obama’s Chicago Senate office. Once mistaken for a secretary or a marketing girl by her employers, Smita Shah now helps mentor young talent including people like her, women and minority engineers who have traditionally been underrepresented in the industry. Learn more:


Of course, it was difficult for her. Maybe that is why she wouldn’t do it all over again. As a very young business owner, the margin of error accepted by clients was not large. She felt that she had to prove herself to every client. This helped encourage her to hold herself to a high standard. Clients and partners have mentioned her precision and work ethic. This approach led her company, SPAAN Tech, to be recognized as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine. Some high profile projects that she has been involved in include LaGuardia Airport’s expansion and she often works with governments at different levels to make roads and bridges. One exciting and innovative line of projects for SPAAN Tech is making the next generation’s green and sustainable housing with solar panels and new eco-friendly designs.


Smita Shah is not just an inspiration for being a business owner or having such a successful company in her thirties. She is also giving back. Besides mentoring fellow engineers through her work and supporting things like museums and libraries, she is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Smita Shah is an inspiration for women and girls that aspire to be engineers, for immigrants that want to make a better life in America, and for small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to be the next innovator.

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Ara Chackerian Sees A Promising Future For Investments In The Healthcare Sector

In an interview with Ara Chackerian, he described himself as a dedicated entrepreneur specializing in providing healthcare services and a passionate philanthropist. He spoke openly about his new ventures including support for environmental causes and TMS Health Solutions, a network of depression treatment centers. What drives him daily is his desire to promote and bring awareness for alternative treatments to patients suffering from mental disorders.

Ara Chackerian is co-founder of TMS Health Solutions with a mission of expanding accessibility to outpatient facilities by building more centers. TMS has seven or more new facilities to serve Sacramento and San Francisco, California. Each facility has spacious rooms used for treating patients in a relaxing environment. Ara is making a difference by giving easy access to psychiatric care from licensed and certified professionals.

As an experienced investor, he knows the healthcare sectors and the best products for investment opportunities. Ara Chackerian is an author and publishes this information on Medium. In May 2019, he provided his insight on healthcare stock as long-term investment opportunities. He sees a promising future for investing in the healthcare sector that are safe and healthy in the next two to three years. He bases his forecast on recent data revealing the industry makes up approximately 18 percent of the economy in the United States.

Ara Chackerian expects the sector will continue to increase and bring investment opportunities to investors. The companies an investor should keep the eyes on are pharmaceutical and biotechnology. They are safe with expectations of substantial growth regardless of the conditions of the economy. The stocks attracting investors are those aligned with retailers including Walgreens and CVS, for an example. Chackerian observed the financial performance of healthcare stock is stronger while partnerships has the prospect of becoming future mergers and bring visibility of healthcare products.

The Professional Pursuits Of Randal Nardone In The Field Of Law And Investments

Randal Nardone is the Co-Founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, one of the largest alternate asset managers in the world. He has been a member of the Management Committee since the firm was founded in 1998 as an equity firm. He has also been serving as Fortress’s CEO since 2013 having served as interim CEO of the company for a year.

The lawyer who turned businessman has been highly successful to accumulate enough wealth to be listed in the Forbes list of billionaires. He is worth about $1.8 billion and he has been ranked number 557 in the world. He didn’t anticipate to pursue a career in business as he built a career in the line of law. Randal Nardone attended University of Connecticut where he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts/Science. He also holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University.

Randal Nardone has served in various capacities in Fortress’s subsidiaries including leadership roles at FMA LLC, Eurocastle Investment, FM Faalstaff Advisors, Seacastle, Impac Commercial Holdings, Newcastle Investment Holdings, Florida East Coast Railway, as well as Springleaf REIT. He was featured in Forbes Magazine’s World Billionaires List in 2007.

The visionary leader has been part of Fortress Investment Group’s various growth phases including its IPO in 2007. During the IPO, Fortress was the first equity firm to public in the United States. He has been serving at the helm of the firm alongside his co-principals including Wes Edens and Peter Briger. He was also at the negotiation table when the firm was negotiating an acquisition deal with SoftBank. Fortress was acquired for $3.3 billion and despite the acquisition, the firm has been left to operate independently with its leadership teams intact. The principals welcomed the development with Wes Edens saying that he is excited about the firm becoming private again. They are embarking on a path of embracing the challenges and opportunities that comes with being a player in the global marketplace by joining hands with SoftBank.

Prior to Fortress, Randal Nardone served as a managing director at UBS. He worked at Thacher Profit & Wood as a partner earlier in his career.

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