Investor And Financier-Paul Mampilly

Profit Unlimited is an eight letter news-letter written by Paul Mampilly. The monthly new letter has continued to row and Paul has continued to encourage readers who have now reached a thresh hold of about 600000 subscribers. In the newsletter, Mr. Paul is very elaborate as he writes about an investment and goes ahead to explain why he recommends it.

Investors are not only attracted to read the newsletters because it is famous but because the monthly financial journal has shown and proven its success. The founder of the journal Paul Mampilly was rewarded in 2009 the Templeton Foundation investment Competition for investing $5 million and made a profit of $88 million. Paul did that during the worst economic times an act that made him famous and even caught the attention of other investors including the aspiring ones.

Profits Unlimited news-letter has been successful because it has been giving detailed information to investors all over the world. The detailed information in the newsletter has been of great use for entrepreneurs. Mr. Paul Mampilly is careful to involve everyone in his writing as he uses the language each person including the aspiring investors can understand. Paul is very passionate about assisting others and this is evident in his monthly issues. The journal has not been existence for long and it has experienced tremendous expansion. He news-letter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Once each of the subscribers gets their monthly supply, they are free to visit the Profit unlimited website to check for stock. Paul Mampilly does not everything for his readers like other brokers; instead, he makes his subscribers do for themselves as he gives tips.

Paul Mampilly is a financial expert who is passionate about helping others achieve their long-term as well as their personal goals. He is a former hedge fund manager and the Senior Editor of profit unlimited, True Momentum, as well as Extreme Fortune at Banyan Publishers. Mr. Mampilly is the founder of Profit Unlimited monthly newsletters which are distributed to its subscribers. Currently, the financial expert is assisting Americans to create wealth. When Paul began his career he was serving at Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust in 1991. His hard work and commitment helped him climb the career ladder working in several other financial facilities which include ING and Deutsche where he was responsible for managing multi-billion accounts. Despite his successful career, Paul got tired of making rich Americans richer and he purposed to leave his career and help other Americans to become rich.

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The Boraie Development Pledges to Air Free Movies throughout Summer in Conjunction with the Provident Bank Foundation

Omar Boraie recently dominated the headlines by offering to air the free summer movies series jointly with the Provident Bank Foundation. This highly anticipated cinematic experience is expected to incorporate various films such as Aladdin on August 16, the Extra-Terrestrial on July 19 and Frozen on July 12. Each movie is expected to air between 10:30 am and 7:00 pm while tickets will be freely available.

In essence, the free movies are expected to provide the youth with an impressive array of favorite films while in summer camps or with their friends and families. Slated for viewing at the opulent State Theatre, the highly popular movie palace has become synonymous with airing historic movies while also capitalizing on live performances.

According to Philly Purge, Boraie Development’s Vice President, the initiative is proud to host an event of such magnitude with the sole intention of giving local families a rare opportunity to view films at this historic venue. Alternatively, Provident Bank Foundation’s executive director, Jane Kurek hailed the initiative as a significant milestone in promoting harmony and collaboration to deliver historic experiences at the State Theatre.

Boraie development’s vice president of development and strategic partnerships, Anne Marie Gewirtz, also hailed the initiative while sensitizing on the company’s commitment to delivering affordable family-friendly programming. According to Miss Gewirtz, the annual community access initiative served as a stepping stone to providing a variety of free films and performances at the State Theatre.

By collaborating with the Provident Bank Foundation, the Boraie Development aims at reaching a larger audience of over 7,500 individuals. Movie fanatics are assured of an unrivaled experience courtesy of the state-of-the-art HD digital cinema system coupled with a 46 inch Stewart film screen supported by digital surround sound. The State Theater comprises of a 1,850-seat theater which audiences can enjoy from the comforts of their balconies.

Boraie Development’s Profile

The Boraie Development is widely considered to be a prominent real estate entity focusing on a diverse range of services such as Property Management, Sales Marketing, and Real Estate Development. Through the craftsmanship of its dedicated staff, the company has become synonymous with providing unrivaled expertise courtesy of spectacular properties at its portfolio.

Urban Investment Strategy

In essence, Acquisition properties are primarily aimed at filling the ever-growing economic demands of the diverse urban settlement. In most cases, the company focuses on master planning and core financial restructuring with a keen emphasis on residential, hotel assets, student housing, retail, and mixed use. The company strives at promoting partnerships spanning across real estate projects and scalable investments. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

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Executive and Philanthropist Dick DeVos

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Dick DeVos is a very successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. His education in business started at an early age. Even as a child Dick DeVos was involved with Amway. He is the son of Richard DeVos, the successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Amway.


From sales and marketing to finance and administration, he held a variety of positions while employed at Amway. His most recent position at Amway was the chief executive officer from 1992 through 2003. As CEO of Amway, he was responsible for a dramatic increase in international sales. The international sales increased from ten percent to fifty percent of total sales; during his tenure as the chief executive officer.


Recognized as a philanthropist, he supports several charitable organizations. As president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation; he contributes financially to many charitable organizations. Created in 1990, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation works with charities supporting education, community, and artistic organizations. Dick DeVos continues to support ArtPrize, a creative competition for local artists in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


The Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management received a financial contribution for twenty-two million dollars from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Upon receiving this charitable donation, it was renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. This donation is the largest charitable contribution on record at the Kennedy Center Foundation. Recently the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts decided to expand their current facilities. They set a fund raising goal of sixty million dollars. Through his consistent generosity, Dick DeVos donated over one million dollars to the recent expansion of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


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Cassio Audi has It-He Always Has


Cassio Audi is a name that is known well in the business and finance world, but he is also someone that many have heard of when it comes to music. Cassio Audi was, in fact, a Rockstar. As a part of band called Viper, he lent his talent as a drummer to the Brazilian band.

Not surprisingly, Cassio actually had talent as a musician and his band was recognized as one that had a lot of potential, even though their first record did receive some criticisms. They were popular enough back in the 80’s and toured around the world playing and had a good following of Viper fans.

Many who remember Cassio Audi from the 80’s recognized him as a talented drummer and many even think that he would have gone on to be a big star in the music industry. When one looks at Cassio Audi, they may find it hard to believe that he was a part of a heavy metal band in the 1980’s, but just as he is talented in the finance industry, he was also talented in the music industry.

What’s interesting about Cassio Audi’s former band Viper is that even though they were from Brazil, they did a good job at singing in English and gained an international following. Part of Cassio’s success today as a businessman may even be partially contributed to his success as a musician, both for his creative way of thinking outside of the box and the fact that he is quite well-known already.


George Soros And His Political Rise

George Soros is now back in the political game after scaling back from his million dollar spending to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. He has now reemerged as the leader of Democratic politics and as the formidable opponent of the conservatives.George Soros is not only back in the political game, but he is also now back in the trading business. With the latest report from Wall Street Journal saying that he is now managing his family’s management office, Soros Fund Management, George Soros is showing proof that he’s still relevant both in the social and business realm. It is still the business style of Mr. Soros to continually push for the development of the economy in the United Kingdom after the Brexit happened. According to a report from Politico, George also believes that trust is waning from the investors of China as the capital moves out of the country due to misallocated investment strategies.

George Soros’s Political and Social Philanthropy

George Soros doesn’t stop in all his philanthropic advocacies. Right now he donates more than $25 million for advocacies pushing for the causes that Hilary Clinton has managed to develop. He also shows his support for other advocacies that his fellow Democrats have undertaken. This achievement is not hard to do because George Soros right now has amassed $24.9 billion from different currency trades. George Soros is today’s most popular and biggest philanthropists, with over $12 billion donations given away for individuals and groups that help in the fight for transparency, social justice, accountable government and freedom of expression.

History of George Soros

George’s history says a lot about how he is such an inspiring businessman today. Born in Hungary, Soros fled the country and went to the London School of Economics. He worked as a railway porter to pay for school and even became a waiter first before starting his career in finance. After his initial work at a merchant bank, George moved to New York to get a job at Wall Street and started his hedge fund with a capital of 12 million dollars in 1969.Later in 1992, George partnered with Stan Druckenmiller to invest in British pound stock trades and amassed a great impressive profit from breaking the Bank of England. Decades after that, he retains the reputation of being one of the heavyweights in investment banking through the Soros Fund Management that his family started, which boasted of around $30 billion in assets. This year, Soros is working with Dawn Fitzpatrick to oversee the operations of many portfolios in his father’s fund management firm.A supporter of liberal causes, Soros is a known critic of the presidency of Donald Trump, and over the years, has supported lawyers in the fight against unlawfully held individuals. He is also known for being the man who was able to underwrite the largest action to integrate Europe’s Roma, along with being one of the biggest contributors to making sure that individuals from marginalized sectors get their college education.

A Closer Look at the Brown Agency:

The Brown Agency is a full service modeling agency that is based out of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency is located at 100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000 in Austin Texas. The Brown Agency helps place qualified men, women and children in modeling, theatrical as well as commercial job opportunities on a national level.

The agency recruits a number of candidates for various modeling opportunities which includes runway and fashion events. The Brown Agency has recruited recognizable names within the industry such as Carter Wray, Adam Gumula, Erik Fellows, David Bates and many more. Many of those seeking work within the modeling industry have become quite successful within the business.

*Launching Careers:

The Brown Agency has also helped a number of young ladies make a name for themselves within the modeling industry. Abba Binns, Amanda Wells, Blue Lolan, Audrey English and many more have become established models with the help of the Brown Agency. One modeling assignment can ultimately help young men and women establish a lifelong career within the modeling and entertainment industry.

The Brown Agency does placement for those interested in a theatrical career. Andre Bradford has appeared in several successful theater productions through the Brown Agency. In addition, Gregory Alexander and Joel West have become recognizable figures within the television and theater industry due to the efforts of the Brown Modeling Agency.

It is important to follow your dreams and ambitions. The Brown Agency can certainly help talented and ambitious individuals reach their career goals. Ones success within the modeling and entertainment industry can depend upon sheer luck. Being at the right place at the right time can make all the difference in the world.

The Brown Agency is always looking for new faces. In addition, the agency does advertise on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. Photos of select Brown Agency models do appear on the above mentioned web sites along with a brief history of their work and experience.

*Getting started/ Submission of Head shot/resume:

The agency does frequently receive new job orders which must be filled fairly quickly. You never know if the next modeling or acting assignment is an assignment that can ultimately launch your career within the industry.

Initially a head shot and brief resume must be submitted directly to the agency. Therefore, you can view the web site at Emails may be sent through the company web site at [email protected] All email inquiries will receive a reply within 48 hours. The web site is updated on a regular basis.



How Mike Heiligenstein Is Tackling Mobility Issues In Central Texas

Traffic congestion is a serious problem in many areas across the United States. Austin, Texas, and its surrounding suburbs are no exception to this. In 2003 the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was set up to deal with this issue in the counties of Travis and Williamson. The CTRMA is an agency which is accountable to the citizens in the areas that it serves.

The Executive Director of the CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein, says that reducing congestion sometimes means building a road while at other times a different mobility solution is called for. His agency built a toll road between Leander and Cedar Park which has been a life changer for drivers in those communities. They also built another toll road between Manor and Austin which tripled the road capacity and helped reduce congestion on the existing regular lanes.

More and more the CTRMA is making use of cutting edge technology in order to reduce congestion. With most people using smartphones nowadays the agency has partnered with private companies in order to develop apps that drivers can use to find alternative routes or easily set up carpools with people nearby going in the same direction. If more people were to carpool it could result in hundreds of thousands of fewer cars on the road every day.

Mike Heiligenstein has been in public service for 30 years. Before started as a public office when he won a seat on the Round Rock City Council. He was also the Williamson County Commissioner for a number of years before attaining his current role. Over the years he has been involved in some important projects such as acquiring a large amount of parkland and approving major development of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. He has also chaired the Clean Air Force which helped to drastically improve air quality throughout the region.

As a recognized expert when it comes to mobility issues, Mike Heiligenstein has spoken to groups tackling this tough issue throughout Texas as well as nationally. He also serves on two state boards; the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association as well as the Texas Transportation Institute. He has also co-founded other organizations including Envision Central Texas and the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.

Mike Heiligenstein attended The University of Texas. He has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Government and also holds an MBA.

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Boraie Conquers New Brunswick Property Market

New Brunswick was a city that lacked live after 4 pm. It was unpleasant to walk in the city after all hordes of humanity has deserted the city. However, unlike the past, New Brunswick has transformed to become a city full of live. This is courtesy for a vision of one man- who braved all the challenges that were rattling developers forcing them to flee the city- to build New Brunswick into a magnificent city that anyone with a taste for classy lifestyle would crave to set foot on. The figure behind the attractive face of New Brunswick is Omar Boraie. He is the president of Boraie Development LLC., a real estate company that has managed to transform New Brunswick from an ugly and deserted city into a major town. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

Omar Boraie has never turned his back from the time he made a decision to change New Brunswick. Over the years Boraie has continued to supply the city with residential and office apartments that match the needs and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Aspire Apartments is one of the breathtaking projects undertaken by Boraie Development LLC.

Based on information obtained from an article titled “How Boraie Development Has Managed to Bring Up Sophisticated Apartments in New Brunswick” published through Central Working Moms, Aspire consist of Studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Each of these apartments comes at incredible prices. Rent for studio apartments is $1650 while renters can get a one-bedroom apartment at a cost of $1800.

Rental cost is not the only attractive feature about Aspire apartment, there are other irresistible qualities boasted by the project. The apartments are strategically located near New Brunswick Train Station providing a quick access Manhattan and Philadelphia. In addition, there are numerous essential amenities that are situated just a short distance away from the magnificent apartments. From the apartment, you can conveniently access Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the Rutgers Medical School and Rutgers University campus. For more details you can visit Crunchbase.

The interior of the apartment is fitted with state-of-the-art items and appliances. Among them is heating systems, gourmet kitchen, internet and, in-home washers and dryers. Generally, the features of these apartments are amazing.

The Aspire apartments bring out the capability of Boraie Development LLC in property market. This privately owned firm operates from New Brunswick New Jersey. It is mainly involved in Real Estate Development, Property Management and Marketing. It works with finest financiers to deliver projects that are consistent to client needs.

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Doe Deere, the Woman I Revere

We all have that one person we consider to be a role model. Doe Deere is one among many that have shown us everything is possible, and that our dreams are valid. So far, Doe is renowned for her contribution to the cosmetics industry since she is the founder of Lime Crime. Like most successful people, Deere has established a routine for almost everything Doe does. For starters, Doe Deere has maintained a morning routine whereby she wakes up at 8:30 am. She can wake up at the time mentioned above without the use of any alarm clock, something that comes as a shock to most of us. Shortly after waking up Deere stretches to keep her body fit. Deere also ensures that she has taken a glass or two of water since she finds it useful to keep her body hydrated all day long.

Later on, Doe prepares herself breakfast with grits being her favorite. She also enjoys having yogurt, fruit, and juice blend. Shortly after breakfast, Doe Deere takes the time to reflect on things and even think of new ideas for expanding her business. It is also the point in time when Doe takes the opportunity of looking into her calendar so as to keep in touch with various meeting arrangements for the day. Whenever time allows, Doe Deere uses her morning period to open and respond to her emails. However, she has sufficient time to deal with emails later in the day. It is also during her morning routine that Doe also keeps in touch with hr employees using an internal company chat.

After having a shower, it is time for Deere to dress up and apply makeup. Her makeup session does not go without Doe listening to her favorite song. Before applying any facial accessories, Doe first moisturizes her face using the Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’. She then uses the L’Oreal ‘True Match Foundation’ or MACs ‘Studio Fix.’ The makeup session is not made complete without Doe Deere applying an extra layer of powder to her beautiful face. The process then ends with the application of blush and lipstick. Doe is incredibly energized during the makeup sessions mainly because it gives her much opportunity to spend time with herself as she reflects on things. During special occasions, the composition exercise might extend to up to an hour. However, impromptu meetings mean that Doe can only use fifteen minutes of her time to apply makeup.

Deere also loves to interact with her two cats especially in the morning, and then heads to work when it is almost clocking noon. It is at 6 pm that Deere’s workday ends and she heads home so as to take a shower in preparation for a morning hairstyle up.

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Nathaniel Ru: Helping Revolutionize The Fast Food Industry

Nathaniel Ru along with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet are revolutionizing the fast food industry. They are co-CEO’s of the Sweetgreen company. The trio are unique not only in the fast food industry but also the tech they use and their management style. Sweetgreens around the country have continuous lines out the door with customers always coming back for more.




Everything about Sweetgreens is fresh and refreshing, especially the produce. The produce is delivered fresh every morning to each location. Everything is made from scratch and the menu changes five times a year.


The prices when eating at Sweetgreen are about the same as one would pay for a burger and fries from another chain. The food is not only fresh and delicious it is reasonably priced and nutritious.


Depending on what city you are in Sweetgreens has a menu specific to your location. This is because the ingredients are all sourced locally. Nathanial Ru, co-CEO, said in an interview with Fortune that, “We want to feed more people better food.”


Technology and Management Strategies


Sweetgreens is also revolutionizing how to integrate tech into the business to streamline the process. If there is a location near you you can order directly from the app or the website and skip the line when you pick up your order. An impressive 30% of Sweetgreens transactions process online.


In that same interview with Fortune, Nathaniel Ru said in reference to their management strategy, “We wanted to decentralize our headcount.” That core strategy has played out in a unique way. The corporate office shuts down completely 5 times a year and all the employees help staff the restaurants during that time. There is nothing traditional about Sweetgreens and that is exactly how they want it.


Simple Style and Refreshing Design Elements


Everything from choosing the location of the restaurant to the design of the space is carefully executed and considered.


Nathaniel Ru said to Business Insider that, “How we enter a market is just as important as how many stores we do.” Sweetgreens made sure that the chain would never show up in the expected strip mall locations. Instead the focus is on attaining locations in trendy neighborhoods.


Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet have started Sweetgreens all over the country and they are constantly looking for more areas to expand their chain.

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