Boraie Conquers New Brunswick Property Market

New Brunswick was a city that lacked live after 4 pm. It was unpleasant to walk in the city after all hordes of humanity has deserted the city. However, unlike the past, New Brunswick has transformed to become a city full of live. This is courtesy for a vision of one man- who braved all the challenges that were rattling developers forcing them to flee the city- to build New Brunswick into a magnificent city that anyone with a taste for classy lifestyle would crave to set foot on. The figure behind the attractive face of New Brunswick is Omar Boraie. He is the president of Boraie Development LLC., a real estate company that has managed to transform New Brunswick from an ugly and deserted city into a major town. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

Omar Boraie has never turned his back from the time he made a decision to change New Brunswick. Over the years Boraie has continued to supply the city with residential and office apartments that match the needs and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Aspire Apartments is one of the breathtaking projects undertaken by Boraie Development LLC.

Based on information obtained from an article titled “How Boraie Development Has Managed to Bring Up Sophisticated Apartments in New Brunswick” published through Central Working Moms, Aspire consist of Studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Each of these apartments comes at incredible prices. Rent for studio apartments is $1650 while renters can get a one-bedroom apartment at a cost of $1800.

Rental cost is not the only attractive feature about Aspire apartment, there are other irresistible qualities boasted by the project. The apartments are strategically located near New Brunswick Train Station providing a quick access Manhattan and Philadelphia. In addition, there are numerous essential amenities that are situated just a short distance away from the magnificent apartments. From the apartment, you can conveniently access Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the Rutgers Medical School and Rutgers University campus. For more details you can visit Crunchbase.

The interior of the apartment is fitted with state-of-the-art items and appliances. Among them is heating systems, gourmet kitchen, internet and, in-home washers and dryers. Generally, the features of these apartments are amazing.

The Aspire apartments bring out the capability of Boraie Development LLC in property market. This privately owned firm operates from New Brunswick New Jersey. It is mainly involved in Real Estate Development, Property Management and Marketing. It works with finest financiers to deliver projects that are consistent to client needs.

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