Boris Ivanov Listening and Leading The Way

Due to the leadership of Boris Ivanov, outstanding success was gained for Gazprom in Africa. The objective was to help Namibia realize the value of its resources in natural gas. In addition, significant investments were made in Nigeria for natural gas and oil extraction. In 2010, the Gazprom affiliate that Boris led discovered a source of gas in Algeria. This was a landmark discovery as it was the first outside of the former USSR. Boris Ivanov has a personal mantra. It is to never take no for an answer. His advice is that those who say it cannot be done should not be believed. His drive in leadership is dynamic and energetic. Upon obtaining a degree in International Relations he began working in the USSR at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After a decade he had great knowledge and experience in international diplomacy gained with work in US-Soviet Relations. He was station in the US in Washington DC at the Soviet Embassy as a diplomatic staff member during the middle of the 1980s. Here he was exposed to an array of international and world issues gaining him connections with professional networks in Russian and in the United States. By the year 2000, a well-known Soviet military aircraft designer, MiG, needed help to turn their Russian Aircraft Corporation’s finances around. They invited Boris Ivanov to join the team assigned to the task.

The corporation appointed him First Deputy Director-General of Strategy. He traveled worldwide to locate new markets and secure new contracts to generate income for the company. Within the two years that he served in that role, the corporation’s financial situation was stabilized. Boris Ivanov returned to work in the petroleum industry and was appointed Advisor to the Chairman at Gazprombank. He oversaw the bank’s efforts to establish new projects internationally. Boris Ivanov takes full responsibility for every executive decision which he has strategically made, whether for better or for worse. He believes in hiring the right people and being able to listen as well as lead. Because of his exceptional leadership, GPB Global Resources progressed with eleven projects and two major successes.

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