Academy of Art University’s Spring Show

The Academy of Art University is an art school located in San Francisco, California, United States. It is a school that was built by artists for artists, a sentiment that is apparent today; as this is still the school’s motto. Despite a major focus on art, the Academy of Art University also competes in NCAA division II athletics with the Urban Knights mascot. The school currently offers 25 different art degree paths, from associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in various disciplines. Recently, students from all disciplines participated in the schools spring art show, which is a place to showcase all of the recent student work.

The spring art show at the Academy of Art University, however, is not just a show for family and friends to come look at their student’s work. Rather, it is a place for industry professionals to network with up-and-coming artists and designers. This event is regarded as one of the few in the art world where the opportunities come to your rather than vice versa. Thus, the spring art show is viewed as a networking opportunity for students and professionals alike. Oftentimes, industry leaders use this show to set up individual meetings with students whose work they like, thus providing truly valuable contacts to these students. Thus, the importance of networking within the art world is underscored heavily.

Networking is focused on a lot at the Academy of Art University. Most teachers at faculty at this institution are industry professionals as well, so for students, networking and making connections starts on the first day of class. For some students, the Spring Show 2019 leads to job offers that night. For others, however, connections are forged that don’t become relevant until a few years down the road. The Academy of Art University attracts a lot of extremely talented students, as well as huge names and companies in the various creative fields. Beyond world class instruction, the education from the Academy of Art University is valuable to students due to the connections that they can make during their time there. This is, of course, reflected in the Spring Show of 2019.

IPO Achievement, Proprietary Drugs and Actual Inspiring Words of Clay Siegall

There’s already a long list of fascinating reads about the professional and personal life of Clay Siegall, the CEO of the ever renowned Seattle Genetics. There’s not even a shortage of the factual data, feature articles about him online. However, the most accurate of them would have to be the ones that are able to offer the words that Siegall used themselves. And one of them would easily be the feature article about him that involves his interview with

The interview highlights some of the charismatic attributes, clear-eyed ideas and also clear-cut technological solutions and remedies that Siegall is initiating today. It is in the interview that people can read about how Siegall uses his B.S. in Zoology degree at The University of Maryland to improve the society. It is there that people can trace the growth of Siegall from his genetics study from George Washington University to his moves to grow Seattle Genetics.

The commanding way that the interview was done also presents some interesting ideas about where Siegall is going with his career. Right now he is busy with tapping many of the opportunities to market his treatment drugs and sell the proprietary products that Siegall has produced through Seattle Genetics. It is also the source of pride for Siegall that the ADCetris that he is developing could be the next breakthrough medicine today. It has recently been approved by the FDA, which is a relief considering the expensive costs of developing it. This is also an achievement that Siegall takes honor from mainly because it took 10 years before the product became profitable in the IPO level.

About Clay Siegall

A good executive profile describing the career of Clay Siegall would have to start by saying that he founded his Seattle Genetics firm in 1998. He is also the company’s President as well as its Chief Executive Officer. He also holds the responsibility for being the firm’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Through Siegall’s guidance, Seattle Genetics has raised a lot of capital-raising activities that made it possible for the company to secure a $675 million deal in public and private financings. Its initial public offering went live in 2001.

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