Historian Michael Zomber Creatively Narrates the History of Arms and Armor

In September 2016, Zomber announced on PR Newswire that he acquired John Brown’s Bowie knife, another antique . He has a creative craft of describing past events in various books, such as Shotgun Iemitsu and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. The History Channel featured him in various series of the Tales of the Gun aired between 2010 and 2011.

Since the early 1970’s Zomber is a dedicated weapon collector of treasured antiques from the 16th century to the 19th century. He recounts historical event of weapons used on the battlefield or to duel during the 1500’s through the 1800’s. In his collection are arms from America, Europe, Islam, and Japan. Some weapons have been viewed on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, including orient guns and dueling pistols.

The Bowie knife Michael acquired in September holds history involving John Brown, a radical abolitionist known in the U.S. J. E. B. Stuart claims to have taken the knife from Brown before turning him over to be tried and hanged. He believed that armed revolution was the only alternative to stop slavery in the United States. The antique weapon is described as featuring a coffin handle, nickel inlaid with mother of pearl, and spear point blade.

Michael Zomber said he is honored to own a weapon that is a part of the history of John Brown and the abolitionist movement. He also stated in the press release that the knife is a rare piece of history he is passionate about and has a deep interest in. Whether he narrates a story recounting the events of Brown’s life and the Bowie knife hasn’t been released to the public.

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