The Life of Russell Gimelstob

Although he is currently a member of a real estate company, Russell Gimelstob does in fact have his roots in the world of tennis. It all started back in 1994 when he received his first racket from his parents and trained every day to become better at the sport. To encourage him in his athletic endeavors, his folks even sent him off to Robert Lansdorp during the summer to train with the best in the business and he did not disappoint. In fact, he was named first-team all-state each year and he went on to become a three-time state champion with his team. He was even the youngest player to ever become captain of the Newark Academy tennis team. However, he did eventually have to graduate and move on to greener pastures which is why he chose to go to Cornell.

Obviously, he was being pursued by many other universities but he specifically liked Barry Shoemaker, the head coach of the men’s varsity tennis team, which is what heavily influenced his decision. He could tell this was clearly a coach who cared about his players. With all the training he did under Lansdorp, it’s no wonder he was one of the best players as he quickly became an academic all American and was chosen to participate in the NCAA national doubles tournament. He even won numerous all ivy awards and was selected as team captain when he was a senior. Eventually, he decided to stay at Cornell for grad school to pursue an MPA degree.

After receiving it in 2002, he was offered the chance to work for Goldman Sachs and he decided to take it. As one of their analysts, he eventually left the position after three years so he could become an associate at Dune Real Estate Group. He worked there for seven years prior to receiving his first promotion and so in 2012, he became their newest partner. He now serves as a member of their investment committee as well as their head of acquisitions and their managing director. So he’s clearly done well for himself.

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