Sujit Choudry: Publishings, Advice and Accomplishments

Since it’s publishing, many have found “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” to be a relevant point of reference when deliberating moments of constitutional engagement. This collection contains several explanations about why the design and development of constitutions and constitutional agreements are threatened by territorial disputes. These essays were and still are relevant to several problems being faced between multiple countries worldwide.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes more than 15 studies that support the information being provided and the advice being given by describing a slew of constitutional situations that countries a wide range of countries are facing. Most of which have very different political standings. To tie everything together, it included a concluding volume that has been considered to be vital information for federalism scholars, devolution scholars, and several others.

When Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson released this body of work they received a ton of positive recognition and feedback. Additionally, they would release a policy paper that detailed how to deal with moments of constitutional engagement and reach the best outcome. It’s been renowned for accomplishing said goal.

Sujit Choudhry carries with him several law degrees from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has been positively reviewed advisor in several litigations and has even had his hand in a few. Sujit Choudhry specializes in servicing law firms, international organizations, large corporations and many more in his areas of expertise. He is a well-seasoned professional who has been renowned as one of the top experts on Canada’s Constitution. In addition to all of his services and accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions where he also the sitting Director.

He’s an advisor in several sectors and considered to be the most knowledgeable about policies and their legality. Sujit Choudhry offers his vast knowledge and legal advice to several and he will be forever renowned for his impact in intense constitutional events and his accomplishments in his field.


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Jeremy Goldstein Fights Mental Illness with Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney in New York, and he recently hosted a wine dinner that supported his favorite charity. The dinner was called “You Are not ‘A Rhone.'” The proceeds went toward Fountain House, a charity that helps those surviving with mental illnesses live normal lives.


In 1944, a group of people diagnosed with mental illnesses decided to take matters into their own hands. They formed a support group that they called “We Are not Alone.” This shows us that although mental illness was being addressed in 1944, we aren’t finished making a difference with this issue. That’s because people are afraid to discuss this topic, and it is the reason that Fountain House continues to grow.


The services that Fountain House offers the public are needed so badly because one-fifth of the adult population in the United States need to obtain treatment for a mental illness each year. One out of every 25 people has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Children from ages 13 to 18 are also susceptible to mental health issues. One-fifth of this population is expected to be diagnosed with a mental illness in its lifetime.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This boutique law firm advises compensation committees, corporations, management teams and CEOs in matters of corporate governance and executive compensation. The issues of particular interest for this law firm are areas that can be described as sensitive situations and transformative corporate events.


Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University where he graduated with distinction in all subjects. He received his master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He obtained his Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. He is on the board of directors of Fountain House.


Fountain House initiatives are working extremely well for the community. In the United States, only 15 percent of people diagnosed with mental illnesses are currently working. Fountain House has a population of employed people at a rate of 42 percent. Fountain House is also a place where 500 people diagnosed with mental illnesses may sleep every night. Because these people are associated with Fountain House, they are not being admitted to the hospital as often. This lowers the amount that Medicaid must pay for mental health treatment by 21 percent.


People struggling with a mental health issue have difficulties graduating from high school, and they only do so at a rate of 32 percent. When they are being helped by Fountain House, they graduate from high school at a rate of 77 percent. In addition to a place to live and high school graduation, those supported by Fountain House also have higher self esteem, an increased amount of confidence, pride in their accomplishments and friendships.


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Kisling Nestico and Redick Gives Back to the Community in a Special Way This Year

Kisling Nestico & Redick’s attorneys and staff took 12 kids on a shopping spree around Meijer. The attorneys and staff took care of the costs leaving many by surprise. This was part of KNR cares about kids campaign. The shopping involved buying of summer clothes for the kids.

Kisling Nestico & Redick’s Brandy Gobrogge said that the shopping spree is part of the firm’s ways of giving back to the communities they serve. KNR cares about kids is their way of giving back to the communities this year. Brandy Gobrogge also said that the firm does a philanthropic event every month to give back to the communities they serve.

KNR cares about kids is not the only philanthropic initiative undertaken by the law firm. The Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Ohio was also initiated to give back to the communities. According to the President of Programs for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio Abby Fisher, it is gratifying to see kids smile in the face of summer gifts. The innocent smiles make giving the kids a chance worthwhile. The kids were given whatever they wanted a long with summer gear to get prepared for the season and feel good. According to the law firm, it used $3,000 to cater for the cost incurred in the shopping spree.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick is one of the largest as well as fastest-growing personal injury law firms in Ohio. It embraced the slogan “Hurt in a car… call KNR,” to depict what they do best. Kisling Nestico & Redick is made up of 30 attorneys as well as more than 100 support staff in 10 locations across the state. Kisling Nestico & Redick was started in 2005 and since then, it has helped many people to get justice by recovering over $450 million in settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients.

Kisling Nestico & Redick was established out of a personal experience. The Managing Partner Rob Nestico’s parents were taken advantage of by a large company when he was involved in an accident. They were taken advantage of because they could not speak English well. Large insurance companies have the tendency to take advantage of individuals and families who cannot fight back. Rob Nestico vowed to fight the large insurance companies on behalf of families and individuals who cannot fight back and he has lived to make the dream come true.

Jeremy Goldstein: More than Executive Compensation

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer renowned for his expertise in executive compensation. Many clients today come to him for advice on what to offer their employees, as many companies have begun eliminating stock options as a compensation method. He advises them to rethink stock options, but in the end, he tells them to talk to their company’s law team.

Clients and even non-clients feel comfortable coming to Jeremy Goldstein because he’s regarded as one of the best executive compensation and corporate governance attorneys in the country. He’s worked closely with companies like AT&T, Alltel, South African Breweries, Sears and Kmart, and J.P. Morgan Chase during their buyouts.

His years of experience and working with some of the big-name corporations in the world earned him a seat on the American Bar Association’s Merger and Acquisitions Subcommittee in the Bar’s business sector. The Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500 listed him among the most sought-attorneys in the nation.

Jeremy Goldstein has always been interested in law, but he found greater inspiration once he began working at a law firm. He noticed that all the attorneys at the law office approached their clients the same way. He thought the basic approach that attorneys used was outdated and lacked any chance of innovation.

When he established his own law firm, he approached clients in a very informal way. His meeting with and talking to clients didn’t end at work. He continued speaking with them at social events and engaging them whenever they needed him as opposed to only interacting with them during office hours.

That informal approached quickly earned him a friendly reputation among companies and CEOs seeking legal guidance and advice. As more clients came to him for legal assistance, he found himself overcome with doubt, as many entrepreneurs face in the beginning. Instead of letting doubt consume him, he focused on his work and helped client after client until he was the best.

Today, his firm helps clients from all over the world with their executive compensation and corporate governance issues, as well as sensitive matters like company mergers and acquisitions. People also look to Jeremy Goldstein for lectures and public speaking about compensation methods. He travels all over the country talking with peers and law students about what modern corporate lawyers should over and the approaches he thinks work best.


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Jeremy Goldstein: One of the Most Sought-After Business Lawyers in America

Jeremy Goldstein is an American lawyer who established his own namesake firm. He specializes in helping corporate entities, and he has the edge when it comes to company governance and executive compensation. He also specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and he became a legal counsel for the largest companies in the country especially if they will be on a buyout. Many companies trust his services, and Jeremy Goldstein built his expansive network because of the referrals from his previous clients. He is one of the most sought-after lawyers when it comes to corporate legal issues, and he is more than welcome to assist anyone who will be asking him for help.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate at Cornell University, taking up a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later on, he decided to take up a Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago. For his Juris Doctor degree, he went to New York University.


Many people are still wondering how he became successful in the field of law, and Jeremy Goldstein revealed that one of his secrets would be the establishment of a strong working relationship with his clients. Being an attorney requires the trust of his clients, and he is doing everything to make sure that the people he is working with are still trusting in his skills. After the case is closed, he explains that his clients are most satisfied with the results of how the case went through, and they are referring him to others who are looking for someone who can help them with their legal troubles. This is how he was able to expand his operations, representing businesses of all kinds.


Most of his income comes from becoming a legal consultant from chief executive officers who are serving the top companies in the country. He is also earning some money working as a representative at transactions specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein also highlighted how he has to work hard to attain the success that he is enjoying right now. He said that people who work in the legal industry should always remember to work hard because success would not come in overnight. There will be sacrifices, and they also need to face different challenges along the way. In the end, if they were able to go through all of the problems that they faced, Jeremy Goldstein said that they will be experiencing the most rewarding thing that they could imagine.


Aside from his career that focuses on becoming a legal representative for businesses, Jeremy Goldstein is also a philanthropist, and he is fond of helping charities that are focused on assisting the mentally challenged. The Fountain House is one of the charities that he is currently assisting, providing them funds through charity dinners.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Has Defined Its Excellence Through Superior Client And Community Service:

Based out of Akron, Ohio, Kisling Nestico & Redick is a dedicated legal firm that has been providing outstanding legal services to the residents of the state of Ohio since 2005. Within this work, the personal injury niche is the legal area that the Kisling Nestico & Redick team have become particularly associated with due to the excellent results that clients have received.

The firm’s founders are Rob Nestico, Gary Kisling and Robert Redick and the kicked the firm off with a strong belief in providing the best service possible to the clients that they serve. This success has led to the firm’s rapid growth as a personal injury law firm in Ohio. Kisling Nestico & Redick are also respected outside of the legal area due to a commitment that the firm has to community service. Finding ways to give back to the people of Ohio is a major part of the work that Kisling Nestico & Redick does.

The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick is an impressive one. The firm currently holds the distinction of being one of the states of Ohio’s most rapidly growing outfits and the firm currently boasts 10 locations that are serving Ohio residents. This includes a team of thirty lawyers. Kisling Nestico & Redick also has some one-hundred staff members that assist the legal team in delivering the best customer service in the legal industry.

A clear sign of the excellence that Kisling Nestico & Redick has cultivated is demonstrated by the firm’s impressive A+ rating that it holds with the organization the Better Business Bureau. Commitment to community service initiatives is evident in the fact that Kisling Nestico & Redick has made contributions for local food banks and helped to feed many families in Ohio. The firm has also worked hard to support students with scholarships that are given in the name of raising awareness of how dangerous it is to text while operating a vehicle.

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The Government Has Developed a Solution to Insider Trading Through the Sec Whistleblower Program

For the longest time, insider trading in the securities market has always been an issue and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has been trying to find the best method of eliminating this unlawful practice. The law enforcement was found ineffective in policing the market unless they got help from private individuals. It is after this realization that changes in the securities market enforcement started through the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower Program.


After the market experienced the financial crisis of 2008, they were a need to regulate the financial markets. Therefore, in 2010 the Congress met and introduced the Dodd-Frank Act which was meant to create financial stability in the country. The act became law in 201o and among its provisions was that the SEC has the power and mandate to develop a whistleblower program that would be offering rewards to the members of the public who would provide reliable information of insider trading. The reward will be offered if the information provided leads to the SEC carrying out an enforcement action and the perpetrator is liable to pay more than $1 million in penalties and sanctions.


The program offers employment protection to the whistleblowers or an individual could choose to report insider trading anonymously. However, the enforcement office of this program only launches an investigation of original information only. This means that it should not be a case already known to the commission. If another person has provided the SEC with the information previously, then its no longer considered original information. The information should also not be publicly available.


The information should also be sufficient to motivate the SEC to take action on the individuals involved. Or it should be details that could influence the Whistleblower Program to re-open a case that has previously been closed or offers the regulatory body a new line of pursuit. The violation could be reported at any time whether they happened in the past, are happening presently or are likely to happen. They cover instances of deceptive conduct in stock trading, bonds, notes to mention few. Even individuals from other countries around the globe can report cases of insider trading to the Whistleblower Program.


The reward is given once the case is completed and it ranges from 10-30 percent of all the money paid by the guilty party. However, the reward is only given if the amount paid is over $1 million. So far, the Whistleblower Program has awarded many whistleblowers to amount totaling to millions of dollars.

Boss Investments Wanted To Do Business With Margaritaville

Margaritaville’s Bahamian franchisee has refiled its lawsuit in Florida state courts. It is still working to block the $250m Pointe project. The US attorneys representing Boss Investments have released a statement that the company is still pursuing Margaritaville for breach of contract. The US federal judge dismissed the action and it has now been filed in a Palm Beach County courthouse.

Reason For Dismissal

Todd Levine and Adam Steinberg said the federal judge dismissed the action due to a legal technicality, but all legal options of Boss Investments were not exhausted. Todd and Adam said their client, Boss Investments was looking forward to the deal with Margaritaville, to bring the brand to The Bahamas. They entered into an exclusive agreement allowing Boss to use Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville trademarks in The Bahamas.

Changing Course

Margaritaville has mentioned the exclusivity in dealings before. Not long after Boss had a successful opening of Paradise Island, Margaritaville reneged on the deal, and partnered with another company to launch a huge Margaritaville resort only miles away from the initial Boss Investments location. The action by Margaritaville, is clearly a breach of contract and Boss is within its contractual rights for filing the lawsuit in Florida state court.

Already In Violation

The US federal court did not rule on the case, and threw it out based on the lack of jurisdiction to hear the case. Now the case will be heard under Florida state law. There are two of the Margaritaville entities listed as defendants. They have offices in Palm Beach County. It is alleged that Margaritaville is already in violation of its own exclusive right to use trademarks and intellectual property in the Bahamian area. This is according to the company’s deal with China Construction America’s downtown Nassau resort next to British Colonial Hilton. According to Boss Investments, Margaritaville discouraged it from starting an additional restaurant by Nassau’s port to safeguard the plans for The Pointe.

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