Meet plastic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar has been a practicing plastic surgeon for quite some time out of the Dallas, Texas area performing typical surgery of the hands, arms, face, and lower body. He attended and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and accepts many different types of insurance for patients. Feedback of the doctor ranges from being very good to positive from rankings in a US News article from Binary Fountain. Many patients have rated him as excellent for being able to answer their questions, examine effectively, give good instructions, his overall care, and trust. Overall, he has been ranked as an excellent plastic surgeon. Although Sameer Jejurikar mainly practices in Texas, he has accreditations to also work in New York and Michigan. Aside from doing his job as a doctor, he also enjoys writing on medical topics as he has his very own blog. Some examples of what he writes about includes advice on what people can do to minimize scarring after surgery, information on breast augmentation, how to care for skin, top trends in the medical industry related to surgery, the safety of implants, and more. According to the surgeons’ website, he has been known for his caring nature with clients and his expertise in the craft as he performs other procedures such as hair transplantation by using SmartGraft, a procedure that restores hair with virtually no pain. His office also uses real 3-D imaging to show patients what they are getting into and what their body will look like after the surgery. Anyone can learn more about his practice and information through an online portal. Sameer Jejurikar has even formed his own skin-care line for clients to try to care for dark circles, wrinkles, and much more.

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Dr. Sam Jejurikar: One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Dallas, Texas

Plastic surgery is among the most dynamic fields in medicine. The demand for plastic surgery has incredibly increased since the turn of the century. Dr. Jejurikar Dallas has been a plastic surgeon for more than ten years. He is a famous and highly respected plastic surgeon in Dallas and is associated with various hospitals in the region. His vast experienced and incredible skills have earned him the position as a plastic surgeon in Pine Creek Medical Centre alongside nine other plastic surgeons. He also works in Dallas Medical Center alongside six other plastic surgeons.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is among the best-certified plastic surgeons with board certification of the American Board of Surgery and has a membership with the American Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons. He has an excellent reputation, and most patients entrust him with body augmentation. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a specialist in plastic surgery that involves nose, eyes, breasts, face, and body. He got the expertise from his education. He attended the School of Medicine of Michigan University for his undergraduate studies, from where he graduated with distinction. He not only got the skills but the confidence he has in this career.

Dr. Jejurikar Dallas patients have shown their satisfaction through positive reviews and testimonies. Based on patients’ reviews, he is one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas. He won the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certificate. After this, the American Registry incorporated him to the Registry of Business Excellence. The reviews and awards depict the passion that he has in his career and his devotion to offering his patients nothing but his best. The reviews and recognition earned him an incredibly high rating in the Binary Fountain. He has been invited for many interviews to share about his career success, and achievements. Dr. Jejurikar Dallas is a mentor and a role model to the upcoming plastic surgeons. His advice and insight mean a lot to the medical field.

L’Oreal Creates New Natural Line Called R.A.W.

The company Matrix/Biolage a hair care company that is a division of L’Oreal has been working on a line of all natural products called R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, global brand president, is responsible for the new line of natural products.

The new line R.A.W. originated from the realization that consumers want 100 percent natural products. The company wanted to offer a wide range of products that were sustainable and easy on the environment. These products would be made environmentally safe from manufacturing to packaging.

All R.A.W. products use natural ingredients that are biodegradable. Their products do not have silicone, parabens, or sulfates. They use ingredients that can be tracked to sustainable sources. Some ingredients they use are quinoa husk, coriander, and volcanic clay. The ingredients for R.A.W come from green chemistry, says Dan Bethelmy-Rada. This is chemistry that respects the environment.

The company looks at the life cycle of each product when formulating the ingredients. The ingredients come from plants and mineral. Shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from recycled plastic. About 70 percent of all ingredients are natural.

The team researched and worked on testing the formulation, packaging, and production methods. These tests helped the company stick to L’Oreal’s high standards for the R.A.W. line. The testing increased the price of the products.

Another problem they encountered was finding ingredients for the products. They wanted to market the products to consumers and salon and spa professionals. Through social media, they set up a training program for salons in the US. They taught salon workers to use less water and power and how to set up a daily sustainable routine.

This digital campaign had videos on YouTube and other social media. They had videos and testimonials on Instagram, and many of their videos were viewed several thousand times. They received about 90 percent positive reviews on the new R.A.W product line. The products will be available in the US and Europe in the next few months.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Rise Through the Ranks at L’Oréal

Part of the huge success currently associates with L’Oréal has been owed to its global brand perception. The credits for this success have been attributed to the work of the Global brand president of L’Oréal professional products division, Dan Bethelmy-Rada.

While at a tender age of 40 years old, Dan Bethelmy-Rada reigns as the youngest DMI general manager to ever hold a senior position at the firm since 2015. This comes after a stint lasting 15 years at the L’Oréal Paris and the Garnier Brands.

Due to the wide experience gained while working under L’Oréal, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has transformed into an innovator in the field. The space granted him the chance to hone his skills when it comes to marketing and a digital strategy in the management of the brand. This is in addition to progressing the approved practices as part of a proponent in the continued education and diversity in the workplace.

Over the course of his tenure, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has performed oversight of a large and dedicated team. He also holds a track record for the successful training of the candidates who fit the top marketing positions. He has also been at the forefront of pressing for inclusivity and representation across the firm.

Some of the core principles held by Dan Bethelmy-Rada include being focused, determined and ambitious. These attributes have managed to be instilled in the team development at L’Oréal which embraces the diversity in talents and which add to the success of the Matrix brand.

Other roles that Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds other than the brand’s strategy across the globe include the brand image, digital strategy, education strategy, advertising and the product and services development. He was at the forefront in the development of the creative teams across the world on local initiatives which resulted in strong innovation plan.

While working under the Garneir International, he formulated the innovation plan for the wide range of the Garnier’s skincare brands across the world. This included formula, research, concepts, packaging, sun care and deodorants. He also developed and launched the rupture and other related successful innovations.

He doubles up as a holder of masters from the ESSEC Business School in Strategy and Management of International Business.

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