JHSF’s Zeco Auriemo: How He Came to Power and Led the Company to Its Current Place

It should be clear to anyone reading this that becoming the president of a company while in one’s 20s is nothing short of a remarkable accomplishment. That, by the way, is exactly what Zeco Auriemo accomplished at JHSF, which just so happens to be a formidable force when it comes to Brazilian real estate. Before becoming so powerful, the current JHSF leader spent his younger years gaining forming experiences like living in Europe for a period of time. While he lived abroad, Zeco Auriemo participated in horse riding with none other than Nelson Filho.

When it came time to study at university, it was engineering that Zeco Auriemo chose as his field of choice. During this time, he was still involved in JHSF, his family’s company, where he was dedicated to the parking administration area. After becoming more and more a part of the company, he finished his studies and joined up with his dad at JHSF, and he would eventually wind up becoming the CEO! Zeco has been influential in a number of the organization’s projects, many of which were in Brazil; however, many were also abroad in places like the United States of America, Uruguay and Paraguay. Shopping centers and luxury properties have remained a key focus when it comes to the types of developments that he and his company choose to work on.

Parque Cidade Jardim is, to this day, one of Zeco Auriemo’s proudest and most noteworthy completed developments. Although outsiders viewed it as quite a risky pursuit, Zeco knew exactly what he was doing, and it is today on of Brazil’s best shopping centers of all time. Since the early 2000s, one of the most significant changes that occurred in JHSF as a result of Mr. Auriemo’s rule is the focus being shifted to luxury when it comes to property developments.

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