Building Tiger Swan with James Reece


Tigerswan is a globally recognized security firm that works with government and corporate clients. The CEO of Tigerswan since it stared is James Reese who is an ex delta force member. The company works out of over 50 countries worldwide and is regarded as the best in the business.

James Reese has taken his military background and built a business from the ground floor to now having over 300+ employees. His leadership is second to none and it shows with the success of Tigerswan. This job, however, is difficult and keep James Reese up at night. He talks constantly about being not only in charge of a business but other people’s lives who work for him. Although the result of the business is something that keeps him motivated and focused.

Image result for james reese tigerswanJames Reese had the idea of Tigerswan on his last duty in Iraq. A colleague of his sat down with Reese over a morning cup of coffee and wanted to start this business. They knew how difficult it could be for a veteran to return to a normal civilized lifestyle. They thought why not start a business that uses the skills these men and women have and use them in a positive way and build a business.

Being a leader and CEO of Tigerswan is more difficult for Reese than being a Delta Force Leader. When James Reese was in the military, he was given the best of the best and didn’t have to worry about anything else but leading those men. He says that leading in the military was easier than running a business because in his business he must worry about his employees and make sure they are ready to do their job to the best of their ability.

Tigerswan isn’t just a military workforce. James Reese likes how diverse his employees are. They have veterans, ex-law enforcement personal, as well as a civilian sector. It takes more than one type of mindset to make Tigerswan the best company in its field.

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Toyo Setal Makes Winning Bid on Petrochemical Complex of Rio of Janeiro

Perseverance Pays Off

After several years of talks being on the shelf, Toyo Setal scored a major victory in Brazil with its securing of a bid to complete the construction on Petrochemical Complex of Rio of Janeiro. The freshly inked agreement was signed in September of 2019 and marks a renewed working relationship between Toyo Setal and Petrobras, the latter of which has been a outstanding client for quite some time. This makes the partnership a natural fit according to commercial manager, Rafael Ribeiro de, who noted ‘Petrobras was traditionally one of their largest customers.

Picking Up the Pieces

Assuming the responsibility of building the Petrochemical Complex of Rio of Janeiro required a detailed assessment of the progress already made on the project. To accomplish this, they dispatched a diverse mix of specialists to examine both where the project was and what would be necessary to complete it. According to the Brazil based business website, Veja, completion of the project is expected to be due in 18 months.

Striving to Create Economic Opportunity

Having faced an uphill battle economically since the pause of construction means that announcement of Toyo Setal resuming work on the project was welcomed with open arms by the citizens of the surrounding area. Estimates are that the project is set to create roughly 5,000 new jobs for residents in the municipality of Itaboraí. Thus, helping to reinvigorate the struggling local economy by providing residents with new job opportunities.

Information on Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal operates primarily in the oil, gas, mining,and steel industries working with both the private and public sector to create unique integrated solutions for each client. With global experience, a highly skilled team of staff, and proven track record of excellence, the firm has become an industry leader in its home base of Brazil and beyond.

Jin Oh: Taking on leadership and the future

He is the president of Worldwide publishing for the popular game maker known as Riot Games. Jin Oh has expressed that it’s a choice to be a leader, and he must often remind himself what that means. With the approaching future, Jin Oh remains a true believer that one must stay focused and continue to evolve with every decision. To him, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of the growing competition. It allows for Riot to attain more players and continue building a strong brand.

Jin Oh has over 20 years of experience in technology marketing. He’s worked with popular name brands such as Samsung, Buzzfeed Entertainment and SK Group to name a few. Jin Oh stands by his ideal of being self-ware in his leadership duties.

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Sergey Petrossov Takes Advantage of Unused Flying Hours on the Private Jets


JetSmarter is one of the largest and most successful names in the world of private jet travel. The company is led by its young founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov. He has taken this company from the ground up in just a few short years. The company is already worth more than $1 billion and has already changed the way many people fly in the world of private jet travel. Now, with the push of a button, people are able to book a seat on a private plane. This is a far cry from the days of calling people and signing physical papers. Sergey Petrossov turned his company into a success by taking advantage of an opening in the travel industry.

According to Sergey Petrossov, there are a lot of planes that go unused every day. The planes are able to fly for more than 1,500 hours in the sky; however, there are many planes that fly less than 20 percent of this amount. This means that there is the potential to make a lot of extra flights by simply trying to find a way to book more seats. Sadly, there are also many people who do not fly on a private plane because the process is too difficult. In the past, it was too hard to book a physical seat on a private plane. If only there was an easier way to book a seat, more people would use the private jet travel service.


Thanks to Sergey Petrossov, there is. Now, people can book a flight on any of these planes with the push of a button. The planes are now flying more, which means that there are less unused hours. Sergey Petrossov also allows more people to fly on a plane, which has led to the price dropping. One day, these prices may also compete with the commercial travel industry as well.

ClassDojo: An App That Links School and Home

ClassDojo is an app that helps link teachers, students, and parents. It is an easy and proactive way to keep families and schools involved. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to follow up, but ClassDojo makes the effort almost seamless. Some ways the app can keep parents in the loop are by creating timelines and progress reports. Parents and guardians can find out if their child had a productive day because students can create timelines of every school day’s activities if they choose to. They can document their studies in the morning and what they did during the break.

You could see what they had for lunch and even if they liked it. Teachers can put together useful reports for parents. Things like projects completed, grades, and classroom participation can be logged. ClassDojo opens up a world of communication. Text messages can be sent as well as photos and videos. Teachers can record personalized videos for each family or create a bulk one. ClassDojo makes interactions personal and professional. The app has the ability to take the classroom to an entirely new level. It allows school work to travel beyond the school walls and into each child’s living room.

Boris Ivanov Listening and Leading The Way

Due to the leadership of Boris Ivanov, outstanding success was gained for Gazprom in Africa. The objective was to help Namibia realize the value of its resources in natural gas. In addition, significant investments were made in Nigeria for natural gas and oil extraction. In 2010, the Gazprom affiliate that Boris led discovered a source of gas in Algeria. This was a landmark discovery as it was the first outside of the former USSR. Boris Ivanov has a personal mantra. It is to never take no for an answer. His advice is that those who say it cannot be done should not be believed. His drive in leadership is dynamic and energetic. Upon obtaining a degree in International Relations he began working in the USSR at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After a decade he had great knowledge and experience in international diplomacy gained with work in US-Soviet Relations. He was station in the US in Washington DC at the Soviet Embassy as a diplomatic staff member during the middle of the 1980s. Here he was exposed to an array of international and world issues gaining him connections with professional networks in Russian and in the United States. By the year 2000, a well-known Soviet military aircraft designer, MiG, needed help to turn their Russian Aircraft Corporation’s finances around. They invited Boris Ivanov to join the team assigned to the task.

The corporation appointed him First Deputy Director-General of Strategy. He traveled worldwide to locate new markets and secure new contracts to generate income for the company. Within the two years that he served in that role, the corporation’s financial situation was stabilized. Boris Ivanov returned to work in the petroleum industry and was appointed Advisor to the Chairman at Gazprombank. He oversaw the bank’s efforts to establish new projects internationally. Boris Ivanov takes full responsibility for every executive decision which he has strategically made, whether for better or for worse. He believes in hiring the right people and being able to listen as well as lead. Because of his exceptional leadership, GPB Global Resources progressed with eleven projects and two major successes.

Sujit Choudry: Publishings, Advice and Accomplishments

Since it’s publishing, many have found “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” to be a relevant point of reference when deliberating moments of constitutional engagement. This collection contains several explanations about why the design and development of constitutions and constitutional agreements are threatened by territorial disputes. These essays were and still are relevant to several problems being faced between multiple countries worldwide.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes more than 15 studies that support the information being provided and the advice being given by describing a slew of constitutional situations that countries a wide range of countries are facing. Most of which have very different political standings. To tie everything together, it included a concluding volume that has been considered to be vital information for federalism scholars, devolution scholars, and several others.

When Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson released this body of work they received a ton of positive recognition and feedback. Additionally, they would release a policy paper that detailed how to deal with moments of constitutional engagement and reach the best outcome. It’s been renowned for accomplishing said goal.

Sujit Choudhry carries with him several law degrees from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has been positively reviewed advisor in several litigations and has even had his hand in a few. Sujit Choudhry specializes in servicing law firms, international organizations, large corporations and many more in his areas of expertise. He is a well-seasoned professional who has been renowned as one of the top experts on Canada’s Constitution. In addition to all of his services and accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions where he also the sitting Director.

He’s an advisor in several sectors and considered to be the most knowledgeable about policies and their legality. Sujit Choudhry offers his vast knowledge and legal advice to several and he will be forever renowned for his impact in intense constitutional events and his accomplishments in his field.


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Jeff Aronin advises budding entrepreneurs to build “Companies of Meaning.”  Aronin credits that sense of purpose as a key driver of the success of his own companies, including Paragon Biosciences, which he founded to innovate treatments for medical conditions with high, unmet need.

Jeff Aronin notes: “The teams now at Paragon and our portfolio companies have exceptional track records of earning first-cycle drug approvals from the FDA.”

A 2018 Harvard Business Review study points out that workers who find their jobs highly meaningful are likely to be more productive, spending one additional hour per week working and take two fewer days of paid leave per year. And in terms of retained talent, employees are 69% less likely to plan on quitting their jobs within the next six months and have job tenures that are 7.4 months longer on average than employees who find work “lacking in meaning.”  (Youtube)

According to McKinsey & Co.: “It’s remarkable how much of a productivity kicker an organization gets from top talent.” Their study found that “high performers are 400 percent more productive than average ones.”  In fact, in highly complex occupations, McKinsey reports that “high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive.”

By building companies of meaning, “We’ve been able to recruit and retain great talent,” said Jeff Aronin, “because what we’re doing really matters.” 

Aronin founded Paragon Biosciences in 2017 to take on some of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges. “We’re dealing with life and helping patients live longer… our employees take that responsibility very seriously. And it allows us to recruit great people who want to change the world.”


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Isabel dos Santos: The Inspiring Businesswoman BehindSonangol

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman who has surpassed the expectations of most people with the immense amount of work that she has done. At 45, she stands as one of the richest women in Africa and is someone who has brought forth a large amount of success to the companies that she has led. She is the daughter of the former president of Angola and is someone who has made a name for herself on her own.

Growing up, Isabel dos Santos had access to some of the biggest and best educational institutions in the entire country. She was sent to the UK during her school days to study at one of the biggest institutions in the entire country. Soon after, she went on to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. This is also where she met her current husband, who is also a businessman and who runs his own company.

One of the companies that Isabel dos Santos is particularly known for is Sonangol, an oil company that operates in her home country of Angola. This company has had an incredible amount of success and Isabel dos Santos stands as the chairman of this company. She always wanted to build up a company in her home country, and this venture enabled her to do so with absolute ease.

Philanthropy is a big part of the work that Isabel dos Santos likes to engage in and is something that she deems to be incredibly important. She knows that she has the power to help people and has worked hard to ensure that she can do this for the benefit of all. She actively engages in philanthropic ventures and contributes to organizations that are working to make the world a better place. She believes that her main mission in life should be to improve the lives of people, to provide individuals with career opportunities and to improve the economic conditions of women that are situated throughout Africa. She has been working hard to achieve this through the numerous steps that she takes in this positive direction.

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Testimonial From Bhanu Choudhrie On Continuous Education

When Bhanu Choudhrie came to the United States, his mission was to get a quality education at the University of Boston. He studied marketing and international business earning a bachelor of arts degree. Soon after, Choudhrie began working for a company he found, C&C Alpha Group based in London, England. He didn’t start holding an executive role, but as an intern. By 2001, he became the Executive Director of the privately owned investment firm. While building and expanding his company, Bhanu realized he needed continuous learning as a leader and an entrepreneur.

Bhanu Choudhrie entered the Owner and President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School (HBS) in 2016. After completing the program, he joined Megalith Financial Acquisition Corporation after going public on Wall Street in 2018 as Director. One year later, he gave a testimonial on HBS website sharing why he learns continuously. Before finishing the OPM program, Choudhrie was eager to apply some leadership skills he learned in the class. He strongly believes leaders and business owners need to seek more knowledge on leading and running their businesses.

Continuous learning is significant for Bhanu Choudhrie as an investor and investment manager. It keeps him updated on the latest trends and changes of the global economy as a leader. He pursued an education in high executive management and ownership during the time of expanding his company international. Prior learning at the University of Boston and in the workplace wasn’t enough for him. After completing the OPM program at HBS, Choudhrie testified he is running his businesses differently in his home country and the United Kingdom.

The inspiring words on continuous learning by Bhanu Choudhrie made on Harvard Business School’s site is motivational and uplifting. He believes learning will never stop even after earning a bachelor’s degree or an MBA. The times are similar to the global economies with constant changes. What Choudhrie gained from the program mostly was a renewal of his sense of purpose. He learned valuable lessons to apply to his business. It enabled him to challenge his own ideas while enhancing his leadership and managerial skills.

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