Wes Edens And The Business Of Sports

While basketball may not be the most popular sport in the United States, it is showing that it a strong competitor for football as it is growing in popularity throughout the world. As co-owner of NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens predicts that the league is going to see some big things shortly and even more growth from when the team was first purchased back in 2014. With the combination of the efforts that Wes Edens and others have been made to improve the team alongside the growing popularity of the sport in general, the team has almost tripled in value to $1.4 billion. With an average value of $1.9 billion per NBA team, the sport holds a close second to NFL teams which are valued on average at $2.6 billion.

While Wes Edens may not have an exact timetable as to when it will happen, he believes that the NBA is going to surpass the NFL when it comes to the amount of revenue generated from the sports. The entrepreneur and co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group sees a lot of opportunities within the NBA that he believes will lead to even more growth in the league on a global level. He states that his own team goes around the world and he predicts that basketball will be alongside soccer when it comes to the most popular sports internationally. He also owns a soccer team based in England and states that this was not done on accident.

Wes Edens is known for making investments that are interesting and innovative and his presence in professional sports are some of them. He has decades of his business experience that includes Lehman Brothers and BlackRock before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. As of 2018, he became one of the co-owners of the Aston Villa Football Club and he also became the co-CEO of the FIG subsidiary company known as New Fortress Energy in 2014, the same year that he purchased the Milwaukee Bucks. The billionaire has always had a love of sports and has made them an important part of his professional career.

Isabel dos Santos: the White Knight

Isabel dos Santos is a well known and well-reputed businesswoman from Angola. She is considered to be the richest woman in all of Africa. She is also the oldest child of the former President of Angola Jose dos Santos. She is indulged in business ventures all over the world and her net worth is $2.3 billion according to the Forbes magazine. 

Apart from being a corporate titan, she is also working avidly for the general welfare of the people all over the world; especially in Africa. When she is not busy in her professional ventures, she works to render the use of her publicity and fame to bring the attention of the media bodies to aspiring young people. She is a firm believer of the notion that doing so will help the leaders and role models of tomorrow catalyze their growth and augment their chances of success (LinkedIn). 

As she herself has worked extremely hard in order to become one of the most successful and popular women in all of the earth, that too while belonging to a region which is considered to be backward by many and where women typically have no special future, Isabel dos Santos knows the value of hard work. Only those who work hard themselves and reach their true potential have the ability to recognize those who are presently working hard and are destined to become great in their future. Isabel dos Santos does just that. 

Not only is this, but Isabel dos Santos also is an avid worker towards the goal of financial empowerment of the African women as a whole. This is evident from the speech Isabel made at the UN. She believes that the ventures to financially empower the women of Africa will lead to a higher level of social welfare which will be beneficial for not only the people of Africa but the entire world. She also has an entrepreneurial dream for all of Africa. She rightly believes so that in order for a region to develop, it needs more entrepreneurs. For this purpose, she dedicates her time and efforts. 

More information about Dos Santos´ entrepreneurial speeches at https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/isabel-dos-santos/

Behind the Success of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is a successful entrepreneur who has led Match Group and other firms to their success. Before his success with Match Group, he had worked with a variety of law firms and dating firms. At the time when he was the CEO of Match Group, he was also the CEO of Tinder and before that he was an Executive Chairman in both institutions. Greg Blatt has held various managerial positions in the different firm including IAC and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Greg Blatt was the general counsel for both institutions. His work with Martha Stewart molded him to who he is today. 


After completing law school,  Blatt started his career as a corporate law and finance practitioner. Greg’s work in corporate law did not last since he perceived that it was not the field of work he wanted to pursue. Since he used to write novels and plays, he decided to switch to entertainment law and determine whether that would work for him. It was during this time that Greg met with Martha Stewart, who was making her newly founded company a public institution; Martha Stewart hired Greg and he joined her. As mentioned earlier, Greg worked for two major institutions as a general counsel. Greg worked under general counsel for several years before he got the opportunity to work on Match Group. Greg has successfully developed Match Group, but during its early development years, Greg left to get back and work for IAC. Greg Blatt, later on, discovered he was better suited for Match Group. 


According to Greg Blatt, each step in his career journey helped him to become a successful entrepreneur. Earlier on in his life, he had no career path and would not have expected to succeed. As an entrepreneur, Greg ensures that he asks ‘why’ to any business idea or project. He believes that by understanding how people think about a concept, he can efficiently work on errors and make the design better. Greg is a flexible entrepreneur who applies flexibility in business, though he saw the continuous growth of Match Group, he ensured that he was open to working with other online dating firms.


Click here https://prabook.com/web/greg.blatt/3755966?profileId=3755966  to follow up on Blatt´s successful career.

Isabel Dos Santos – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

The chairperson of Unitel, Isabel Dos Santos, has been using her position at Unitel to assist the country of Angola. This help has benefited the Angolan country, as well as the world. Unitel’s efforts, coupled with the personal effects of its leader, Dos Santos, reveal a great story of an improving economy for Angola and Africa. Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur who has worked at numerous jobs spanning multiple industries. She added a different set of skills at each of these jobs. These skills have prepared her for the experiences that have followed.

All of these seemingly “random” jobs helped make Isabel Dos Santos the businessperson and entrepreneur that she is today. Also contributing to her skill set is a formal education background that spans several different schools. She brought a skill set to Unitel, which speaks to the need for the country of Africa to complete globally with increased technological knowledge and capacity (Isabeldossantos).

With Isabel Dos Santos leading Unitel, there have been jobs created in the telecommunications industry. She has communicated a personal commitment to affect not only Unitel, but also the world around it. That commitment is reflected in her encouragement of entrepreneurs throughout Angola. Isabel promotes entrepreneurship and other’s work, she is also an accomplished speaker, and a very busy one. In her speeches, she often focuses on the concept of equality between the sexes. She does not believe that men and women receive equal opportunities to succeed in business. Dos Santos also believes that the ability of Africa to prosper is linked to its ability to communicate.

Dos Santos also believes in steady progress in the direction of one’s goals. She promotes new entrepreneurs growth breaking a goal into components. This way, people and/or companies can see and measure progress toward that goal. She also believes, however, there is still much to do to improve Africa’s economy and the plight of its people. She seems to have promoted a synergy among Angola’s citizenry towards the improvement of a mediocre economy.

Keep on reading about Dos Santos´ charity funds and projects at http://chronicleweek.com/2019/06/isabel-dos-santos-changing-global-conversation-on-development/

OSI Food Solutions Purchases

OSI Food Solutions have prevailed in food processing. They serve a wide range of customers with different meat products. Since 1909 OSI has focused on expanding its reach to various parts of the world.

Expansion Efforts

OSI Food Solutions has already established 65 facilities in about 17 countries across the globe, saving thousands of people. The expansion process is monitors strictly by the management team, ensuring they follow all the set procedures for expansion. There are more than 100, 000 employees serving at OSI logistic centers all trained and devoted to providing high-quality services. OSI Food Solutions have managed to expand their resources to Barrington after acquiring Rose Packing Corporation that deals with pork products. The management team of Rose agreed to work with OSI leadership, ensuring they share new ideas to implement in the market.

OSI has also taken the initiative to partner with other companies ensuring they share resources to increase sales and attract more customers. OSI has been rated among the largest food processing companies focused on addressing all issues raised by its customers. OSI expansion process involves forming joint ventures with farmers, plants, and other processing facilities. They have already successfully opened facilities in Europe, China, Australia, North America, and India, among different parts of the world. The expansion has contributed to the increase in sales, and the company has also gained respect in the food processing sector.

Poultry Expansion

OSI Food Solutions have doubled their supply of chicken to meet the increased demand for chicken products. The Toledo Spain Facility has increased its production rate for chicken creating job opportunities to many people as well as improving living standards of the framers since they have marketed for their chicken. Other OSI purchases include the Baho Food Plant purchase that deals with the supply of meat and snacks for the customers living in Deli. Tyson Plant has also been acquired to provide expansion space is about 20,000 square feet; hence, enough room to construct storage and processing facilities. The joint ventures have benefits to OSI since they can serve a broad market increasing sales as well as the logistics of the company. The management team, including David McDonald and Sheldon Levine, are devoted to expanding the company.



Meet Vijay Eswaran, the Vivid Leader

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and chairperson of the QI Group of Companies. He co-founded the e-commerce based conglomerate entity in 1998. The company has businesses diversified into direct sales and retail, lifestyle and leisure, telecommunication, training and conference management, luxury and collectibles, logistics and property development.

Mr. Eswaran attended reputable universities in USA and UK. He has an impressive record of working for highly reputable companies in responsible positions in Europe, Canada, USA, before moving to Asia where he became an entrepreneur.

In 1998, Dr. Vijay Eswaran led like-minded persons to form a training and direct selling entity, QI Group, which has today become a multi-business conglomerate. The enterprise has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has a presence in almost 30 countries with many subsidiary outlets.

Vijay Eswaran is a highly renowned motivational speaker. He lectures on various topics ranging from business to spirituality around the world. Dr. Eswaran has spoken at leadership and management forums and leading universities such as Commonwealth Business Forums and World Economic Forum events.

Charity Work

Vijay Eswaran is also a prominent philanthropist. He led the QI Group in establishing a corporate social responsibility movement, the RYTHM Foundation. The organization carries out charity activities around the universe. He has also founded several philanthropic movements in Malaysia such as the Vijayaratnam Foundation and RF’s local chapter. The Vijayaratnam Foundation was set up to honor the glory of his father, and it works with other non-government movements and charitable associations on different projects for youth development, child mentoring, special education, and women empowerment.


Mr. Vijay Eswaran was named in the annual list of Heros of Philanthropy in Forbes Asia in 2011. He recently received the lifetime achievement title in Regional Philanthropy after leading Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia during the third World Chinese Economic Forum. The Global Organization for People of Indian Origin conferred him with an award in International Leader in Global Business Strategies.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/11/vijay-eswaran-ceo-qnet-featured-in-forbes/

Michael Nierenberg and Regular Actions

Michael Nierenberg and other finance professionals know that factors such as stability, regular cash flows, and high value returns matter. If one can not get these different aspects within an investment, it may not be worth it overall. Professionals such as

Michael Nierenberg may witness this in their daily habits and routines as well, if they prioritize stability, high value work, and interactions, they end up well.

The field of finance is one of process, as Michael Nierenberg and other experts within the field would know, regular actions that are focused on positive returns can be alpha generating overall.

Michael Nierenberg has focused on generating alpha in his life in all aspects of his career and in his current firm through the process. As such, it pays to look at their careers, their choices, their mindsets and what would lead to decisions in their life.

Now, this tells you how repeated actions could impact the world with a magnitude of change. Which is something that experts from different walks of life also agree with to a great extent.

As popular marketing and author Seth Godin elaborated, the effects of incremental daily processes are the real driving force behind actual transformation. Click here to learn more

OSI Group-Leading Global Company in Food Processing

OSI Group is a private with Profit Company that specifies in food processing. Its located in Great Lakes, Greater Chicago area in the Midwestern side of united states. It serves all around the world but majorly in Illinois, Aurora in the United States. The company was founded in the year 1909 by very overseeing entrepreneurs who have been in support of it since conception. Its operation is active up until now and is majorly known as OSI industries, OSI Group or even OSI North America. It’s a large scale company since it has an employee allowance of approximately ten thousand and above. In its history, it was the first meat market that was family owned in the whole of Chicago.

However, they have remained steadfast in their operational integrity, and they are always determined in ensuring that their customers receive the best services. OSI group is mainly regarded as the premier global food-provider by the world’s leading brands. It’s a trusted company regarding the delivery of leading food solutions due to their sequential food development and processing. They optimize cost as they ensure that they give the best value and quality to their clients through streamlining the production processes. OSI group has embraced technology as it dynamically comes and that’s what has enabled it to increase in the production. It uses fifteen technology services and products.

This includes word press, google analytics and Vimeo. It has also incorporated technology its website which provides for SPF, viewport meta and even mobile and iPhone compatible systems. On average, around 19, 863 people visit their site, and that has resulted in its ranking as among the top two million visited websites. It’s a great achievement to the company since it has come to be known by many people internationally. It’s through the support of leaders and the management that the company has managed to stabilize. The employees of the company have shown interest in payment processing, triple and Ansys. The company revenue is approximately 6.1 billion and among the companies it competes with are Tyson Foods, Cargill and JBS USA LLC. Learn More.

No One Was Expecting This Gift… Meet Perry Mandera’s Story

Nobody was seeing this coming. Back in 1975 no one in the state of Illinois would expect that decades later a young entrepreneur would change their lives.

He received many awards and distinctions. He raised his networth up to hundreds of millions of dollars. His company was listed in top 100 American transportation executives. He raised money for Universities, medical centers, charities, foundations… ,distributed thousands of coats for people in need in winter, actively participated in green-events, supports crime fighting organizations… just to name a few of them.

Where did this man came from?

If you live in Illinois you probably already know that enigmatic philantropist could be no other. Perry Mandera has been doing it for a lot of time, even in a minor scale after succeeding with his multi-million dollar logistics business. What made him reach those levels of abundance and contribution?His business and life reflect his unique drive and set of core values that have been following for the last 30 years. Because of it he managed to become who he is today. However, it did not happen overnight.

It was in 1975 when Perry started building up his skill set. Perry Mandera joined the Marines after finishing high school and also work for logistics to gain knowledge about the industry. By 25 he already succeeded with his own version of logistic service business.

But it obviously was not as easy as saying it.

We would have never done it unless he followed his principles and main values, the same ideas that make him bring so much value to Illinois afterwards. In fact, here is when Perry’s obsession of helping more and more people started to grow rapidly.It must affected his motivation. Everyday he would be inspired to improve more his skills and being more innovative. After all, donating and helping people without expecting anything is like giving someone else a piece of yourself Perry Mandera explains. What happens next is that piece somehow manifests making you make determined and devoted, as a way to say ‘thank you!’.

Certainly people are big drive in our lives. People make us feel connected, we build experiences and create emotions and stories together and share time and love with team.Even though the example of Perry Mandera may seem unusual to you, for him is a normal thing. He is aware of the natural human being need of community and socializing. This is why Perry puts so much effort in building relationships and bringing people together.

More on Mandera´s philantropic efforts at https://perrymandera.weebly.com/

Sergey Petrossov Shares The Idea Of Jetsmarter

Sergey Petrossov is currently JetSmarter’s Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining JetSmarter, he did two IT projects for education facilities speaking Russian. He worked with a South Florida jet operator as an advisor. The idea of JetSmarter came into place when he flew a private jet for the first time in 2009. He realized the challenge of booking on clients and decided to develop how individuals would use mobile tech to book their flights.

He raised finances to launch his app to connect private jet operators and their clients. He launched the JetSmarter app in 2013 after collaborating with several partners and investors. Sergey works with an effective team in bringing a significant change to the logistics and air travel sector. The management team worked with Nokia, Microsoft, Uber, and others thus showing expertise in that particular field. His hard work and vision for a better world brought about the app that is groundbreaking to many.

The company has over 14000 members who generate income for it after paying a certain amount annually. The company is valued at approximately 1.5 billion dollars. The Russian-born relocated to Florida at his teenage which made him know how to hustle. Drive and passion according to Sergey Petrossov are what makes an entrepreneur successful in their careers.

Members of JetSmarter enjoy extra services such as booking a fully private flight and accessing last minute flights. Sergey made good relationships with aviation experts by meeting them at trade fairs. He aims at increasing the company’s income by offering seats on private jets at 500 dollars.

Sergey Petrossov advises the youth to be bold and take more risks since they can’t take them at an old age. Petrossov believes that going through hard times acts as a motivator of you not giving up easily in your ideas. Perseverance in entrepreneurs is essential since it achieves good results in the long-run.

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