Building Tiger Swan with James Reece


Tigerswan is a globally recognized security firm that works with government and corporate clients. The CEO of Tigerswan since it stared is James Reese who is an ex delta force member. The company works out of over 50 countries worldwide and is regarded as the best in the business.

James Reese has taken his military background and built a business from the ground floor to now having over 300+ employees. His leadership is second to none and it shows with the success of Tigerswan. This job, however, is difficult and keep James Reese up at night. He talks constantly about being not only in charge of a business but other people’s lives who work for him. Although the result of the business is something that keeps him motivated and focused.

Image result for james reese tigerswanJames Reese had the idea of Tigerswan on his last duty in Iraq. A colleague of his sat down with Reese over a morning cup of coffee and wanted to start this business. They knew how difficult it could be for a veteran to return to a normal civilized lifestyle. They thought why not start a business that uses the skills these men and women have and use them in a positive way and build a business.

Being a leader and CEO of Tigerswan is more difficult for Reese than being a Delta Force Leader. When James Reese was in the military, he was given the best of the best and didn’t have to worry about anything else but leading those men. He says that leading in the military was easier than running a business because in his business he must worry about his employees and make sure they are ready to do their job to the best of their ability.

Tigerswan isn’t just a military workforce. James Reese likes how diverse his employees are. They have veterans, ex-law enforcement personal, as well as a civilian sector. It takes more than one type of mindset to make Tigerswan the best company in its field.

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Michael Nierenberg Talks About Recent Foreclosure Trends

In real estate, foreclosure is one of the most common ways for a lender to satisfy a mortgage loan balance. With a foreclosure, a lender will force the sale of a property in order to recoup the money that it is owed. In other words, a foreclosure is gaining possession of the collateral of the borrower. While foreclosures have been the most common way for banks and other lending institutions to collect from delinquent mortgage borrowers, it has a considerable number of obstacles. These obstacles have proven to hurt both lenders and borrowers. The obstacles include significant losses for lenders, difficulty selling a property at an auction and also going through a very rigorous process to complete a foreclosure. According to a former Secretary of the Treasury, foreclosures do not benefit anyone.

Foreclosures have been quite controversial over the past decade. Right before the financial crisis that began in 2007, many people were taking on mortgage loans that they couldn’t actually afford. This lead to delinquencies and lenders had to take back lots of properties. The foreclosure rate made up about 4 percent of all housing units in the United States. However, that rate has gone down to pre crisis levels at 0.5 percent. Therefore, the housing market and the mortgage industry have seen a recovery.

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Impossible Foods Looks Towards OSI Group to Help Meet Increasing Demands

Illinois based OSI Group is famous for being a supplier of burger patties to McDonald’s for all over 60 years. But that isn’t the only identifier that the food processing company is known for.

Over its 100 years of operations, OSI Group has been able to expand its operations from being a small butcher shop to a multinational corporation by working with a slew of industrial clients. It is due to its working relationship with a number of these clients that the firm has been able to establish its presence in no less than 17 countries.

With over 65 facilities in these territories, OSI Group stands tall as one of the largest food processing companies in the world. Its focus on sustainability and its drive to innovate only enhances its stature in the eyes of industry professionals and consumers alike.

That is why, when one of Silicon Valley’s most sought after companies tapped OSI Group to help meets its production demands, it only seemed like a natural progression for the company.

For more information about OSI Group, view their organization at Crunchbase.

OSI Group Will Be Helping Impossible Foods Meet Increasing Demands

It was recently announced that Impossible Foods will be joining hands with OSI for the latter to produce its plant based protein patties.

According to details provided by the partners, OSI will receive infrastructural support from Impossible Foods to co-produce the company’s alternative meat patties, which will then be supplied to fast food chain Burger King.

This collaboration is meant to supplement Impossible Foods’ partnership with Burger King, where the fast food giant launched a meatless burger using Impossible Foods’ patties. Aptly titled the Impossible Whopper, the burger is created without any meat, but still tastes and looks like it’s made from animal protein.

Due to the way that it has been developed, the Impossible Whopper has become quite a sought after fast food option for those who want to eat healthier or do not want to consume meat during their day to day diet. Since the consumer demand has increased since Burger King tested the burger at select locations, Impossible Foods is projecting that the nationwide launch of the Impossible Whopper would only add to the burger’s popularity. That’s were OSI is playing a part in making sure that production demands are met without any compromise on quality.


Betterworks Launches Better Software for Tracking Team Production

It has been said that teams is how better things happen. This is also true of Betterworks. The creation of software for HR has made a tremendous difference for all businesses. Betterworks has now released their team edition to help the small and midsized business.

Conversations about what’s happening in the workplace are happening every day, but now they are happening in a better way when it makes it easier to check-in with conversations. Businesses that are developing need the tools and resources that come with the team edition of Betterworks.

This enterprise HR software program is designed for Continuous Performance Management. This economical package, is also self-serve, and it contains what many believe are the perfect management tools for their teams and more. The small and medium sized businesses will benefit from this software by increasing their ability to align together on projects.

The software is also slated for improving accountability among team members, as well as improving their overall performance. This is how agile organizations are functioning, and they are doing so while learning how to perceive coming changes, and how they react to them while improving performance.

Leaders in small and midsize organizations fully recognize that their consistent production will help fan the flame for other employees as it encourages them to get things done.

The original format of Betterworks didn’t have everything that the Team Edition offers. Performance should always be trackable, and when it isn’t, it means that the team and their leadership could be losing sight of the end goal.

The purpose of a software like this is to ensure that activity and performance is being tracked. This new edition of the software makes it possible for up to 100 people to set aspirational goals. This will be translated into Objectives and Key Results, while allowing them to track progress towards those goals.

Another major perk of the software is the ability for conversations to take place between employees and managers. This is unprecedented because it’s never been widely accepted for managers and employees to have open conversations about what projects need to be done, and what needs to take place.

It wasn’t until Betterworks created the team edition that small and midsize businesses were able to utilize the same tools and accomplish just as much as a larger organization. It seemed that smaller companies were always lagging due to a lack in software, as well as the moving parts that organized conversations and projects to create the agile environment.

USHEALTH Advisors Explains How Chia Seeds Can Play A Role In A Healthy Varied Diet

Eating chia seeds is one of the latest health food trends in the United States. They can be cooked into bread, spread on top of pudding or smoothies, or used in other ways. They can be part of a healthy, balanced diet according to the team at USHEALTH Advisors.

While chia seeds have been sold in the United States since just the 1990s, they have been eaten in South America for centuries. Both the Maya and Aztecs ate these seeds. They come from a desert plants named Salvia hispanica. The word “chia” means strength as these were consumed to gain stamina and energy. Just as they were a staple in the diet of these two cultures, they have become indispensable in some American households today. Learn more about USHealth Advisors at Better Business Bureau

USHEALTH Advisors shared that chia seeds are rich in protein. They’re especially great for vegetarians who need meat-free sources of this nutrient. They also contain a lot of amino acids which the body needs to make use of protein. If they’re eaten at dinner time they have been shown to cut late night snacking by 50 percent.

They are also rich in antioxidants. Some research has shown that this nutrient removes free radicals from the body. There have also been some studies that show eating chia seeds can cut the risk of developing heart disease, USHEALTH Advisors explains. They may reduce high blood pressure and cut the amount of triglycerides in your blood. Other research doesn’t show this health benefit, however.

So, should people incorporate chia seeds into their regular diet? The research is still out but it could play a role in good health. It’s not a magic bullet by any means but no one food is. It’s best to eat a varied diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and small amounts of meat. Learn More:

Betterworks Unveils Team Edition


Betterworks is well-known for its HR software that addresses management and continuous performance incentives. They have just introduced Team Edition. This new products is a self-service package with tools that address the needs of smaller and midsize businesses. Companies that use the product can look forward to an increase in performance across the board.

Team Edition offers the very latest in technology that address performance management. Betterworks can provide businesses with the following performance benefits.

1. Companies can create and convey a company’s goals so that employees can focus on top priorities.

2. The new software can also track progress across the company.

3. Businesses can implement course corrections in real-time.

4. The software also provides a conversation template that inspires crucial company conversations.

Betterworks began in 2013. The company designs software tools that can give businesses the meaningful data they need to turn a profit and run smoothly. The software also keeps track of a number of key data points. Companies remain aware of the data points that can help them improve at any point.

Betterworks has a ton of features. Its software packages address heavy-duty issues that help keep companies on track. Prices will vary for the software, however there are many who think the ability for companies to scale up is well worth the price. Betterworks allows companies to move from annual reviews to an oversight of continuous performance. Betterworks provides the software that allows businesses to achieve the next level in performance.

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It pays to be the first for Fortress Investment Group

It almost always an advantage to be the first mover in a market. The founders of Fortress Investment Group understood this when they started the investment firm a decade ago.

Fortress Investment Group was the first financial firm focusing on alternative investments to go public. Then, in 2017, Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to be purchased. Softbank Group Corporation, a multinational banking corporation headquartered in Tokyo, purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion.

Strong business model

When one looks at the business model and track record of Fortress it is no wonder Softbank saw great potential. The company’s asset-based investment services is well-diversified between a variety of different assets which include real estate, various financial vehicles for longer term cash flow and capital. Another advantage of owning Fortress is the company’s robust tools it has developed for evaluating highly complex investments. Additionally, over the course of two decades, Fortress Investment Group has garnered significant experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. Find out more about of Fortress Investment Group at

Growing investment portfolio

Following the initial public offering, Fortress consistently worked to grow its investment portfolio. Over the course of a decade, the company increased its available investment vehicles, which included the Credit Opportunities Funds, the Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, the Worldwide Transportation and Infrastructure Fund and the Intellectual Property Fund. The firm also added funds focused on international investments as well.

Then, in 2010 the firm purchased American General Financial Services from AIG which rebranded as Springleaf Financial Services. Under the management of Fortress, Springleaf grew to be worth $3.5 billion. This was over 27 times more than its original value.

Industry recognition

After many notable achievements, including the purchase from AIG, Fortress Investment Group began to gain industry-wide recognition. The firm won awards from Institutional Investor magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. HFMWeek, the leading publication in the hedge fund industry, recognized Fortress in 2014 as the Management Firm of the Year.

Read More: Is Working Toward A Database Solution That Will Benefit It’s Business And It’s Customers: serves one of the world’s largest customer bases. This base totals some three-hundred-million individuals that regularly utilize the services provided by the e-commerce and retailing giant. Something that company officials have noticed in recent years is the fact that the business has been incurring higher costs of operation due to its database growing significantly. This database is known as the MySQL and its efficiency has declined as the number of data contained within has rapidly increased. This phenomenon has been detailed by Haifeng Liu, the Retail Chief Architect for As per usual, when a challenge presents itself, the team at works to find a solution to solve it. This is certainly the case with this database.

To solve its database issues, has joined forces with a company called Vitess to devise a database solution that is scalable for the management of this massive collection of information. This solution that Vitess is working on will also focus on supporting’s ability to expand its MySQL database further. Haifeng Liu has expressed great excitement about working on this new project to bring new levels of efficiency to the database. officials expect this project to have a significant impact on the company’s business operations. has already seen some noticeable differences since working on this solution with Vitess. These improvements include the scalability of the database as well as its elastic attributes. This program is also paying dividends in reducing the cost of labor and resources. This is great news for and the firm’s customers. The company currently occupies a couple of lofty positions within the world economy. is well-known as China’s leading retailer but the firm is also the third biggest internet-based operation globally when it comes to the amount of revenue that is generated.

Solving the problems of the retail and e-commerce industry is a major part of the work that the team does. This effort to improve database efficiency is no different and the fast results that the company has seen as a sure sign that the efforts are paying off.

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