Steak and Kindness: The Story of The 2014 Clinton Chicago Fundraiser and Niranjan Shah

Looking back to 2014 in the months before the 2016 US presidential election chaos was to begin, we can see all of the political opponents gearing up to take one another on for the seat of the president of the United States of America. One such candidate, Hillary Clinton, was already launching fundraising events, an charging a clever $20.16 fee per ticket. However, there was one event that stood out among the rest, and that was the Chicago steakhouse event, held at the 437 Rush Steakhouse. This event would bring together many high profile individuals such as the charitable Niranjan Shah.

A Day To Remember in Chicago

Notably, Niranjan Shah was on the hosting committee for the event, making him one of the premier individuals there at the time. He brought with him his charitable attitude, and his selfless nature, embodying the virtue of giving back to the community. This would play a large influence in things to come.

Others at the event include Dick Durbin, a democratic senator out of Illinois. He was an early Obama supporter, and had thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton for the 2016 US presidential election. Lisa Madigan of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC was there as well, and the mayor of Chicago, Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel.

Business and Charity

While Niranjan Shah is all about charitable works, he’s also a serious businessman. Being the founder and CEO of Chairman Emeritus of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, he has a load of business knowledge and practical experience. In fact, his company, which operates in engineering and agriculture, has been so successful that it has won numerous awards. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed Niranjan Shah to claim such success in life.

Moving Beyond 2016

While the 2014 Chicago steakhouse fundraiser was a huge success, things didn’t work out quite so well come 2016. That said, Niranjan Shah still continues his charitable work, and his philanthropic exploits. His goal of giving back to the community still remains strong, and his willingness to use his wealth for the good of all is always at the top of his mind.

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Sujit Choudry: Publishings, Advice and Accomplishments

Since it’s publishing, many have found “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” to be a relevant point of reference when deliberating moments of constitutional engagement. This collection contains several explanations about why the design and development of constitutions and constitutional agreements are threatened by territorial disputes. These essays were and still are relevant to several problems being faced between multiple countries worldwide.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes more than 15 studies that support the information being provided and the advice being given by describing a slew of constitutional situations that countries a wide range of countries are facing. Most of which have very different political standings. To tie everything together, it included a concluding volume that has been considered to be vital information for federalism scholars, devolution scholars, and several others.

When Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson released this body of work they received a ton of positive recognition and feedback. Additionally, they would release a policy paper that detailed how to deal with moments of constitutional engagement and reach the best outcome. It’s been renowned for accomplishing said goal.

Sujit Choudhry carries with him several law degrees from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has been positively reviewed advisor in several litigations and has even had his hand in a few. Sujit Choudhry specializes in servicing law firms, international organizations, large corporations and many more in his areas of expertise. He is a well-seasoned professional who has been renowned as one of the top experts on Canada’s Constitution. In addition to all of his services and accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions where he also the sitting Director.

He’s an advisor in several sectors and considered to be the most knowledgeable about policies and their legality. Sujit Choudhry offers his vast knowledge and legal advice to several and he will be forever renowned for his impact in intense constitutional events and his accomplishments in his field.


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Taking a Look At What Igor Cornelsen Is Doing With His Retirement

Hallmarked for his business acumen and financial savvy, Igor Cornelsen is a titan in the Brazilian banking sphere. During his formative years, Cornelsen had aspirations of becoming an engineer. Cornelsen fostered this dream well into his adulthood, eventually switching paths upon discovering his aptitude for finance. Cornelsen leaned into his newfound talent, subsequently becoming a stalwart in his trade. From Multibanco and Second Chartered Bank to Libra Bank and London Chartered Merchant Bank, Igor Cornelsen worked for numerous banking institutions. His first taste of success betided during his tenure at Libra Bank.

Second Chartered Bank, an organization of similar practices, recognized Cornelsen’s prowess as an investor, in turn offering Cornelsen an executive role at their headquarters. Hungry for experience, Cornelsen leaped at the opportunity. He uprooted his life in Brazil and relocated to London, a transition that proved wildly rewarding. After seven years with the company, Cornelsen bid Second Chartered Bank a bittersweet farewell and returned to his homeland. What awaited Cornelsen was an entrepreneurial pursuit of grand proportions. Given his years of industry experience, Igor Cornelsen was confident in his ability to start his own enterprise. When Cornelsen brought Bainbridge Investments to fruition, his wildest dreams evolved into reality.

At Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen’s roles included managing funds, implementing investment strategies, creating investment models, and diversifying his company’s portfolio, among many other responsibilities. He led the organization to industry success, raising the bar for so many while setting unprecedented standards. After decades with Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen relinquished his duties and retired in Florida. Currently, Cornelsen is relaxing in the Sunshine State where he enjoys playing endless amounts of golf with his chums. Otherwise, you’ll find Igor Cornelsen investing on the side. In fact, Cornelsen continues to counsel individuals on their investment decisions via his highly sought-after consultation services.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy in Australia Successfully Serving Startup Businesses

 Mission Possible

Everyone in business knows what it means to write a mission statement. A mission statement is the philosophies and objectives of a company. The story of a company is a compelling story with all its elements combined to lead a consumer into the evolution of the brand or company.

A mission statement may change over time as the company grows and becomes more detailed in its expression. A company’s story contains the elements of the value of the company integrated into a story. A story can contain persons of acting our out the values of the company.

Business Story Elements

The elements of a business story will contain a theme, a purpose,hero of the story, the mission of the story, the obstacle the hero has to overcome a finally the strategy. Luke Lazarus is helping startup companies look at their mission statement and tie it in with their business story. It could be as simple as a better chocolate chip cookie. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | F6S

What problems did you face what gave you insight overcome your obstacle? How does your mission help share how you overcame the obstacle with the rest of the world? Luke Lazarus is passionate about startups learning to tell an emotionally connecting story with their consumers.

Make the Connection Real

There has to be an emotional connection. That emotional connection is not focusing upon the product as much as the values behind the product and how the values improve the lives of those it changes. If it is a chocolate chip cookie that uses 100% real chocolate with no additives, then celebrate the flavor and purity of that solution.

The consumer needs to feel the connection of how the hero going thru an obstacle to finding the solution and the joy of finding the right solution. Everyone likes someone who has overcome an obstacle.

Reaching the Investor

One of the joys of startups is being able to put all the elements together in their mission to impress investors. Luke Lazarus knew how important it is to find investments in business since most businesses without outside investments have a difficult time to survive.

According to Luke Lazarus, the more a startup has its story right, and its mission statement clear they have established a firm foundation for success. On the same note, Luke Lazarus impresses in his startup teams if they can interest a venture capitalist then will be able to make an emotional connection with the consumer.

Working with Venture Capitalist

Since venture capitalist has met with hundreds of startup companies over their years of investing their selection process is focused and streamlined to perfection. They know all the essential elements that will make a good investment for them.

Every venture capitalist company may have different goals to achieve in finding startups they will invest in, but it all begins with having a good story that is emotionally connecting.

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Choudhry and Anderson Edits a Collection of Constitutional Essays

Have you asked yourself what is “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions?” It refers to the assortment of essays that feature a wide variety of defies brought by territorial disagreement during the constitution-making procedure and constitutional design. It is incredibly relevant to the existing conflicts across the world, comprising those in Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya.

The collection comprises 17 case studies of nations undergoing constitutional engagement in various contexts. It contains things such as small distinct territories, diverse countries with numerous politically salient parts, and bi-communal countries. Additionally, the volume has places where territorial politics is essential. The writers extracted case studies from Kenya, Cyprus, Nepal, Iraq, Spain, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

The volume of essays provided policy recommendation depending on a radical view of the complexity of political and territorial cleavages. The collection concludes with a synthetic section that makes originals conclusions from relative examination of case studies relating to the existing research. The collection of essay is used in various areas such as consociational power-sharing plans, and devolution.

Apart from releasing the assortment of essays, Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson wrote a confidante policy paper on a similar subject. The policy seeks to offer insights on how territorial claims relate constitutional design and constitution-making process. Additionally, they provide advice that might be helpful to advisors and principals who take part in constitutional moments.

George Anderson is the ex-deputy minister of Canada. He also served as the president of Forum of Federations. He is a member of the center of democracy and diversity at Queen’s University. Apart from that, he has a membership with Sandy Team of Experts for the department of political affairs of the United Nations.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the owner Center of Constitutional Transitions where he serves as a Managing Director. Additionally, he is a globally known constitutional attorney and scholar. Sujit advises on governance, constitutional amendment, and the role of law procedures for many decades in different countries.

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Luke Lazarus Delivers Results To Struggling Companies Who Need The Skills To Succeed

Chance are very low that a new business will make it in the first five years of operation. Luke Lazarus wants to change this well-played out scenario with companies that succeed. He understands the depth of what a company needs to really take off. T

hat is why he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013. There are small percentages of people who make it in the world of entrepreneur, and they have the low-down on what’s important to be successful.

Mr. Lazarus was born in Melbourne, Australia and has stayed in the same town ever since. Being a bright young mind, Luke got endless scholarship offers to many Ivy League universities in the world, including the United States. Instead, the young entrepreneur decided to honor his home town and attend Melbourne Business School.

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He earned an executive Master of Business Administration degree at just the age of 24 years old. This would set him up for success in a very big way. The next stage of life would be equally impressive.

Luke would become the proud founder of four companies that would flourish under his watchful eye. After they reached maturity, Mr. Lazarus sold them for millions of dollars. Now he is helping other people achieve success with their companies just like he did.

There are many factors to running a successful business and Luke has the keys to unlock it. He holds one of the coveted role of serial entrepreneur. This name and small percentage of people know how to build a successful company.

In fact, they build many companies and sell them for huge profits. Eventually, the excitement of making millions wears off and they want to do something more fulfilling. Being a business consultant fits that to the tee. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

They can use their skills, make money, but most importantly help others achieve success. That makes someone feel like they did something good for the world. Not only is this model good for both parties, but it good for everyone else.

This helps boost the local economy also. Mr. Lazarus is all about it. After selling his companies at 35 years old, he wanted to do something different. That is why he started his own startup company in Australia.

Most budding entrepreneurs are not lacking the imagination, intelligence, or business idea to make a successful company, Mr Lazarus says. What they are lacking is the know-how to make it happen. They lack the integral skills to functionally run a business.

They also may lack the capital and business plan to start from. That is when Luke Lazarus comes in and addresses the underlining, most important factors. He takes a straightforward and direct approach, not wasting his client’s time in the meanwhile.

The results are often quite impressive, that last long in the future. Luke Lazarus is looking forward to continue his work and grow his company. When clients find good results with his consulting firm, they will go out into the world and say good things about his company. In turn, more clients will come his way.

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Entrepreneur Smita Shah Shares How Women Can Get Ahead In The Business World

Smita Shah is an engineer who established her own company, SPAAN Tech, Inc. She is the chief executive officer of this Chicago-based firm. Her company works on challenging technical projects across Ohio. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and Oxford University.

She says that it is difficult, but by no means impossible, for a woman to become an entrepreneur. Smita Shah shared some tips that women can use to get to the top of any industry, including those that are dominated by men. She says that the biggest stumbling block is that women tend to have a poor self-image. There aren’t enough powerful female role models available and so many women don’t see themselves as capable of being strong and successful. 

She relates that there are more than 100 million female-owned companies in the world. Of course, there are many times that male-owned companies. What it takes is talent and dedication to get to the top and these are things that women can possess just as much as men do. Not every woman can succeed as an entrepreneur but the same holds true for men as well.

Having a good self-image is critical, Smita Shah says. Your skills and knowledge are worth respect even if you haven’t attained the job that you dream of. Every experience you have will teach you something and these can be used to develop into a confident leader. She tells other women that they should give themselves the same credit that they give to coworkers and employees.

She points out that doing business is an active thing. However, girls are usually taught to develop their passive traits. This means that women need to learn to be assertive. Smita Shah recommends that women do “self-talk” during which they assess their experiences and how those can help solve a current problem.

As a businesswoman, how you present yourself to others is critical. Those that present well get ahead. She says that women should dress professionally using neutral and mellow colors. If a woman dresses in the typical fashion men will tend to look at them rather than listen. Posture is just as important as what you’re wearing. If you have the right attire and posture everyone will know that you’re in charge. Learn more:

Finally, Smita Shah says that as a businesswoman you should never let anyone take credit that you deserve. Doing so will hold you back. If you let an assertive man take credit for your work he will get the promotion that you deserve. She says women should not be passive and should instead let others know the things they have accomplished.

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