Steak and Kindness: The Story of The 2014 Clinton Chicago Fundraiser and Niranjan Shah

Looking back to 2014 in the months before the 2016 US presidential election chaos was to begin, we can see all of the political opponents gearing up to take one another on for the seat of the president of the United States of America. One such candidate, Hillary Clinton, was already launching fundraising events, an charging a clever $20.16 fee per ticket. However, there was one event that stood out among the rest, and that was the Chicago steakhouse event, held at the 437 Rush Steakhouse. This event would bring together many high profile individuals such as the charitable Niranjan Shah.

A Day To Remember in Chicago

Notably, Niranjan Shah was on the hosting committee for the event, making him one of the premier individuals there at the time. He brought with him his charitable attitude, and his selfless nature, embodying the virtue of giving back to the community. This would play a large influence in things to come.

Others at the event include Dick Durbin, a democratic senator out of Illinois. He was an early Obama supporter, and had thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton for the 2016 US presidential election. Lisa Madigan of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC was there as well, and the mayor of Chicago, Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel.

Business and Charity

While Niranjan Shah is all about charitable works, he’s also a serious businessman. Being the founder and CEO of Chairman Emeritus of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, he has a load of business knowledge and practical experience. In fact, his company, which operates in engineering and agriculture, has been so successful that it has won numerous awards. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed Niranjan Shah to claim such success in life.

Moving Beyond 2016

While the 2014 Chicago steakhouse fundraiser was a huge success, things didn’t work out quite so well come 2016. That said, Niranjan Shah still continues his charitable work, and his philanthropic exploits. His goal of giving back to the community still remains strong, and his willingness to use his wealth for the good of all is always at the top of his mind.

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Peter Harris: A Hardworking Auckland Entrepreneur

Peter Harris is the former Chief Executive Officer of CBL, an Auckland insurance company. He is hardworking, passion-driven, and dedicated to helping improve the lives of people around the world. He has become an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs in the insurance field.

Peter’s Early Life

He grew up in the Waikato district, which is in Rangriri, on their dairy farm. Peter Harris was able to understand how important it is to have good relations with people since it was a daily part of his life. They conducted business and deals with handshakes, and everyone’s hard work was respected and enjoyed.

Although their district was full of life, it lacked quality and fair education systems. Peter Harris was forced to study in a boarding school in Southwell School, Hamilton. He was appointed as the head boy and became a loyal defender for his fellow students who needed support to overcome unfairness and disadvantages. His dedication to helping others is still honored up to date in Southwell School after a prize was named after him and is still awarded to students who possess these qualities.

Work Experience

He first worked in accounting at Fletcher Steel and later moved to its branch in Auckland. He worked hard and thrived in whatever he did. In the year 1984, he was recognized, and he was given an award as the Air New Zealand Businessman. Peter Harris then worked for many different insurance companies and gained extensive experience in how to run a business and handle the client’s various needs.

About CBL

In the year 1996, Peter Harris, together with Alistair Hutchinson, decide to buyout CBL, which was then a small insurance firm. It dealt with financial and credit risk insurance, and it only operated in New Zealand. In 2000, Peter Harris was elected to lead the CBL’s efforts to expand internationally. Peter Harris has also been helping other companies achieve their goal and gain profit within just two years after their expansion process. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award during EY Awards as well as Leader of the year during the Australia New Zealand Insurance Awards.

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Building Tiger Swan with James Reece


Tigerswan is a globally recognized security firm that works with government and corporate clients. The CEO of Tigerswan since it stared is James Reese who is an ex delta force member. The company works out of over 50 countries worldwide and is regarded as the best in the business.

James Reese has taken his military background and built a business from the ground floor to now having over 300+ employees. His leadership is second to none and it shows with the success of Tigerswan. This job, however, is difficult and keep James Reese up at night. He talks constantly about being not only in charge of a business but other people’s lives who work for him. Although the result of the business is something that keeps him motivated and focused.

Image result for james reese tigerswanJames Reese had the idea of Tigerswan on his last duty in Iraq. A colleague of his sat down with Reese over a morning cup of coffee and wanted to start this business. They knew how difficult it could be for a veteran to return to a normal civilized lifestyle. They thought why not start a business that uses the skills these men and women have and use them in a positive way and build a business.

Being a leader and CEO of Tigerswan is more difficult for Reese than being a Delta Force Leader. When James Reese was in the military, he was given the best of the best and didn’t have to worry about anything else but leading those men. He says that leading in the military was easier than running a business because in his business he must worry about his employees and make sure they are ready to do their job to the best of their ability.

Tigerswan isn’t just a military workforce. James Reese likes how diverse his employees are. They have veterans, ex-law enforcement personal, as well as a civilian sector. It takes more than one type of mindset to make Tigerswan the best company in its field.

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Chicago Mayor teams up with Delhi Leader to Celebrate Mahatma Ghandi

Recently, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, along with Senator Dick Durbin and a host of business leaders and dignitaries teamed up with Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Chair Smita Shah, to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi, on the 5th celebration in the Chicago area lauding the Indian leader for his championing and inspiring the civil rights movement, on Gandhi’s 150th celebration of his birth. The gala also recognized the deep roots and culture of the Indian community in the Chicago area.


The Mahatama Gandhi Luncheon was the brainstorm of Smita Shah. the CEO of a major construction firm in the Chicago area. 


Smita Smith, who is recognized in multiple states for her construction work, and has degrees from MIT, Northwestern and Oxford Universities, has been recognized as one of the most influential business leaders in the nation and is lauded for her charity and philopatric work, launched the Mahatma Gandhi luncheon in 2014, as part of her role as chairman of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee.


During the luncheon, Mayor Lightfoot capped the joint celebration of the contributions of the Indian community in Chicago by noting she had declared October 2nd as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago, as recognition of the close relationship between Gandhi and the civil rights movement, as well as the close connections of the Indian Community as exemplified by the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee.


Mayor Lightfoot’s proclamation also cited Gandhi’s tremendous influence on African American leaders such as Howard Thurman, Benjamin Mays, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who were deeply influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violent civil disobedience. 


Speaking for the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee, chairman Shah noted that it was a deep honor for her to reflect on the both the Mahatama Gandhi luncheon and the mayor’s proclamation, and noted the idea all started in recognition not only of Mahatma Gandhi but in how we can all have an impact on improving lives by working together.


he Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International

Chicago Sister Cities International is a division of World Business Chicago and its intentions are to foster bridges and share ideas between Chicago and its international communities and partners. Learn more:


The Chicago Sister Cities International has been promoting cross-cultural arts and tourism, global education, international business and government exchange since 1973.


Among Smita Shah’s notable achievements was being awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, joining such notables as Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, and Rosa Parks, recognizing those who have significantly changed the face of America. 


Mayor Lori Lightfoot became mayor of Chicago in May of 2019, the first black woman mayor in Chicago’s history.

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Mahatma Gandhi Day Set in Chicago By Mayor Lori At the Smita Shah Organized Annual Lunch

October 2nd gets into the books of history in Chicago to celebrate the revered world’s civil rights fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. In an event termed Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon, that Smita Shah founded five years ago, Lori E. Lightfoot, who is the Mayor of the City of Chicago, gave a proclamation that named the day, Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago. The Mayor noted the 150th Birthday of the Indian legend, his unequivocal legacy, and the profound Indian culture in Chicago City.

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot heartily highlighted innumerable reasons why he founded the day. The reasons include that the day marked the Birthday of Gandhi and that he was not violent in his resistance to speak up for the poor and disenfranchised to access education, equality, and economic opportunities. Gandhi gets into the list of the top 20 important people in the 20th century who founded India and was always peaceable, ethical, and intelligent in resolving differences. He related to the Americans, and one of the essays of Henry David Thoreau inspired him to shape his life.

He expressed the pride of Chicago to accept and celebrate the customs of the international community and has been having a cherished relation with India. He identifies Chicago to be domicile for the American Indian community that has vibrantly contributed to the Chicago development and has changed the life of many residents of the city. Learn more:

Chicago enjoys the sister city relationship with Delhi, India. The Chicago Sister Cities International benefits Chicago in showcasing it as a global city and promotes peace. The Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon that Smita Shah, the leader of the Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, started, inspires many to follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. Other attendees were Senator Dick Durbin, Andrea Zopp – the CEO World Business Chicago, and Amy Eshelman – the First Lady.

The Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon was started in 2014 by The Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, which is a division of World Business Chicago. It aims at uniting and generating ideas between Chicago City and the international communities and partners. It promotes global education, the government exchange, cross-cultural arts, and tourism and international business.

It is led by Smita Shah, who is the President, Founder, and CEO of SPAAN Tech, a company that she started in 1998. Professionally, Shar is an Engineer licensed in many states and a Business Student from Oxford University, Northwestern University, and MIT. SPAAN Tech is recognized as the 5000 Fastest-growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine, The Best of Chicago Engineering Services by The Small Business Commerce Association, and received an Engineering Excellence Award of Honor by the American Council of Engineering Companies.

On the other hand, Smita Shah Chicago has received recognition as the 19th Most Connected Person in Chicago, The Young Civil Engineer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Community Leader of the Year. She is on the Board of Directors to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago Plan Commission, and Museum of Science and Industry.

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Sujit Choudry: Publishings, Advice and Accomplishments

Since it’s publishing, many have found “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” to be a relevant point of reference when deliberating moments of constitutional engagement. This collection contains several explanations about why the design and development of constitutions and constitutional agreements are threatened by territorial disputes. These essays were and still are relevant to several problems being faced between multiple countries worldwide.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes more than 15 studies that support the information being provided and the advice being given by describing a slew of constitutional situations that countries a wide range of countries are facing. Most of which have very different political standings. To tie everything together, it included a concluding volume that has been considered to be vital information for federalism scholars, devolution scholars, and several others.

When Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson released this body of work they received a ton of positive recognition and feedback. Additionally, they would release a policy paper that detailed how to deal with moments of constitutional engagement and reach the best outcome. It’s been renowned for accomplishing said goal.

Sujit Choudhry carries with him several law degrees from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has been positively reviewed advisor in several litigations and has even had his hand in a few. Sujit Choudhry specializes in servicing law firms, international organizations, large corporations and many more in his areas of expertise. He is a well-seasoned professional who has been renowned as one of the top experts on Canada’s Constitution. In addition to all of his services and accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions where he also the sitting Director.

He’s an advisor in several sectors and considered to be the most knowledgeable about policies and their legality. Sujit Choudhry offers his vast knowledge and legal advice to several and he will be forever renowned for his impact in intense constitutional events and his accomplishments in his field.


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Gustavo Martinez Notes Why Independent Consultants Can Be The Way Forward For Marketing

Gustavo Martinez holds over 35 years of experience in the advertising world, during which time he has worked with some of the most recognized names in the niche. Some of the most prominent of these have been the McCann World Group, Mather, and Ogilvy, each of which he served as president of. Perhaps the most notable of the firms that the marketing professional has worked with, however, has been J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, with which he served as CEO for several years.


While the marketing professional has achieved a significant amount of success with each of these companies and been involved in a variety of well-known advertising campaigns, he’s recently turned his hand to entrepreneurship. In doing so, he has started serving as a marketing consultant for a large number of companies across the country, with this giving him a significant amount of freedom.


As a result, Gustavo Martinez has been able to flex his creative muscles much more than he may have before. This is something that he notes should be a priority for the majority of marketing professionals, as the industry is first and foremost a creative sector. As a result, he has routinely noted that the niche requires a significant amount of creativity and flexibility.


These traits, according to the entrepreneur, are what separates the marketing world apart from many other typical 9 to 5 jobs. Throughout his career, he has described the industry as needing a form of applied artistry, which can be vital for the majority of professionals to succeed in the niche. While he notes that there’s a definite and tangible goal to work toward, he also suggests that there’s no set formula to get there.


As a result, Gustavo Martinez has highlighted that a certain amount of freedom is needed for marketing professionals to do their job effectively. This is something that he notes working as a marketing consultant rather than an in-house professional affords him. For the past several years, he’s claimed that being boxed into a typical nine-to-five office job can often be detrimental to an advertising professional’s success.


This has predominantly been because he believes that being an employee can often mean that a marketing professional can be restricted in a variety of ways. However, acting as an outside consultant can overcome much of this, which is why he notes that the consultancy model has been a vital aspect of the industry for over a century.


Throughout this time, Gustavo Martinez has said that the more creative and free a professional is, then the more valuable they can be to an advertising agency. Alongside this, the entrepreneur has claimed that marketing geniuses may often struggle to adapt to the modern workplace, which can have a variety of negative implications on their work.


To overcome this, however, the entrepreneur suggests that giving a marketing professional the room they need to grow and feel free can be an essential part of the advertising process. By doing so, Gustavo Martinez suggests that the independent consultancy model can be the most effective way of fostering high-quality results.


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Wes Edens And The Business Of Sports

While basketball may not be the most popular sport in the United States, it is showing that it a strong competitor for football as it is growing in popularity throughout the world. As co-owner of NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens predicts that the league is going to see some big things shortly and even more growth from when the team was first purchased back in 2014. With the combination of the efforts that Wes Edens and others have been made to improve the team alongside the growing popularity of the sport in general, the team has almost tripled in value to $1.4 billion. With an average value of $1.9 billion per NBA team, the sport holds a close second to NFL teams which are valued on average at $2.6 billion.

While Wes Edens may not have an exact timetable as to when it will happen, he believes that the NBA is going to surpass the NFL when it comes to the amount of revenue generated from the sports. The entrepreneur and co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group sees a lot of opportunities within the NBA that he believes will lead to even more growth in the league on a global level. He states that his own team goes around the world and he predicts that basketball will be alongside soccer when it comes to the most popular sports internationally. He also owns a soccer team based in England and states that this was not done on accident.

Wes Edens is known for making investments that are interesting and innovative and his presence in professional sports are some of them. He has decades of his business experience that includes Lehman Brothers and BlackRock before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. As of 2018, he became one of the co-owners of the Aston Villa Football Club and he also became the co-CEO of the FIG subsidiary company known as New Fortress Energy in 2014, the same year that he purchased the Milwaukee Bucks. The billionaire has always had a love of sports and has made them an important part of his professional career.

Marc Beer

Marc Beer’s Entrepreneurial Prowess In a Nut Shell

For more than 25 years, Marc Beer has founded and co-founded numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies that have all become successful. He’s recognized throughout the industry for his innate ability to develop some of the most unique, workable solutions for immediate and pressing issues.

Beer graduated from Miami University in 1987 and took his B.S. in Business straight into the pharmaceutical sales and marketing industry. His first major role at a company was as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. Genzyme was the first company to benefit from Beer’s exceptional gift for promotion.

He was responsible for pushing Genzyme’s latest product line toward the more than 350 million medically underserved patients all over the world. The product line included treatments for over 7,000 rare diseases, usually overlooked by big-name pharmaceutical companies because rare diseases aren’t profitable.

After experience the gratitude from those millions of people, Beer decided he wanted to do more. Though helping other companies was also helping millions; he figured he could help more on his own terms. This was when he discovered his knack for addressing the most pressing problems in the pharmaceutical industry. Shortly after his decision to expand his horizons, he opened his first company.

In 2000, his first company, called ViaCell, put him on top of the world. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells and used them for the development of several treatments that helped millions of people suffering from specific, rare conditions.

By 2007, Beer sold ViaCell to PerkinElmer. His first entrepreneurial sale landed him $300 million and was the first notch on his belt. As he aimed for higher goals in the future, tragedy brought him crashing back down to Earth. Later that year, Beer’s wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism.

Distraught over the loss of his wife, Beer stepped away from entrepreneurship and focused solely on his raising his three kids. He stayed away from the business for two years before his eldest daughter convinced him that he needed to go back to work. Inspired by his daughter’s wish, Beer began looking for opportunity. Learn more:

As if by fate, Dr. Ray Iglesias, a 35-year gynecologist, called Beer and asked for his help developing a new product. Dr. Iglesias had spent much of his career performing what he considered avoidable pelvic floor surgeries. He spent nearly ten years developing a concept, which he brought to Beer in 2016. Later that year, along with Yolanda Lorie, the trio co-founded Renovia.

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Gustavo Martinez Knows That Marketing Is Art And Needs To Be Unique

Gustavo Martinez has worked for some of the biggest marketing firms in the world and has a lot of experience in the marketing world because of all of the years he spent in it. He has created some of the most iconic advertising campaigns out there and has transformed pop culture through the work he has done. He is an advertising consultant and does great entrepreneurial work. He enjoys working with his clients on a personal level and using his creativity to do what is best for them.

Gustavo Martinez knows that art plays a big part in marketing and advertising and that the creativity that goes into the industry sets it apart from most other industries. He thinks that everyone who wants to get into it needs to know that it is not like other jobs they will hold where they need to show up on time and do the same thing over and over again but that they must be creative. Marketing has to be done uniquely by everyone who takes it on and he is happy with how unique he is from everyone else.

Gustavo Martinez helps many businesses as they are getting a start and he does that by improving their marketing. He believes that the advertising that is done for them is just as important as the product that they are putting out there and he tries to make it the best that it can be for each company. He uses data and other modern methods to help them so that every new startup will have a good chance of succeeding.

Gustavo Martinez explains that the way he has found success in advertising is by taking a look at the advertisements people have liked in the past and using them as inspiration as well as trying to be as unique as possible with his ads. He says that many of his ideas are developed through the teams that he works with and that he has to give them credit for their help. He is excited about how the internet is changing things for marketing and how technology is becoming so smart. The tips that he has to give to those who want to make it as an entrepreneur have to do with listening to and caring for others. He also says that it is important to donate to charity and to do it for the right reasons.


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