Marc Beer

Marc Beer’s Entrepreneurial Prowess In a Nut Shell

For more than 25 years, Marc Beer has founded and co-founded numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies that have all become successful. He’s recognized throughout the industry for his innate ability to develop some of the most unique, workable solutions for immediate and pressing issues.

Beer graduated from Miami University in 1987 and took his B.S. in Business straight into the pharmaceutical sales and marketing industry. His first major role at a company was as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. Genzyme was the first company to benefit from Beer’s exceptional gift for promotion.

He was responsible for pushing Genzyme’s latest product line toward the more than 350 million medically underserved patients all over the world. The product line included treatments for over 7,000 rare diseases, usually overlooked by big-name pharmaceutical companies because rare diseases aren’t profitable.

After experience the gratitude from those millions of people, Beer decided he wanted to do more. Though helping other companies was also helping millions; he figured he could help more on his own terms. This was when he discovered his knack for addressing the most pressing problems in the pharmaceutical industry. Shortly after his decision to expand his horizons, he opened his first company.

In 2000, his first company, called ViaCell, put him on top of the world. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells and used them for the development of several treatments that helped millions of people suffering from specific, rare conditions.

By 2007, Beer sold ViaCell to PerkinElmer. His first entrepreneurial sale landed him $300 million and was the first notch on his belt. As he aimed for higher goals in the future, tragedy brought him crashing back down to Earth. Later that year, Beer’s wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism.

Distraught over the loss of his wife, Beer stepped away from entrepreneurship and focused solely on his raising his three kids. He stayed away from the business for two years before his eldest daughter convinced him that he needed to go back to work. Inspired by his daughter’s wish, Beer began looking for opportunity. Learn more:

As if by fate, Dr. Ray Iglesias, a 35-year gynecologist, called Beer and asked for his help developing a new product. Dr. Iglesias had spent much of his career performing what he considered avoidable pelvic floor surgeries. He spent nearly ten years developing a concept, which he brought to Beer in 2016. Later that year, along with Yolanda Lorie, the trio co-founded Renovia.

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Gustavo Martinez Knows That Marketing Is Art And Needs To Be Unique

Gustavo Martinez has worked for some of the biggest marketing firms in the world and has a lot of experience in the marketing world because of all of the years he spent in it. He has created some of the most iconic advertising campaigns out there and has transformed pop culture through the work he has done. He is an advertising consultant and does great entrepreneurial work. He enjoys working with his clients on a personal level and using his creativity to do what is best for them.

Gustavo Martinez knows that art plays a big part in marketing and advertising and that the creativity that goes into the industry sets it apart from most other industries. He thinks that everyone who wants to get into it needs to know that it is not like other jobs they will hold where they need to show up on time and do the same thing over and over again but that they must be creative. Marketing has to be done uniquely by everyone who takes it on and he is happy with how unique he is from everyone else.

Gustavo Martinez helps many businesses as they are getting a start and he does that by improving their marketing. He believes that the advertising that is done for them is just as important as the product that they are putting out there and he tries to make it the best that it can be for each company. He uses data and other modern methods to help them so that every new startup will have a good chance of succeeding.

Gustavo Martinez explains that the way he has found success in advertising is by taking a look at the advertisements people have liked in the past and using them as inspiration as well as trying to be as unique as possible with his ads. He says that many of his ideas are developed through the teams that he works with and that he has to give them credit for their help. He is excited about how the internet is changing things for marketing and how technology is becoming so smart. The tips that he has to give to those who want to make it as an entrepreneur have to do with listening to and caring for others. He also says that it is important to donate to charity and to do it for the right reasons.


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Gino Pozzo Uses His Magic To Turn Around Three European Football Clubs

Gino Pozzo is a passionate fan of football. Along with his parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, he has owned three European clubs located in Spain, England, and Italy. The latest club he bought is the Watford Football Club.

He grew up in Udine, Italy. His mother is a relative of some of the Udinese Calcio Football Club’s former presidents. He traveled to the United States to earn his college education. This included attending Harvard University to earn a master’s degree. While in the United States he married a Catalan. It was for this reason that he moved to Spain and lived in Barcelona for 20 years. After buying Watford F.C., he moved to London along with his wife and three kids.

The Pozzo family bought its first football club in 1986. This was the Udinese club which was bought with the money earned from the family’s tool-making company. Gino Pozzo has a well-earned reputation as a forward-looking owner of football clubs.

Gino Pozzo got involved with the Udinese club in 1993. He is credited with turning the club around and helping to rise from Series B to the top football league in Italy, the Champions League. While living in Spain, he was instrumental in his family buying Granada F.C. When they bought this club it was €12 million in debt and playing in Spain’s Third Division. For the first time in 35 years, it was playing in the Primera Liga just two years later.

He bought Watford F.C. in 2012 when the club was deep in debt and playing in the Fourth Division. Gino Pozzo used his scouting-driven model to make this into a team that is now playing in the best sports league in the world, England’s Premier League.

Dick DeVos and Business Matters

Dick DeVos is a man who doesn’t ever make excuses for himself or for his actions. Fortunately, he doesn’t ever have to even think about coming up with them. He’s always been an individual who has done the right thing. He’s always been someone who has set a positive example for all of the people who are around him. He wisely married a woman who is a lot like him in that way. Betsy DeVos is a fantastic role model for people all around the United States. There are countless individuals who look up to her and all of the work she does as the Secretary of Education for the massive nation. Who chose to recruit this lady for this job? That person is President Donald J. Trump.


Dick DeVos has been Betsy’s husband for many enriching decades now. They’ve seen and done so many things as a married couple. They’ve raised children who are now content and productive. They’ve even been in charge of the creation of a huge non-profit organization by the name of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a group that they took the time to create in 1989. It’s been ticking for many years. It has achieved so much for all sorts of relevant All-American causes. It’s achieved a lot for households and families scattered all throughout the country. How exactly does Dick aid the organization? He makes all sorts of big decisions on its behalf. He consults his wife during the process. They also give the group donations that make huge differences.


Lobbying isn’t something that’s a remote concept to DeVos. It’s something that he has done many times throughout his lifetime so far. He was particularly keen on lobbying back in the beginning of the nineties in Grand Rapids in Michigan. He was overwhelmed to hear about the prospect of an ambitious arena construction project in the city. The project was all set to take place near its energetic downtown area. That news knocked the wind out of DeVos’ sails. That’s because it made him think about detrimental things that took place in Detroit in the seventies. The huge metropolis was the victim of all sorts of construction projects that wreaked havoc onto it and its residents. DeVos felt protective of Grand Rapids and because of that wanted to defend it from possibilities that were similar in any manner. He lobbied intensely against the construction project and the rest is history.


DeVos had a long run as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the widely known Amway Corporation in the United States. Working as the head of the big corporation was something that was fulfilling to this man. He stopped working as its head after the start of the 2000s. He remains busy in the business scene nowadays, though. He consistently accomplishes a lot for a firm that’s called the Windquest Group. DeVos knows how to manage business responsibilities of all kinds. He has a commitment to business success.


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Marc Beer Discusses His Entrepreneurship

It’s not often that people in the business industry become the owners of two different businesses
throughout their career but Marc Beer is one of the few people who has accomplished this
impressive feat. Many people, however, are still unsure of how he managed to become so
successful in such a short period of time so he recently down for an interview to talk about it. It all
started back in the early ’80s when he was a student at Miami University. While excelling in his
classes, he gradually came to the realization that he wanted to major in business and resolved to
do exactly that. After receiving his BS in business degree in the spring of 1987, he took the first
job offer he could get as a member of the sales team at a business commonly referred to as
He served in this particular role for over half a year before becoming a member of their marketing
team over at Biostar Inc. As one of their corporate officers, he worked there for two years until he
received an offer too good to refuse. Next thing he knew, he was the new vice president of global
marketing for a business known as Genzyme. He would continue working there for almost half a
decade until finally realizing he was ready to become the owner of his own business. As such,
Viacell was born in May of 2000 with him as their founder and CEO. The company is committed to
finding as many cures as they can using the genetic makeup of blood stem cells.
They have managed to acquire these cells from the umbilical cords of women who have recently
given birth. Whether or not this method was ever proven to be effective is still up in the air but it
wasn’t long before he decided to sell the company in 2007. After this, he was fully prepared to
proceed to his next business venture but, prior to that, tragedy struck home as his wife passed
away from a pulmonary embolism. As a result, he ended up having to take time off from his career to
take care of the kids. But after about two years, they convinced him to go back to the business
industry and resume his philanthropic endeavors. In August of 2016, he became the co-founder,
chairman, and CEO of Renovia, a company headquartered in the Boston area.

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They are dedicated to developing medical equipment and making it available to all the patients who
need it. They have already done particularly well for themselves with a $42 million grant to fund
their R;D department and a stamp of approval from the FDA on their first product.

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Executive and Entrepreneur Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur who is the founder of two successful companies in the biotechnology industry. As well as being the founder of two successful companies, he has also been a high ranking executive for a number of years as well. Throughout his career, Marc has been able to accomplish a number of his goals. He has been able to thrive as a marketing executive as well as an independent business owner. With his sound leadership skills, experience and expertise, Marc Beer has been able to establish himself as one of the most recognized figures in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. 


Before Marc Beer began working as an executive, he went to college in order to study business. While he was a college student, Marc studied a variety of business subjects in order to provide himself with the fundamental knowledge necessary for his career. After four years of attending Miami University, Marc graduated and then looked to pursue his career. 


Once Marc Beer graduated from college, he went on to begin working in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked at a couple of companies as an entry level employee. Over the course of several years, Beer would then get promoted to higher ranking positions. His work experience culminated when he was appointed as the vice president of marketing for a company in the pharmaceutical industry. Marc promoted and sold the company’s products to customers all over the world. With his success as a marketing executive, Marc looked to move on and become an entrepreneur. 


Beer started up two companies after working in the pharmaceutical industry. His first company was one that specialized in formulating medical treatments. The company was called ViaCell which would gather stem cells from umbilical cords and then use them to develop treatments. ViaCell was a very prosperous company for several years. In 2007, Marc decided to sell the company and start his next venture. After receiving $300 million from ViaCell, Marc then founded Renovia which would become a well known company in the healthcare industry. Renovia emerged as a company that specialized in developing non surgical treatments for pelvic floor disorders. While this company is in the beginning stages of its existence, Renovia is on its way to becoming another successful company for Marc. Learn more:


Over the past twenty years, Marc Beer has been quite successful due to possessing certain personal characteristics. One of the most notable characteristics of Marc has been his leadership abilities. He has always demonstrated an ability to lead others and devise strategies to achieve goals. As well as having sound leadership skills, Beer has also been able to surround himself with a team of talented professionals. With a group of dedicated professionals, Marc has been able to succeed at a high level as both an executive and as an entrepreneur.

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The Rise of Steve Ritchie- The CEO of Papa John’s International

Steve Ritchie is a prominent businessperson and the current chief executive officer of Papa John’s International. Mr. Ritchie is a graduate from Seneca high school, where he collected several competitive accolades. Today, the CEO resides in Kentucky. Steve began his career path as a staff worker at Papa John’s, where he was paid on an hourly basis.

His determination, commitment, and the urge to learn new trends in the marketing arena have helped clinch to the top seat at Papa John’s. Ritchie is well polished and has extensive knowledge in business administration and leadership. Today, he governs and presides all the operations at Papa John’s while closely observing the employees welfare.

Steve M. Ritchie Journey to Success

After completing his studies, Ritchie dwelled on self-employment where he established a local pizzeria at Louisville. He was always present at the pizzeria despite having employed staff workers who handled the daily operations of the business swiftly. The CEO dedicated most of his work to his local market. Perhaps, this is where he learned to practice the business code of ethics and to observe best practices at the workplace.

It is through his pizzeria that Ritchie gained extensive experience and know-how on how the pizza business is conducted. He hit the limelight of his career after his hard work and determination were recognized and incorporated in the list of Forty under Forty.

Why Ritchie was the best man for the CEO position

Mr. Ritchie has been delivering his accrued services at Papa John’s International Company for more than 22 years. He started rendering his services as an hourly worker, then got promoted to act as the chief operating officer. Papa John’s Incorporation operates several restaurants in the United States and other international walk-in restaurants.

Ritchie understands the importance of observing culture and traditions to satisfy the shopper’s needs and specifications. It’s in this line that he has devoted resources to train workers and to bring in outside experts. CEO Steve aims at improving the value addition practices, changing the underlying culture of the restaurant, and product innovation.

In his line of career, Steve Ritchie has been working on creating a good relationship with his customers. The CEO has been working on building and rebuilding trust with both the employees and potential customers. With Steve, the future of Papa John’s is indeed luminous considering he’s opting to expand outside markets and ventures.

Bottom Line

Ritchie aims at serving as the chair of the Fortune 500 companies and owns more than 100 units in three years. The quality of pizzas produced by Papa Johns is on another level. The CEO of the company is expected to lead a fantastic brand awareness and global development. Soon, customers will be in a position to order pizza instantly through Facebook, courtesy of Steve Ritchie. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Matt Fleeger

Matt Fleeger is a man who is renowned for his business savvy. He is regarded as an expert for his accomplishments in multiple industries including waste management and tanning as well as oil and gas. Matt Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University’s the Cox School of Business and received a degree in Business Administration. His knowledge of finance and marketing enabled him to be extremely competent in executive roles in the industries of oil and gas. His strengths include team building, strategic planning, contract negotiation as well as his entrepreneurial drive. Matt Fleeger is now the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC.

Founded in 1970, Gulf Coast Western is a family owned business based out of Dallas, Texas. Locations can be found in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma. The company expanded tremendously in Southwestern Louisiana through partnerships with both Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Northcote Energy Ltd. Through the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration partnership, Gulf Coast Western now operates over a thousand miles of land and produces more than 800 barrels of oil daily. The company also has property rights to 3D seismic data with the acquisition of hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana. The Northcote partnership includes a 50 percent working interest in some salt water disposal, also known as SWD, assets. Although primarily focused on areas in the Gulf Coast currently known for being prolific in oil and gas Gulf Coast Western has begun to explore other regions of the US for future expansion.

Their focus is finding, creating and maintaining oil and gas reserves primarily in the gulf coast region. They mainly look for sound structures with adequate geological advantages. Prior to becoming the CEO of Gulf Coast Western Matt Fleeger founded MedSolutions, which deals with the proper disposal of medical waste. He remained as the President and CEO for 13 years before selling to Stericycle. He’s reached success in the tanning industry founding both Palm Beach and Mystic Tan tanning franchises. Two of the largest tanning franchises in the world

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Smita Shah, a Life of Hard Work

In a radio interview, Smita Shah spoke about her experience starting and fostering her own tech company. In a man’s world, this daughter of immigrants started a company just out of university and turned out to be a great success. She tells Steve Cochran that she probably would not have done it all over again. Perhaps it was the tenacity of youth that was more useful than the wisdom of experience. An older Smita Shah would have been wrong not to take the risk. The young girl, who was a self-described nerd, eventually went on to study at MIT. Now, she helps encourage young minds with her work in philanthropy. Smita Shah interned in the White House but later as an entrepreneur and business owner, she would work on future president Barack Obama’s Chicago Senate office. Once mistaken for a secretary or a marketing girl by her employers, Smita Shah now helps mentor young talent including people like her, women and minority engineers who have traditionally been underrepresented in the industry. Learn more:


Of course, it was difficult for her. Maybe that is why she wouldn’t do it all over again. As a very young business owner, the margin of error accepted by clients was not large. She felt that she had to prove herself to every client. This helped encourage her to hold herself to a high standard. Clients and partners have mentioned her precision and work ethic. This approach led her company, SPAAN Tech, to be recognized as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine. Some high profile projects that she has been involved in include LaGuardia Airport’s expansion and she often works with governments at different levels to make roads and bridges. One exciting and innovative line of projects for SPAAN Tech is making the next generation’s green and sustainable housing with solar panels and new eco-friendly designs.


Smita Shah is not just an inspiration for being a business owner or having such a successful company in her thirties. She is also giving back. Besides mentoring fellow engineers through her work and supporting things like museums and libraries, she is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Smita Shah is an inspiration for women and girls that aspire to be engineers, for immigrants that want to make a better life in America, and for small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to be the next innovator.

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Dick DeVos and American Aviation

Being in the presence of Dick DeVos isn’t ever dull for anyone. It’s truthfully pretty exciting. People cannot easily guess what DeVos is going to do next. They often cannot easily guess what his wife is going to do, either. Betsy DeVos isn’t predictable at all. Dick DeVos is someone who instills people with senses of awe. He’s been that kind of human being since day one. He worked in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the nineties. He was far from lazy at that time. He constantly paid attention to all of the things that were going on in his surroundings. He constantly paid attention to talk that took place in the city, too. People in Grand Rapids occasionally talked about construction efforts and preparations. He once heard about a possible arena by downtown Grand Rapids. This concept made him feel vulnerable. He realized that it may end up in disastrous consequences, too. People who resided in Detroit, Michigan in the seventies saw with their own eyes just how detrimental arena construction could be. Young Dick saw that as well. It changed him permanently.


Business may be something that’s daunting to many people. It’s not at all daunting to DeVos, though. He has a solid business background under his belt. He was reared by professionals who achieved a lot in the business sector. He even was employed through the Amway Corporation in the nineties and start of the 2000s. He functioned as Amway’s indefatigable Chief Executive Officer. Working as a CEO was a job that was inexplicably satisfying to him. He has a penchant for managing business topics of all varieties.


DeVos left the Amway Corporation and all of its team members after some time. He never exited the business community in full, though. Helping the Windquest Group has been a major component of his career for numerous years at this point. He’s not going to turn away from the Windquest Group any time in the near future, either.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a topic that makes Dick DeVos’ eyes light up. It makes his wife’s bright eyes light up, too. It’s a renowned Midwestern charter school that’s at Grand Rapid’s vibrant airport. It caters to young persons in the state who are eager to go after all of their aviation wishes. It caters to young persons in the state who are fascinated by all things that relate to planes and how they operate. It’s not shocking that Dick DeVos is the person who created the charter school. DeVos has been crazy about the aviation realm for a long span of time. Aviation has long been a source of endless fascination to this hard-working gentleman in the United States.


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