NexBank Bags Three Awards Based on Excellent Performance

NexBank Capital is a financial services firm based in Dallas. The firm recently announced that it had topped three main categories following its excellent performance on equity, efficiency, as well as asset quality in the Global Market of S&P. This is according to an annual ranking of the best banking service providers and performers in the industry. NexBank Capital took the first position in the nation. The award was based on its yearly return on tangible common equity. It took the second position based on its efficiency ratio. NexBank handles more than $8 billion in assets. The company provides commercial banking, mortgage banking, in addition to institutional services to financial institutions, large corporations, and real-estate investors.

Background Information

Besides, the financial services company serves its clients through three major businesses namely Commercial Banking, Institutional Services, in addition to Mortgage Banking. NexBank offers tailored financial as well as banking services to its clients. Via industry leadership coupled with a commitment to clients, the company strives to deliver unmatched value at any chance. The firm offers envied access to viable and custom solutions administered by experienced professionals. NexBank Capital has an executive management team that combines significant industry expertise and a focus on serving customers.


The organization’s mission is to become a leading financial services provider to corporate and institutional customers. Institutions and corporations have turned to NexBank to seek financial assistance. The company offers such parties customized lending coupled with highly personalized services. The professionals work closely with its clients to grasp their requirements as well as structure financing that is designed to their long-term financial needs.


NexBank offers a substantial capital base for its clients. The skilled team of professionals also provides flexible financing options to enable clients to respond to opportunities. The management supports its client’s success by strengthening its financial capability. Moreover, NexBank takes a keen interest in its client’s financial growth. Whether a client is seeking financing to cater to seasonal needs or cement their presence in new markets, the commercial service provider offers a viable lending capacity coupled with financing options. NexBank understands that clients have different needs. Therefore, it caters to their requirements.  For more info you can checkout


How Southridge Capital Dominates Financial Market

Stephen Hicks has over 30 years of experience in the financial and investment sector. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from King’s College located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Later he joined Fordham University also situated in New York to do his Master’s in Business Administration. Hicks education background was a stepping stone as it equipped him with the knowledge of how the financial market operates. Before founding Southridge Capital in 1996, Mr. Hicks used to work for a small hedge fund in New York. The owner of the hedge fund decided to relocate to Australia, and he took and year to wind down his operation. During this time Hicks was given an opportunity to start his own company while still working for the hedge fund.


Hicks was responsible for implementing strategies that saw Southridge Capital through the initial stage of development. Together with his executive team, they have been able to dominate a fair share of the market which they operate. Southridge has invested mostly in public companies by providing security brokerage and investment banking services. Over the years Southridge capital has expanded its operations all over the world, and it has invested over $ 1.8 Billion. However, it has not been a smooth sail for them. In a recent interview, Mr. Hicks revealed that they invested largely in Petals company and failed regardless of their best effort. They had to stay liquid enough to see through that phase since it had drained the company financial reserves. Hicks also said that he is optimistic about the future and advise individuals to invest in cryptocurrency and pot. For more info you can checkout


Steve Hicks as an entrepreneur gave an insight into how he goes about his daily routine, and the most crucial element is remaining focused. By reviewing their portfolio and creating a to-do list for himself and also for his staff enables him to stay productive. Southridge capital has been in operation for over two decades, and having a competitive advantage has gone a long way in ensuring that. Diversification is also a strength that the company has in its arsenal since it provides different services to its clients like Balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisition strategies, bankruptcy and legal settlement advice and financial analysis.





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Wes Edens Asset Manager

Wes Edens is one of the leading asset managers in the United States. As one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group, he has a ton of experience in the financial planning industry. Wes Edens enjoys helping clients with various projects. Unlike many asset managers, he typically recommends a portfolio allocation that comprises more than just stocks and bonds. Over the past few years, the investment returns from Fortress Investment Group have exceeded the overall market.

Starting in his Career

Wes Edens started his career working for a prominent financial planning firm. He learned various aspects of managing customers. Although he made some mistakes, he was always willing to help clients reach their financial goals. Unlike many asset managers, he was willing to take significant risks to benefit clients. Anyone who wants to improve their rate of return should consider working with Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens decided to leave the financial planning industry to start his own company. He never dreamed that he would operate one of the largest alternative investment management companies in the world.


Having success with financial planning is easier than many people think. One of the most critical aspects of success is merely sticking to a plan. Wes Edens encourages clients to take some risks to increase their rate of return. Some people are too conservative with their finances. Young people who start investing have an excellent opportunity to build wealth. Some young people think it is too challenging to start investing when they begin working. Wes Edens works with young people each week and highly encourages them to begin investing as soon as they have a sustainable income.

Although Wes has had a lot of success during his life, he has numerous plans for the upcoming years. He is a prominent investor and a trustworthy business owner. Anyone who wants to have financial success should learn from him.

Cassio Audi has It-He Always Has


Cassio Audi is a name that is known well in the business and finance world, but he is also someone that many have heard of when it comes to music. Cassio Audi was, in fact, a Rockstar. As a part of band called Viper, he lent his talent as a drummer to the Brazilian band.

Not surprisingly, Cassio actually had talent as a musician and his band was recognized as one that had a lot of potential, even though their first record did receive some criticisms. They were popular enough back in the 80’s and toured around the world playing and had a good following of Viper fans.

Many who remember Cassio Audi from the 80’s recognized him as a talented drummer and many even think that he would have gone on to be a big star in the music industry. When one looks at Cassio Audi, they may find it hard to believe that he was a part of a heavy metal band in the 1980’s, but just as he is talented in the finance industry, he was also talented in the music industry.

Cassio Audi Group

What’s interesting about Cassio Audi’s former band Viper is that even though they were from Brazil, they did a good job at singing in English and gained an international following. Part of Cassio’s success today as a businessman may even be partially contributed to his success as a musician, both for his creative way of thinking outside of the box and the fact that he is quite well-known already.


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