Madison Street Capital Closes Deal on Minority Capitalisation on behalf of ARES

The Madison Street Capital happens to be one of the oldest investment banking and advisory firms in the country. The company started out when it was a small firm with few clients, but over the years, they have been growing exponentially and currently, they are among the most respected investment firms in the nation. One of the recent deals that they have struck for their clients is the minority capitalization deal that was struck between ARES and Corbel. Madison’s CEO spoke about the deal and stated that it had been overseen by the team which normally manages Madison’s transactions.


Reginald McGaugh stated that he was very excited that he was part of the team that had made this transaction a reality. He was working together with Ben Eazetta, the president at ARES on this deal. The one thing that he mentioned had impressed him the most about this deal was the fact that all the necessary rules and regulations had been followed before the deal was closed.


On their part, the team that manages ARES was also very excited about the deal. They were grateful about the entire process that had been followed by Madison Street Capital when handling the deal. They expressed confidence and optimism that the business that had invested in them was their ideal partner. The management stated that the merger they had made with Corbel was a new and very exciting chapter in their existence because it would help them expand their equity value greatly. The company that had acquired them, Corbel has a lot of business contacts and partners who would be a great business opportunity for Madison Street Capital. These are the contacts that the company knew would assist them in expanding their business agenda and meeting their goals.


ARES is a company that has been offering protection to sensitive assets from around the world. They have specialized in fields such as nuclear energy, transport business and other fields that are connected to that. The current asset base of the company is about a hundred million dollars.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison is a financial and investment banking company. They have clients in all fields and from all parts of the world. The company has managed to expand their businesses and now has a presence in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Madison Street Capital reputation has rely improved and the company is headed for even better things, based on the deals they have been making of late.


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