How Prevagen and Physical Activity Can Keep the Brain Healthy

Physical exercise and good nutrition can help men and women live longer and remain in good health well into their senior years. In terms of cognitive health, the dietary supplement Prevagen has shown promise in preventing something else that is often associated with aging – memory loss.

Prevagen Fights Cognitive Decline

Containing an ingredient found in jellyfish, Prevagen can improve the functioning of the brain and, in the process, help its users think clearly. In a computer-based study that also employed a placebo, Prevagen improved the cognitive process in its users over a period of 90 days.

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In clinical testing, a group of older adults who suffered from mild cognitive difficulties showed improvements in their mental processes after taking only one Prevegan capsule every day for a period of three months.

The Importance of Physical Activity

Prevagen can help fight cognitive deterioration related to aging, but so can some other activities, most notably exercise.

The hippocampus, which is the center of the brain that is related to both learning and memory, is known to respond well to aerobic exercise. A German research team further established a connection between walking or cycling and the ability of participants to learn a new language.

Cognitive-enhancing exercise may involve only 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walking or, for the more daring, dancing one hour a week for six months.

Relief from Stress

Socializing with others is also good for the brain, especially if it is included with some physical activity. On the opposite side of the issue, stress can affect a person physically and psychologically, with the effect of narrowing one’s attention span.

One way to battle stress is by practicing yoga, which provides control over both breathing and movement.

A study conducted in 2010 showed how yoga and meditation actually shrank the part of the brain that is believed to have a role in the processing of anxiety and stress.

Other Ways to Boost the Brain

Research has established a link between certain activities and the preservation of cognitive functioning.

Specific brain-training methods that took place over a period of five to six weeks resulted in improvements in memory, reasoning ability and the processing of information that the participants retained for no less than five years.

Here are 10 simple activities that can be useful in keeping the brain healthy:

  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Learn another language
  • Play cards or video games
  • Work on a crossword puzzle
  • Take an adult education class
  • Take up gardening
  • Prepare a dinner that involves chopping or mixing
  • Exercise while watching television
  • Take a walk after dinner
  • Walk the dog

The Need for Dietary Supplements

Exercise and brain games may not be enough. A nutritional supplement such as Prevagen can serve as an extra boost to help improve and sustain good cognitive health.

Prevagen is produced by Quincy Bioscience, a Wisconsin-based company that is dedicated to improving human health. The product is available at more than 50,000 stores throughout the United States.

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How American Addiction Centers is Educating Parents on Drug Use

American Addiction Centers has been talking to parents for quite some time regarding drug use, and the prevalence on college campuses. Many students returned to their respective colleges in August or later. The big discussion is about drug use and the prevalence of it on college campuses around the country.

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College students are among those who have the highest drug and alcohol abuse in the country. There are now 1 in 3 students who admit to having abused alcohol or drugs at some point in their lives. College students are abusing drugs at a high rate, and it seems that there is no way to end it. It is currently overtaking the college population.

Although this issue is now out in the open, the biggest problem is the number of students abusing Adderall. This and other medications like it are amphetamines, and they are dangerous for the body. The number for college students that have been drinking is also dangerous, coming in at nearly 62%.

Missy Pollack, the director of the Recovery First Treatment Center says that she was introduced to amphetamines her first week of finals in college. Missy was in the library studying for finals when she was approached with the drug. It’s sad to think that a college library could be such an easy target for students to be approached with amphetamines.

One of the most disappointing things for Missy, is that when she was offered drugs, it wasn’t offered in a discreet fashion and no one seemed to care. Once she accepted, she repeated the cycle, only to discover that she couldn’t stop. Although she couldn’t really couldn’t seem to stop what was happening, this vicious cycle was out of control.

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It wasn’t until a much later time that she wished someone had taken the time to get involved with her and get her help. There are several signs that friends and loved ones can keep their eyes open for including:

  • Drastic change in appearance
  • Severe mood swings
  • Sleep problems or sleeping too much
  • Problems telling the truth
  • Paranoia that can’t be explained

One of the reasons she wished that her addiction had been noticed sooner, is because she felt it would have saved her a ton of heartache.

American Addiction Centers is a place to get help, and it’s a place that is safe for those who want to get free of addiction. The American Addiction Centers are now one of the top choices for those who need inpatient our outpatient services. The goal is to provide effective clinical care, as well as viable treatment solutions.

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A Great Brain Reset For The Fall

Every year as the end of summer approaches, we have to get our body and brain ready for the demands of the fall. All of this is why, after those hot and lazy days of summer, it’s a good idea to make some changes in order to get yourself up and running and ready for new challenges.

Here’s a few tips that can help you get your brain sharp as the end of the those lovely, lazy days of summer come to an end.

  1. Change Up Your Sleeping and Waking Schedule.

Those hot summer days can tempt us to “go with the flow,” and stay up a bit later than usual and then sleep in.

All of this is fun during those relaxing summer days, but as summer comes to an end, it’s wise to slowly adjust over to an early to bed and and early to rise schedule.

The easiest way to make this change is to go to bed a little earlier every night for a week, to build up to the new schedule slowly. Getting back on track for fall will make you feel more refreshed and energized as the fall arrives.

  1. Get On a Shape Up Plan.

Those lazy summer days can make us a bit slower physically, which is why the best way to get into a healthy re-set is to get more active. Read more: Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens and Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS

A morning workout routine, whether it’s a brisk walk or a challenging gym class, can make you more physically and mentally fit, fast.

  1. Get Scheduled.

Making a schedule of appointments, meetings and classes during the week is a great way to keep your mind feeling fresh and challenged.

Knowing you have plenty of events to look forward to during the week keeps your brain sharp and your memory in top condition.

  1. Take a Time Out.

Modern life often gets rushed, which can lead to feelings of stress and mental fatigue. That’s why it’s smart to take time out for yourself to relax even as you prepare yourself for the business of the fall season.

Be good to yourself and take time out from getting things done to just rest and relax once in a while. Your brain will enjoy the time off, and you’ll come back feeling even more sharp and refreshed.

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