Cash vs Stock: HCR Wealth Advisors Offers A Valuable Primer for Holiday Donations

As the holiday season approaches, it is time to consider the benefits of giving back to the community. HCR Wealth Advisors has the wealth management experience that will allow clients to get the most out of their donations. When clients are unaware of the uncertainties that lie ahead, HCR Wealth Advisors helps them make sense of it all.

Let’s take a closer look at the considerations that must be made when deciding between cash and stock donations this holiday season:

Increasing Your Gift Size

Instead of selling stock to raise the necessary capital for a donation, HCR Wealth Advisors recommends consideration of donating the stock directly. This allows the donor to increase the size of their gift because they are not going to incur any sort of tax liability. A tax deduction (of full market value) is provided with the stock donation as well.

Using Cash More Wisely

Donating stock allows the donor to utilize the capital that they have on hand more wisely. Many donors will choose to donate stock from their personal portfolio before depositing the necessary cash to replace it. Those who wish to avoid future tax liability will often decide to purchase the stock at a higher cost basis, so that they can decrease potential tax expenses later.


Removal of Tax Related Liabilities

When stock is donated after it has had a chance to appreciate, this removes the tax related liabilities from the portfolio. Capital gains taxes are onerous and should be avoided if at all possible. These taxes can be imposed on both the state and federal level. Taxation rates can reach as high as 23% if the donor is not careful.

Stock Donations Are Tax Deductible

Donations of stock are tax deductible, as long as the taxpayer has taken the time to itemize their deductions. If appreciated stock is donated, the donor is going to be limited, though. Only 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income can be donated in these instances.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

The Appeal of Privinvest Spreads to New Markets

Privinvest has been one of the world’s top luxury ship builders for a very long time. Ever since the company was founded in 1990, it has charted a whole new level of success for yacht builders. As a result, its founders, Akram and Iskander Safa, have become some of the world’s most respected luxury yacht makers.

Privinvest started small but with a big vision. The focus was to create luxury vessels using state of the art materials. While other companies made do with limited resources, the goal that the Safa clan had in mind was much more expansive. They spared no expense in order to build vessels that were of world class quality.

As a result, Privinvest quickly rose to the top of the ship building industry. The focus was always on making ships that were built to last. As time went on, the Safa brothers were able to diversify their market. They have built ships for use in navies al across the world.

Privinvest has managed to make a name for itself by providing luxury vessels that have won awards in many different categories. The firm has earned many billions of dollars and continues to be a major success. When it comes to lucrative ship building activity, the Safa brothers have practically cornered the market.

Privinvest has managed to stay afloat on top of a rapidly changing industry. Many other luxury ship builders have been forced to close up shop. Meanwhile, Akram and Iskander Safa continue to build more luxury vessels that bring in millions of dollars.

Their commitment to quality has stood them in good stead through the decades. This continuing trend of top level success is sure to see the Privinvest company through many more years. The future for the firm is as bright and lucrative as ever.


It pays to be the first for Fortress Investment Group

It almost always an advantage to be the first mover in a market. The founders of Fortress Investment Group understood this when they started the investment firm a decade ago.

Fortress Investment Group was the first financial firm focusing on alternative investments to go public. Then, in 2017, Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to be purchased. Softbank Group Corporation, a multinational banking corporation headquartered in Tokyo, purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion.

Strong business model

When one looks at the business model and track record of Fortress it is no wonder Softbank saw great potential. The company’s asset-based investment services is well-diversified between a variety of different assets which include real estate, various financial vehicles for longer term cash flow and capital. Another advantage of owning Fortress is the company’s robust tools it has developed for evaluating highly complex investments. Additionally, over the course of two decades, Fortress Investment Group has garnered significant experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. Find out more about of Fortress Investment Group at

Growing investment portfolio

Following the initial public offering, Fortress consistently worked to grow its investment portfolio. Over the course of a decade, the company increased its available investment vehicles, which included the Credit Opportunities Funds, the Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, the Worldwide Transportation and Infrastructure Fund and the Intellectual Property Fund. The firm also added funds focused on international investments as well.

Then, in 2010 the firm purchased American General Financial Services from AIG which rebranded as Springleaf Financial Services. Under the management of Fortress, Springleaf grew to be worth $3.5 billion. This was over 27 times more than its original value.

Industry recognition

After many notable achievements, including the purchase from AIG, Fortress Investment Group began to gain industry-wide recognition. The firm won awards from Institutional Investor magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. HFMWeek, the leading publication in the hedge fund industry, recognized Fortress in 2014 as the Management Firm of the Year.

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Grupo RBS And What They Provide To Brazilians


Grupo RBS is a well-established and large Brazilian company that offers media services. Not only are they well-known in the industry, but they offer many different types of services. In fact, they offer television stations, radio stations, websites, newspapers, and more! Here are some important things to know about the company:


Their TV Channels


There are three broadcast networks at Grupo RBS, and two of them are national. One of them is a local network. The local network serves one city, and its name is TV COM. Their national level networks are RBS TV and OCTO.



Their Radio Stations


The company’s radio networks are doing really well these days, and that’s because they’ve been able to cut back on expenses. The most successful radio channels they own are Gaucha and Zero Hora, and these channels have been able to reduce their combined expenses by five million dollars this year! Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer led the way in this effort.



Their Newspapers


You can read the papers that they offer from the comfort of your home online, and they also offer popular print publications. Some examples of their print publications are Jornal de Santa Catarina, A Notícia, and Pioneiro.



Their Websites


The websites that the company offers have received a substantial amount of traffic recently, and these sites have a substantial history of being popular among Brazilian citizens. They have multiple websites that discuss a wide range of issues, and it’s likely that the company will create more websites in the future.



Grupo RBS Offers Programs That Help Children In Need


There are two main programs that they offer for children in need in Brazil. One of them is designed to give citizens of Brazil encouragement to pay close attention to improving the lives of the nation’s children, and the other one is aimed at making the elementary education of Brazilian citizens better.,145659.jhtml


Academy Of Art University Alumni Contribute Their Skills To Avengers: Endgame

The Academy of Art University is a private educational institution located in San Francisco. It was opened in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who had been the creative director at Sunset Magazine. Many professional artists and designers have graduated from this university in the past 90 years. One of Stephens’ beliefs was that people who want to attend art school shouldn’t need to have an art portfolio in order to do so.

Avengers: Endgame was released to critical and viewer acclaim. On just its first day this movie made $156.7 million. In just 11 days ticket sales exceeded $2 billion. Several Academy of Art University’s alumni helped create the visual effects in this movie which stunned audiences. Among the alumni who helped create the VFX of Endgame were Megan Dolman (Industrial Light & Magic), Scott Brisbane and Vanessa Cook (Weta Digital), Matt Smith and Jan Philip Cramer (Digital Domain), and Heriyanto Tio (Framestore).

The Academy of Art University offers several degree programs. Among their schools are acting, architecture, fashion, fine art, graphic design, photography, advertising, and game development. They currently have 11,071 students with 4,020 of them in postgraduate programs. They accept everyone who applies to become a student as they still don’t want to turn anybody away from an education.

This university has had alumni contribute to many other films besides Avengers: Endgame. Among these movies are Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, The Little Mermaid, Shrek 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Terminator 2, and The Lion King. The types of jobs they train people for include digital artist, animator, compositor, motion editor, and lead matte painter.

Graphic Design USA recently released its ranking of the best graphic design schools in the nation. They named the Academy of Art University among those at the top of this list. Their criteria included how well an educational institution prepared student for life as a professional. The Academy of Art University also earned this designation in both 2017 and 2018. Other organizations have ranked them highly as well such as Communication Arts and Adobe Design.

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