Sergey Petrossov Develops New and Unique Travel Program

SERGEY PETROSSOVAnyone that needs to take a business trip or wants to take a vacation will likely want to travel by air as it is the fastest way to get around. While air travel has been a preferred form of travel, it is still flawed in many ways. Many customers of the air industry will despise the experience due to poor customer service, flight delays for weather and mechanical issues, and overall low efficiency. 

For those that are looking for another alternative to fly, one new company developed by Sergey Petrossov could be the best solution. In recent years, Sergey Petrossov has developed a new air travel program called JetSmarter. With this travel program, someone will be able to rent space on a private or chartered plane, as opposed to having to fly on a commercial jet. While private air travel used to be something that was only available to the very wealthy, Sergey Petrossov has created this concept that will bring it to far more people than ever before.

When someone becomes a member of the company, they will have the ability to reserve a space on an already planned trip or book their own private jet. This will greatly improve the overall comfort and efficiency of air travel. Further, it will allow people that own jets to then lease them out to other people, which could drastically cut the costs that they incur naturally with the operations of a plane


While JetSmarter is bound to be a popular travel option for anyone that would like to avoid commercial air travel, it is also looking like a great target for investors. Due to the growth and potential for the concept, the company has raised a significant amount of capital from some very savvy individual and institutional investors. This capital will help to fuel growth and allow the company to come up with new creative concepts as well. 

Andrey Andreev: A Serially Successful Entrepreneur

Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur based in London, England in the United Kingdom. Andreev is the founder of Badoo and currently, its Chief Executive Officer, a company that he started on November 1, 2006. In addition to his work with Badoo, he is also currently an Active Partner at Bumble, a popular dating site that has grown to include social and business networking as well. There has been some big news at Badoo as they recently announced that they are at almost 500 million users for their services. 


Andrey Andreev is at the head of the largest dating app in the world and they have recently started a new brand campaign with the tagline of “Date Honestly”. This new tagline is replacing their old one of “Bigger Than Dating”. This campaign is featuring real users of the site along with real bios on the site that were written by users. The life and career of Andrey Andreev is a good example of an entrepreneur in the modern market (Successstory). 


Before he became an entrepreneur, the native of Moscow, Russia was highly involved with technology on many different levels. Both of his parents were scientists and they helped to ignite a passion for science and technology by constantly giving him learning toys to play with. Andrey Andreev states that these types of toys surrounded him at his apartment and he was able to be exposed to the field that would become his career early on.


While the entrepreneur may be known for a variety of different social discovery applications, the first business projects that he took part in had nothing to do with the field. For example, Andrey Andreev´s first company Virus sold computers and accessories and was founded in 1996 before being sold just two years later. This was his first example of creating a company that would increase in value. It was after Virus that the serial entrepreneur began exploring the world of social discovery. The first company in this market was known as Spylog and it helped webmasters track the browsing activities of their users while the second was known as Begun.

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Sujit Choudry: Publishings, Advice and Accomplishments

Since it’s publishing, many have found “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” to be a relevant point of reference when deliberating moments of constitutional engagement. This collection contains several explanations about why the design and development of constitutions and constitutional agreements are threatened by territorial disputes. These essays were and still are relevant to several problems being faced between multiple countries worldwide.

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes more than 15 studies that support the information being provided and the advice being given by describing a slew of constitutional situations that countries a wide range of countries are facing. Most of which have very different political standings. To tie everything together, it included a concluding volume that has been considered to be vital information for federalism scholars, devolution scholars, and several others.

When Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson released this body of work they received a ton of positive recognition and feedback. Additionally, they would release a policy paper that detailed how to deal with moments of constitutional engagement and reach the best outcome. It’s been renowned for accomplishing said goal.

Sujit Choudhry carries with him several law degrees from prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has been positively reviewed advisor in several litigations and has even had his hand in a few. Sujit Choudhry specializes in servicing law firms, international organizations, large corporations and many more in his areas of expertise. He is a well-seasoned professional who has been renowned as one of the top experts on Canada’s Constitution. In addition to all of his services and accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitutional Transitions where he also the sitting Director.

He’s an advisor in several sectors and considered to be the most knowledgeable about policies and their legality. Sujit Choudhry offers his vast knowledge and legal advice to several and he will be forever renowned for his impact in intense constitutional events and his accomplishments in his field.


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Passions Realized With Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen is a man who knows that when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur it can take some time. He is a man who knows the value of working hard. He knew from an early age that he wanted to go into business for himself and become a success. He knew he had to work if his unique dream was going to come to fruition. With that attitude he was able to do just that. He was able to become one of the co-founders of ViSalus and be able to make a difference. That is what Blake Mallen wanted to do from the beginning.

At first, Blake Mallen went down the traditional road. He went to college and graduated with a degree in Political Science but he knew that he calling was further down the road. He wanted to start his own thing and get it off the ground. This dream came ViSalus was born. He felt that this was what he was meant to do and feels great about it. He found his business passion and now he is helping others achieve their dreams. Now He and Nick Sarnicola have come up with a new idea and it has taken off.

This new idea is a mobile app for travelers called Liv List. It is an app that allows frequent travelers to go to the best places at discount rates. It can also be used for people who have dreamed of going to a certain location and helps them save money so that they can go there. People can use the app to take picture of exotic locations and post them so others can see what the location is like. The app is available for cell phone users and can be used anywhere in the world. Technology has come a long way. Blake Mallen is proof that success can come from passion. He travels around the world doing what he loves and helping others at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that for a young entrepreneur. Blake Mallen has made it top the top of the heap. Click here.


Vinod Gupta Expresses How Hindu Beliefs Guide His Philanthropy

Vinod Gupta is the managing general partner of Everest Group LLC. He founded the company in February 2008 in Omaha, Nebraska. He is actively looking to make acquisitions and invest in companies in the database industry. He also offers services to the companies he invests in including IT systems implementation, marketing, communications, accounting, operations, and human resources. For 35 years he led InfoGroup, which he had also founded. This company provides business directories and other services.

Originally from India, Vinod Gupta is very knowledgeable about Hindu beliefs. This includes karma, which is the concept of life being circular, including getting what you give. Out of a profound sense of responsibility, he believes that his success means he needs to give back to help attain success. For him, this means supporting educational pursuits, both in Nebraska and in his hometown in India.

He grew up knowing the vast value of education and the doors it can open. He credits his education with helping him form two highly successful businesses that made him very wealthy. He has seen firsthand that helping marginalized populations leads to them using educational opportunities to change their lives and that of their families.

He has made large financial contributions to his two alma maters, the University of Nebraska and the Indian Institutes of Technology. Vinod Gupta established a fund to pay for school supplies and buses at an all-girls school in India’s Rampur Manhiarah. He grew up in this city and knows that most girls have been marginalized when it comes to their educational opportunities. He donated $1 million to this school. Nearby, there is a women’s polytechnic that he donated millions to establish. This school offers postgraduate degrees to women who need a safe place to study and improve their lives.

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Vinod Gupta Gives Back To Help Women In India Access Education

Women who are interested in earning postgraduate degrees in India can do that through Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. This is a school for women and it is a school that Vinod Gupta has helped to fund and support.

This school allows women to learn about computer applications and web design, and it is a school that helps women prepare to find jobs that will help them do well in life. Vinod Gupta believes that education is important, as he was raised to believe that it is important, and he likes to give his money toward causes that educate people because of that.

This man believes that it is important for women to have the chance to receive the kind of education that they want to receive, rather than be discriminated against because of their gender.

Vinod Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group and he has shared that he spends his days planning for the future. He focuses on the long term when it comes to the work that he does, rather than simply focusing on the moment and all that he is doing in the here and now.

Vinod Gupta believes in market testing when it comes to ideas that he has, and he likes to know that something is going to work out before he attempts to put a plan into motion. He feels there has to be a need for an idea that he has if he is going to make that idea become something that is great.

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Vinod Gupta Goes From Humble Beginnings To Billionaire CEO

Vinod Gupta is much more than a billionaire CEO with a Midas touch. He is known for his generous philanthropy and willingness to help others.

His story is not an easy one. It is a rags-to-riches tale filled with its share of setbacks. However, Gupta managed to build an empire through hard work, innovation, and passion.

Gupta grew up in the poverty-stricken village of Rampur Manhyaran, India where children ran about in their bare feet. There was no running water or electricity. But regardless of how dire the situation, he always had big dreams.

After leaving his small India village, Gupta graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a degree in agricultural engineering. He then served 3 years in the Indian Air Force as a Flying Officer.

In 1967, with the help of a scholarship, Gupta landed in Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska with a master’s degree in business and engineering.

After landing a job with a local mobile home manufacturer, Gupta realized he didn’t have the information needed to be successful in his job. His position as a market research analyst called for extensive lists of mobile home dealers.

Vinod Gupta took it upon himself to compile a list of dealers throughout the U.S. This tedious job required securing over 4,800 telephone directories to compile a master list.

He continued to build his company over the years. His worldwide information network is now worth over $500 million.

Gupta’s company, known today as InfoUSA was sold in 2010. He is now working on a number of other projects, including charitable endeavors to help women continue their education.

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Ara Chackerian Sees A Promising Future For Investments In The Healthcare Sector

In an interview with Ara Chackerian, he described himself as a dedicated entrepreneur specializing in providing healthcare services and a passionate philanthropist. He spoke openly about his new ventures including support for environmental causes and TMS Health Solutions, a network of depression treatment centers. What drives him daily is his desire to promote and bring awareness for alternative treatments to patients suffering from mental disorders.

Ara Chackerian is co-founder of TMS Health Solutions with a mission of expanding accessibility to outpatient facilities by building more centers. TMS has seven or more new facilities to serve Sacramento and San Francisco, California. Each facility has spacious rooms used for treating patients in a relaxing environment. Ara is making a difference by giving easy access to psychiatric care from licensed and certified professionals.

As an experienced investor, he knows the healthcare sectors and the best products for investment opportunities. Ara Chackerian is an author and publishes this information on Medium. In May 2019, he provided his insight on healthcare stock as long-term investment opportunities. He sees a promising future for investing in the healthcare sector that are safe and healthy in the next two to three years. He bases his forecast on recent data revealing the industry makes up approximately 18 percent of the economy in the United States.

Ara Chackerian expects the sector will continue to increase and bring investment opportunities to investors. The companies an investor should keep the eyes on are pharmaceutical and biotechnology. They are safe with expectations of substantial growth regardless of the conditions of the economy. The stocks attracting investors are those aligned with retailers including Walgreens and CVS, for an example. Chackerian observed the financial performance of healthcare stock is stronger while partnerships has the prospect of becoming future mergers and bring visibility of healthcare products.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – The Successful Entrepreneur, CEO of Jingdong

If you are an e-commerce business owner and looking for some guidance or inspiration, following the footsteps of Richard Liu Qiangdong is definitely going to help you move ahead in the right direction. He presents the classical example of rags to riches story as he comes from a low-income family and he also mentioned in an interview that at one time, he didn’t even have the money to afford the medical expenses for her mother-in-law. Today, he is one of the richest persons in China and is also on the list of Forbes list of China’s richest with the net valuation estimated to be over $12 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong studied sociology and then did masters in business administration in China. Initially, he was interested in politics, which motivated him to study sociology, but he was later more interested in having a successful and financially rewarding career.

It is what encouraged him to study business administration as well from the famous China Europe International School. is the name of the company that he started, and it is estimated that he bought the domain for over $50 million.

Richard Liu Qiangdong says that the e-commerce sector has a lot of opportunities to offer, especially as the consumer market continues to grow with time. In order to ensure sustained growth of, Richard Liu Qiangdong started a new section of products on offer for the customers in China. Adding the grocery section has attracted a lot of customers as well as increased the revenue. The customers can now simply order their list of household products and groceries from their home or from their mobile app and get it delivered within a few hours anywhere in China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is very particular about their delivery system and wants to ensure that they are able to deliver the products the fastest to its customers. They have warehouses set up in different parts of the country from where the products are delivered to the customers. For remote places, they currently use drones that allow the company to send small packages instantly to their customers.

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