Talkspace: Making Professional Therapy Available Online

Mental health issues have been on the rise in the last couple decades. Our world and lives are moving faster as well, and it’s harder than ever for average people to find the time and money to visit a professional mental health expert in a traditional office setting. Talkspace was designed with just that in mind. They have recently teamed up with 23-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps has teamed up with the forward-thinking company to help bring awareness to this pressing issue.

Talkspace was created in 2012 by Oren Frank. His goal is to bring therapy into the online medium to make it more accessible to the average person. Through computers, tablets and smartphones users can message therapists and get the help they need through the convenience of modern technology. Licensed therapists and on the other end when someone messages in need of help.

The model is successful, with a million users so far. Talkspace has been especially effective on those who have never used therapy before. Of that one million users, 70 percent had never used a form of professional therapy before. The accessibility might factor in here, as people who would be too shy to go to an office might find the relative anonymity comforting. The service is more affordable, as well, which could play a large part.

Michael Phelps can relate to those situations. During his four trips to the Olympic games he found himself battling anxiety and depression. It was the worst during in the wake of the 2012 games. Like many people who suffer from depression, he did not want to go to therapy. Within two years he had had enough and sought the help he needed.

Phelps said that while each person has a different story, talking with someone is usually the most beneficial thing for someone to do. Talkspace is designed for this very thing, which is why Phelps has teamed up with the company.

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