Copa Star Hospital, a Dream Facility for the Wealthy

Cops Star Hospital is a very expensive hospital with an excellent environment for surgical procedures as well as treatment of other illnesses. It is a five-star hospital located in Rio De Janeiro and is one of the most modern hospitals in the whole of Brazil.

Patients in this hospital are treated to a world-class experience with the latest facilities, and the clients receive excellent luxurious services. It also has an advanced diagnostic system that prioritizes patients and the unique and classic comfort given to customers to add on therapeutic spaces makes Copa Star a competitive world class hospital. Visit the site to read more about Copa Star.

The Hospital Copa Star is equipped with accommodation found in five-star hotels or expensive and costly apartments. All this have been put in place purposely to take care of the needs of patients. Patients can sit in decorated lobbies, and sound building features with penebas 5W-55 joints on every floor up to the fifth floor.

It is constructed on 21000 square meters of space and has 59 intensive care units. There are also more than 550 highly qualified experts employed at Copa Star. The hospital has advanced MRI machines, neurosurgery facilities, smart operating rooms, robotic assistance, and diagnostic centre. Its video technology allows calls to the outside world. Apart from that, it displays images of very insider areas which helps the staff to keep track on the patients.

Patients also enjoy accommodation, excellent nutritious foods prepared by renowned chefs. There is an ocean nearby which through the hospital technology, brings out the beautiful view of the scenery to soothe patients. Images of the ocean and the surroundings are displayed on the screen, making the patients and visitors relax while at the facility. The hospital also has long sofas and a grand piano that makes visitors and patients have long and comfortable conversation.

Copa Star plans to expand to other parts of Brazil, according to the president of the hospital, Jorge Moll. He adds that the hospital has an app that is placed at the top of the patient’s bed to help them control lights, curtains, call nurses, video conference with doctors, and also doctors can use the app to show patients their radiology examinations. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

Services at Copa Star are for the wealthy, but the facility plans to give lower coast health insurance. More than USD 400 million was spent to complete the hospital. Copa Star has made health care services in Brazil to be much better unlike in the past where Brazilians who wanted world class medical care were forced to visit other parts of the world. It is a hospital of the future that offers the best, luxurious treatment using sophisticated technology to those who can afford the services.

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