Oncotarget launches new podcast series

Oncotarget is the world’s largest oncology medical journal. It is a peer-reviewed research publication that was established in 2010 to provide the researchers, public and clinicians with an easy way to access critical information on various developments in the scientific field. The journal recently re-assured its readers that it will continue publishing scientific breakthroughs in a series of podcasts and scientific archives.

Individuals will be required to subscribe to these podcasts to access some of the most important discoveries in the Impact journal. The subscribers will access full published papers, selected readings, and interviews with outstanding authors who contribute to this popular peer-reviewed journal.

The new podcast series will include topics in the field of oncology and beyond. Other topics included in the Impact Journal include aging, pathology, microbiology, endocrinology, pharmacology, metabolism, chromosome, neuroscience, and many more. These publications can be found in SoundCloud, Blubrry, and Stitcher.

Oncotarget’s main mission is to make extraordinary scientific discoveries available within a short time and also bridging the gap between specialties. The journal seeks to link different biomedical fields and enhance the application of the basic clinical science. The new podcast series will feature in various streams, and it will target various listeners.

The new podcast series will offer full readings of published papers for clinicians, researchers, and the public who have little time and a lot of content to digest in their fields. The podcast series also publish interviews with renowned experts. These experts provide comprehensive insights on various aspects in the medical field. Most of the experts offer inspiring and surprising medical aspects and also give a glimpse into the future medical breakthroughs.

The journal also offers selected readings from the Oncotarget blog. The journal has established a blog where they share information and news for a more general audience. The information posted on Oncortaget blogs are mainly in plain language that is easy to understand for the average person. Besides providing scientific breakthroughs to the readers, the new podcasts is beneficial to the authors in the sense that it communicates their scientific findings and channels their research to the relevant stakeholders.

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