A Closer Look at the Brown Agency:

The Brown Agency is a full service modeling agency that is based out of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency is located at 100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000 in Austin Texas. The Brown Agency helps place qualified men, women and children in modeling, theatrical as well as commercial job opportunities on a national level.

The agency recruits a number of candidates for various modeling opportunities which includes runway and fashion events. The Brown Agency has recruited recognizable names within the industry such as Carter Wray, Adam Gumula, Erik Fellows, David Bates and many more. Many of those seeking work within the modeling industry have become quite successful within the business.

*Launching Careers:

The Brown Agency has also helped a number of young ladies make a name for themselves within the modeling industry. Abba Binns, Amanda Wells, Blue Lolan, Audrey English and many more have become established models with the help of the Brown Agency. One modeling assignment can ultimately help young men and women establish a lifelong career within the modeling and entertainment industry.

The Brown Agency does placement for those interested in a theatrical career. Andre Bradford has appeared in several successful theater productions through the Brown Agency. In addition, Gregory Alexander and Joel West have become recognizable figures within the television and theater industry due to the efforts of the Brown Modeling Agency.

It is important to follow your dreams and ambitions. The Brown Agency can certainly help talented and ambitious individuals reach their career goals. Ones success within the modeling and entertainment industry can depend upon sheer luck. Being at the right place at the right time can make all the difference in the world.

The Brown Agency is always looking for new faces. In addition, the agency does advertise on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. Photos of select Brown Agency models do appear on the above mentioned web sites along with a brief history of their work and experience.

*Getting started/ Submission of Head shot/resume:

The agency does frequently receive new job orders which must be filled fairly quickly. You never know if the next modeling or acting assignment is an assignment that can ultimately launch your career within the industry.

Initially a head shot and brief resume must be submitted directly to the agency. Therefore, you can view the web site at www.brownagency.co. Emails may be sent through the company web site at [email protected] All email inquiries will receive a reply within 48 hours. The web site is updated on a regular basis.

Visit blog.brownagency.co


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