CEO Angela Koch Treats Customers The Way She Wants To Be Treated, And It Is Working For Her At U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is an online retailer of precious metal coins. The Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX. It is one of the industry’s largest distributors in the country.

The firm regularly adds new collections to its offerings, and the coins are created to commemorate some of the world’s historic people and events. The coins are government issued by the government of the United States.

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The company is under the leadership direction of Chief Executive Officer Angela Koch. She oversees all of the functions of the national operation.

U.S. Reserve has over 500,000 customers, and it has earned the trust of consumers across the country. Earning the trust of her customers is a high priority to Angola Koch. She has created an environment in which every one of the employees also share that premise.

They are encouraged to learn more about the products, so they can best serve their customers. When their customers are confident and satisfied, Angela Koch and her team have achieved one of the desired goals for the company. The business is thriving on this practice, and they have earned the trust of over 500,000 customers.

Angela Koch is the only female CEO in the gold coin industry. In addition to gold, the Money Reserve also features a wide variety of silver and platinum coins as well. U.S. Money Reserve offers educational and in-depth information about buying and collecting gold coins.

There is a huge gold buyer’s kit that is available for free to everyone who wants to learn more about it. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable, and they work hard to get to know the customers.

Angela Koch strives to train her employees about the importance of building a relationship with a customer as few other firms do. This helps drive sales and has resulted in many repeat sales by loyal customers.

Angela has worked in several sectors and has worked her way up the ranks in numerous capacities. She has brought her own brand of unique experience to U.S. Money Reserve. Angela Koch had little formal education and did not obtain a college degree.

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She became a wife and mother, and she later re-entered the workforce. This is her first position as a CEO, and Angela Koch has proven to be a formidable business leader of U.S. Money Reserve.

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