I Am Getting Transferred To A New Position In Neurocore. Is My Boss Going To Kill Me?!

Most likely not. Do you and he have a positive relationship? Then, it should not be a problem, though he will probably be sad to lose you.

Your boss is going to be happy for you as long as you handle the way you tell him the news correctly. There is a right and wrong way to tell your boss at Neurocore that you are going to another office in the company. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

How Do I Do It? I am nervous.

First of all, you do not need to be nervous. I have a few simple tips that can help you.

1) You should let him know that this is not personal. This is a business decision you are making at Neurocore. In some ways, you do need to stroke the ego a little bit. You should tell him what direction at Neurocore you want to move in and why. Say you are working in the marketing department at Neurocore. You are becoming more interested in the analytical side. Tell your boss that. He might be more accepting once he knows your decision has nothing to do with him.

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More often than not, your boss will be more unhappy if he feels that you are leaving because of him. Reassure him that is not the case. Once more, some bosses do require a smoothing of a bruised ego so you can sale the rough waters.

2) You can offer to train your replacement before you move into the analytical department of Neurocore. Reassure your boss that you want to make sure someone who can do the job as well as you can take your place. Training the newbie with your skills ensures that happens.

3) Thank your boss for everything. It is crucial that you do that. Thanking your boss at Neurocore establishes respect and trust. Let him know you still want to keep in touch in some capacity. That lets him know that you are still reachable. Who knows? You might be able to help him out on something from your new position. The more you promise to still be reachable, the more at ease he will feel about you moving forward. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


You can find a few more helpful tips at https://woman.thenest.com/deal-boss-internal-transfer-career-7290.html and http://time.com/money/3006067/tell-boss-when-apply-opening-your-company/.

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