OSI Group’s Strong Sustainability Mission Matches Impossible Foods Mission

Some media observers raised their eyebrows just a tad when they heard that OSI Group, the No. 1 supplier of those famous all-beef patties to McDonalds, has just made a deal with Impossible Foods to manufacture the all-vegetarian Impossible Burger.

In a sense, Impossible Foods is kind of like the anti-McDonalds. The entire reason the company’s founder, Dr. Patrick Brown, created the Impossible Burger was to encourage more people to switch from eating meat to all-plant based products. Dr. Brown had long been concerned about the costly environmental impact of a meat-centric diet for billions of people on the planet.

Producing the Impossible Burger has an overall 86% smaller carbon footprint than producing a burger from animal products. It’s also easier on land, water and trees.

The problem for Impossible Foods, however, has become production. The popularity of the meat-free Impossible Burger is so enormous, it can’t keep up with demand. That’s why the company opted to partner with meat-processing giant OSI Group, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Aurora.

But a closer look at OSI Group McDonalds makes the partnership an excellent match. First, OSI Group has gained world renown over the past decade for its extremely aggressive efforts to operate in a sustainable fashion. The Chicago company is rapidly headed toward a zero-waste profile. It is also aggressively lowering its use of fossil fuel energy in its production processes – its goal is to become a carbon-neutral entity in just a few years.

OSI Group has won an array of prestigious environmental awards from both governmental regulatory agencies and NGO groups alike. It’s not uncommon to see massive rows of solar panels gracing an OSI plant in locations around the world. OSI has 65 processing facilities in 17 nations.

Furthermore, some speculate that McDonalds may soon start offering more vegan burgers on its American menu now that its top supplier is getting more heavily involved in this sector. Environmental groups believe more veggie burgers sold by the world’s largest restaurant chain is moving the ball in the right direction in terms of sustainability.

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OSI Group & The Meatless Burger Madness

Are you interested in food alternatives? Have you ever heard of meatless burgers? If you haven’t heard about these phenomenal products, then you must be living under a rock. Impossible Foods is the founder of the popular Impossible Whopper, and this particular product is changing the food industry. The Impossible Whopper is basically a meatless hamburger that has the taste of an authentic hamburger. The product even smells like real beef, and it has the same texture. Impossible Foods has lacked the production capability to mass-produce this product on a national level, which is why this California-based company has hired a supreme helper. This help has come in the form of a prominent food provider that’s known as OSI Group. OSI Group will use its strengths in food production to supply thousands of food retailers with this tasty product.

Since meatless burgers are plant-based products, they are much healthier than standard foods. Plant-based food solutions require less water and less land to produce. They’re also full of protein and vitamins. The production of these burgers emits 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases, which equates to a lower carbon footprint. OSI Group has over 60 facilities worldwide. This includes facilities in Poland, Spain, Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and Canada. In the US alone, the company has at least five production plants. Since extreme amounts of growth is expected in this particular sector, OSI is looking to meet Impossible Foods’ quota of 17,000 restaurants before the year 2020.

Beyond Meat, a rival company in plant-based food solutions, will be selling its new version of meatless burger in McDonald’s restaurants after the burger’s test run. Thanks to being a full-step ahead of the competition, Impossible Foods has already gained an extremely large following, and OSI Group is the icing on the cake.

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Impossible Foods Looks Towards OSI Group to Help Meet Increasing Demands

Illinois based OSI Group is famous for being a supplier of burger patties to McDonald’s for all over 60 years. But that isn’t the only identifier that the food processing company is known for.

Over its 100 years of operations, OSI Group has been able to expand its operations from being a small butcher shop to a multinational corporation by working with a slew of industrial clients. It is due to its working relationship with a number of these clients that the firm has been able to establish its presence in no less than 17 countries.

With over 65 facilities in these territories, OSI Group stands tall as one of the largest food processing companies in the world. Its focus on sustainability and its drive to innovate only enhances its stature in the eyes of industry professionals and consumers alike.

That is why, when one of Silicon Valley’s most sought after companies tapped OSI Group to help meets its production demands, it only seemed like a natural progression for the company.

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OSI Group Will Be Helping Impossible Foods Meet Increasing Demands

It was recently announced that Impossible Foods will be joining hands with OSI for the latter to produce its plant based protein patties.

According to details provided by the partners, OSI will receive infrastructural support from Impossible Foods to co-produce the company’s alternative meat patties, which will then be supplied to fast food chain Burger King.

This collaboration is meant to supplement Impossible Foods’ partnership with Burger King, where the fast food giant launched a meatless burger using Impossible Foods’ patties. Aptly titled the Impossible Whopper, the burger is created without any meat, but still tastes and looks like it’s made from animal protein.

Due to the way that it has been developed, the Impossible Whopper has become quite a sought after fast food option for those who want to eat healthier or do not want to consume meat during their day to day diet. Since the consumer demand has increased since Burger King tested the burger at select locations, Impossible Foods is projecting that the nationwide launch of the Impossible Whopper would only add to the burger’s popularity. That’s were OSI is playing a part in making sure that production demands are met without any compromise on quality.

Read: https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/2019/7/31/20748534/impossible-foods-osi-group-expand-production-plant-based-burgers

David McDonald: OSI Group’s President And CEO And Proud ISU Alumnus

Since graduating from Iowa State University three decades ago with a B.S in animal science, Iowa native David McDonald has been employed with the OSI Group. His work has been excellent and his knowledge and experience so valuable to the company that he was promoted to chief operating officer several years ago. Currently, McDonald serves as the OSI Group’s president and COO. He works in close coordination with company chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin to make the company’s plan for global expansion a reality. McDonald’s experience with international business has made him a valuable asset.

Raised in northeast Iowa on a farm, David McDonald has long been involved in processing meat and other foods. He also had an interest in biology and agriculture. That led him to pursue a degree in animal science at ISU. While at the university, McDonald was very active in the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. Since graduating, he has helped the organization with scholarship funding, their fundraising campaign to build AGR house and the naming of the new AGR Fraternity Arena after Marvin J. Walter. In 2004, the Iowa State University Alumni Association gave David their Young Alumni award.

A husband and father of 6, McDonald and his family currently live in Warrenville, Illinois. He is very active in his local community and works tirelessly to support his church family in Wheaton, Illinois’ St. Michael parish. McDonald’s two eldest children are students at Iowa State University and he works with ISU’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. McDonald believes in the ability of ISU to provide a quality education and is such a huge Cyclones fan, most people that know what a special place the school holds in his heart believe his other children will attend the university as well.

At the OSI Group, David McDonald has played a major part in the company’s growth and expansion in China, India, South Africa and Australia. He’s the director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited which is based in Australia. McDonald’s extensive international business experience and vast knowledge of meat industry operations played a role in him being voted chairman of the North American Meat Institute and becoming a member of their board. He was also involved in the OSI Group’s purchase of Flagship Europe and Dutch owned Baho Foods. Adding these companies has helped to increase the OSI Group’s customer base, presence and influence in the European food service market.

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