Dick DeVos: The Man Bringing Change To Michigan Since 1991

In 1991, the city of Grand Rapids underwent a number of changes, considering the new developmental projects that were being introduced. One of the proposed projects was to construct a multifunctional stadium that hosts an array of sporting events. The entire project was deemed to be beneficial for the development of the city, even though some of its notable members thought otherwise. One person who disagreed with the developmental project was Dick DeVos, who at the time was a prominent figure in the business and political scene. DeVos cited the example of another city who had moved in a similar direction. He decided to approach the city council and mentioned to them that this was something that could potentially hurt the city. He stated that the city that already went through with this plan had more to lose than to gain. The city managed to host a few sporting events, but for most of the time, the city was unable to fill up the seats of the sports center. This, in turn, caused them considerable loses and affected the overall outcome of their developmental plan.


The strong argument that Dick DeVos made resonated with the city council who then realized that this was not the best direction to move into with regards to the sports center. The realized that a better course of action would be to construct something that would actually benefit the people in the city and which could be used by its citizens on a regular basis. He proposed the idea of starting up a community center that could host local events and which could provide individuals with a place where they could meet and engage with others from the city. This new project proved to be an enormous success and was something that was greatly beneficial for the city of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has always been interested in the development of his city and of his state of Michigan. He believed that the state could possibly become one of the most prosperous in the entire country and believed that there was an incredible amount of developmental potential within it, which is why he always strived to achieve the best for it. This was even showcased in his run for the Senator of Michigan. Although he did not secure this position, the contribution that he made was evident and something that could not be ignored.


Dick DeVos has always been a high achiever since his early days and knew that he was destined to do good in the world. Being the son of the founder of Amway was just a bonus for him as it helped him grow in the professional sphere. He helped the company tremendously and fulfilled the shoes of his father in the most efficient manner and enabled further growth of the company as a whole. The contribution that he has made has helped Amway reach the top of this industry and has helped it grow into the international powerhouse that it currently is.


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Isabel dos Santos: the White Knight

Isabel dos Santos is a well known and well-reputed businesswoman from Angola. She is considered to be the richest woman in all of Africa. She is also the oldest child of the former President of Angola Jose dos Santos. She is indulged in business ventures all over the world and her net worth is $2.3 billion according to the Forbes magazine. 

Apart from being a corporate titan, she is also working avidly for the general welfare of the people all over the world; especially in Africa. When she is not busy in her professional ventures, she works to render the use of her publicity and fame to bring the attention of the media bodies to aspiring young people. She is a firm believer of the notion that doing so will help the leaders and role models of tomorrow catalyze their growth and augment their chances of success (LinkedIn). 

As she herself has worked extremely hard in order to become one of the most successful and popular women in all of the earth, that too while belonging to a region which is considered to be backward by many and where women typically have no special future, Isabel dos Santos knows the value of hard work. Only those who work hard themselves and reach their true potential have the ability to recognize those who are presently working hard and are destined to become great in their future. Isabel dos Santos does just that. 

Not only is this, but Isabel dos Santos also is an avid worker towards the goal of financial empowerment of the African women as a whole. This is evident from the speech Isabel made at the UN. She believes that the ventures to financially empower the women of Africa will lead to a higher level of social welfare which will be beneficial for not only the people of Africa but the entire world. She also has an entrepreneurial dream for all of Africa. She rightly believes so that in order for a region to develop, it needs more entrepreneurs. For this purpose, she dedicates her time and efforts. 

More information about Dos Santos´ entrepreneurial speeches at https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/isabel-dos-santos/

Kisling Nestico & Redick Has Defined Its Excellence Through Superior Client And Community Service:

Based out of Akron, Ohio, Kisling Nestico & Redick is a dedicated legal firm that has been providing outstanding legal services to the residents of the state of Ohio since 2005. Within this work, the personal injury niche is the legal area that the Kisling Nestico & Redick team have become particularly associated with due to the excellent results that clients have received.

The firm’s founders are Rob Nestico, Gary Kisling and Robert Redick and the kicked the firm off with a strong belief in providing the best service possible to the clients that they serve. This success has led to the firm’s rapid growth as a personal injury law firm in Ohio. Kisling Nestico & Redick are also respected outside of the legal area due to a commitment that the firm has to community service. Finding ways to give back to the people of Ohio is a major part of the work that Kisling Nestico & Redick does.

The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick is an impressive one. The firm currently holds the distinction of being one of the states of Ohio’s most rapidly growing outfits and the firm currently boasts 10 locations that are serving Ohio residents. This includes a team of thirty lawyers. Kisling Nestico & Redick also has some one-hundred staff members that assist the legal team in delivering the best customer service in the legal industry.

A clear sign of the excellence that Kisling Nestico & Redick has cultivated is demonstrated by the firm’s impressive A+ rating that it holds with the organization the Better Business Bureau. Commitment to community service initiatives is evident in the fact that Kisling Nestico & Redick has made contributions for local food banks and helped to feed many families in Ohio. The firm has also worked hard to support students with scholarships that are given in the name of raising awareness of how dangerous it is to text while operating a vehicle.

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Isabel dos Santos: A Day in the Life of the Eight Richest Person in Africa

Forbes recently ranked Isabel dos Santos as the eight wealthiest people in Africa. Isabel dos Santos also happened to be the only representative from Angola according to the Forbes list. In 2018, her net worth was at 2.7 billion euros, and in 2019 she stabilized at 2.3 billion euros.

The net worth by Isabel was contributed due to her shares in Galp and the telecommunications firm Nos. She also has vested ownership of 25% of Angolan telecommunication firm Unitel. She moved up one position up from the previous Forbes list of the wealthiest people in Africa.

Through Isabel’s manager, Mario Leite da Silva, turned down sentiments that she is planning on an exit from the Portugal market through her investment in the Isabel dos Santos da Galp and Efacec.

Dos Santos’ manager revealed that through the history of the series of investments in Portugal indicate that she has entered with the investments for the long-run stability. She is vested in investing, creating value and developing employment opportunities.

Read more on everybodywiki.com

Apart from being a renowned Angolan entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos hails as one of the most successful female business leaders in Africa. She also carries extensive experience and knowledge about the creation of infrastructure, implementation of new and emerging technologies and economic development. Through her work in this field, she has created employment opportunities for over 50,000 people in her home country.

Aside from telecommunications, Isabel dos Santos also plays a critical role in various industries including energy, entertainment, media production, finance, and construction. She has worth over two decades of experience in the management-level positions in a variety of firm including entertainment establishments, retail organizations, and banks.

It is through this vast experience which has earned her a broad understanding of the global economy and the economic opportunities to be fostered effectively in different countries which struggle with poverty. Isabel is also renowned for her extensive efforts in the field of development. She has also supported through funds and personal time on various projects in her country while paying particular focus on the promotion of entrepreneurship. Learn more: https://eco.sapo.pt/2019/05/06/canal-zap-viva-de-isabel-dos-santos-a-caminho-da-grelha-da-nos/

No One Was Expecting This Gift… Meet Perry Mandera’s Story

Nobody was seeing this coming. Back in 1975 no one in the state of Illinois would expect that decades later a young entrepreneur would change their lives.

He received many awards and distinctions. He raised his networth up to hundreds of millions of dollars. His company was listed in top 100 American transportation executives. He raised money for Universities, medical centers, charities, foundations… ,distributed thousands of coats for people in need in winter, actively participated in green-events, supports crime fighting organizations… just to name a few of them.

Where did this man came from?

If you live in Illinois you probably already know that enigmatic philantropist could be no other. Perry Mandera has been doing it for a lot of time, even in a minor scale after succeeding with his multi-million dollar logistics business. What made him reach those levels of abundance and contribution?His business and life reflect his unique drive and set of core values that have been following for the last 30 years. Because of it he managed to become who he is today. However, it did not happen overnight.

It was in 1975 when Perry started building up his skill set. Perry Mandera joined the Marines after finishing high school and also work for logistics to gain knowledge about the industry. By 25 he already succeeded with his own version of logistic service business.

But it obviously was not as easy as saying it.

We would have never done it unless he followed his principles and main values, the same ideas that make him bring so much value to Illinois afterwards. In fact, here is when Perry’s obsession of helping more and more people started to grow rapidly.It must affected his motivation. Everyday he would be inspired to improve more his skills and being more innovative. After all, donating and helping people without expecting anything is like giving someone else a piece of yourself Perry Mandera explains. What happens next is that piece somehow manifests making you make determined and devoted, as a way to say ‘thank you!’.

Certainly people are big drive in our lives. People make us feel connected, we build experiences and create emotions and stories together and share time and love with team.Even though the example of Perry Mandera may seem unusual to you, for him is a normal thing. He is aware of the natural human being need of community and socializing. This is why Perry puts so much effort in building relationships and bringing people together.

More on Mandera´s philantropic efforts at https://perrymandera.weebly.com/

Jason Hope Offers Advice On New Technologies And Internet Of Things

The Internet of things is one of the most talked about subject in the field of technology currently. There are many people who have been commenting on the growth of the Internet of things in the recent past and how it can potentially change the technological world in the coming days. Jason Hope is one of the renowned technologist and futurist who has been discussing the various aspects of the internet of things in the last couple of years. As a futurist, Jason Hope believes that in the coming days, the existing technology would be completely replaced by the Internet of Things technology, provided that the coders are able to find a way to ensure IoT is hack free.

Jason Hope is a serial entrepreneur and has contributed massively to the various charities as well to empower local communities and people in need. He also donates to various research foundations, including the SENs Research Foundation, which has been putting in a lot of effort to forward their research on anti-aging. Jason Hope knows that with the help of proper research in the right direction, it is possible to reverse the process of aging. SENS Research Foundation has been doing research in this direction and believes that in the coming days, there would be positive results available. Jason Hope is based in Arizona and is also well-connected politically. He has done graduation in finance from the Arizona State University and MBA from the WP Carey School of Business. After completing his education, he has started a series of companies that went on to achieve considerable success.

Jason Hope believes that technology is the future and there is no way any company or person can benefit if they do not adapt to these changes. He aims to make people aware of the new technology and how they can be used to make our lives much easier. He has written numerous papers and articles on the Internet of Things and other technology research to make people aware of the new things that are being developed. It also helps these research groups to get the attention to secure investments.

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Role of Adam Milstein in promoting Israeliness

Adam Milstein is one of the most influential people of Jewish origin living in the United States today. He is working on pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish non-profit initiatives. Milstein is the founder of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). This organization has headquarters based in Los Angeles. He serves as the board chairman of the organization, which is the fastest growing pro-Jewish organization in the world today. It is under his leadership that the organization has opened branches in 12 states in the United States.

In the spirit of working for the betterment of the Israeli community, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have created a philanthropic foundation known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation is meant to help people of Jewish origin and who live in the United States to learn about their origin, culture and the relationship they hold with the State of Israel. Milstein family is interested in making sure that Jews living in the United States know about the attachment they have with their motherland. On her part, Gila Milstein has created an organization known as Stand By Me, an organization that takes care of Jews affected by cancer.

Through these organization, Adam Milstein understands how the non-profits organizations operate. Currently, they are proud to have sponsored over 100 pro-Israeli organizations to run their programs in the right way. Every year, Milstein spends about $1 million that goes to philanthropic causes. He is however interested in output, unlike many other philanthropists. He follows up to see that the money he gives put is spent to achieve the intended goals.


Adam Milstein has a big heart of helping the less fortunate. He is also interested in supporting his motherland, a country which he feels is unfairly targeted by dark forces. The Jewish community is on the verge of destruction if the enemies are given an opportunity to implement their ideas. Adam Milstein believes the only way the Jewish community can resist oppression from the enemies is by uniting and forging forward together as a team. Right now, he is happy with the results he sees in young Jews. Most of them are now ready to stand up and defend their identity.


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