Rocketship Education Parents Demand Their Rights And Respect

The charter school movement in the U.S. has taken on a level of urgency not often seen with community-based projects in the education sector as parents and families of students looking to create a system of schools where the community is at the heart of the way forward for each educational institution. Rocketship Education is at the cutting edge of the use of the latest technology and community organizing techniques with the families of students given every opportunity to play a key role in an educational system established in San Jose in 2006.

One area which has proven a success for the families of Rocketship Education students has been the development of community links including the desire to push forward the reasons why they believe charter schools are a positive option to undertake. In an open letter published by The Tennessean newspaper, parents involved with Rocketship Education in Nashville made clear they were simply looking to give students the best possible education regardless of the thoughts of detractors and those opposed to the development of charter schools.

The demand for respect is one area all students and families are looking to expand upon in the 21st-century as the charter school system expands to include more than ten campus locations across three states and Washington D.C. Families of students attending Rocketship Education in Nashville revealed they had faced criticism from other families and politicians at local and state level for making a similar decision to those who take advantage of the school choice program in the area.

Creating an environment where parents have a positive experience and feel they have the desire to aid the development of the charter school program as a whole with a move towards developing charter schools in new communities. Operating solely at an elementary school level, Rocketship Education is already seeing its first generation of families seeking to expand the charter school program to middle and high school levels in California with the aid of their experiences at this educational institution.

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