Privinvest And Its Success

Privinvest And Its Success

When it comes to matters concerning shipbuilding, this company has always proved its products and services to be the best. Two brothers (Akram and Iskandar Safa) founded this great company more than two decades ago. Therefore, it is without a doubt that this company is the most experienced in matters of shipbuilding.

The headquarters of this company is in Lebanon since its where its CEO, Iskandar Safa, saw as the best and most suitable location. Even though Privinvest has its headquarters in Lebanon, it also has various facilities in different parts of the planet. So, apart from the Middle East, you can also find the facilities of this company in places like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean.

All these facilities deal with different things. Some of the things that they specialize in is making commercial and military vessels, transferring different technology and intellectual properties to various parts of the universe, superyachts, and other varying services.

Since 1990 when Iskandar Safa and his brother started this company, it has managed to do a lot of things such as delivering over 2000 vessels and other unique products. What is more fascinating is that this company gets orders and inquiries from more than 40 countries which explains why it has become so popular of late. Privinvest also provides some of its services to different private customers and national navies in the entire globe.

Currently, this company is focusing on coming up with new and more outstanding projects such as repairing and maintaining commercial vessels and giving surveillance and protecting exclusive economic zones. Apart from building ships, Privinvest is also known for investing in other things. Some of the things that it has invested in are in the R&D which is in the Marine Renewable Energies and startup company that is specializing mostly in the river and tidal turbines for hydroquest.

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