Privinvest: The Most Trusted Shipbuilding Group since 1990

Privinvest: The Most Trusted Shipbuilding Group since 1990

Privinvest is an international shipbuilding group founded in 1990 by Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram Safa. It has its headquarters both in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Each of these headquarters serves as the group affiliates specializing in their line of production. For this reason, Privinvest produces and offers a range of products and services to both military and private clients. Since 1990, Privinvest has built and delivered over 2,000 vessels in more than 40 states. Here are some of the Privinvest products.

Patrol Corvette In- Collaboration with TKMS

This is a 90-meter corvette vessel manufactured for warfare missions against the surface and airborne threats, maritime surveillance and patrol and law execution missions.

Combattante BR71

This Combattente BR71 is among Garoh class and Barnunah class family vessels. Combattante is designed super excellent during littoral warfare defence operations against the surface and airborne threats, law execution missions, patrolling roles and ISR missions.

Combattante BR71 MKII

This vessel is the upgrade and evolution of Baynunah of the proven sea family. It is specifically designed and widely used during littoral defense operationalization against a surface and air terrorizations.  Besides, it is used in law enforcement missions, patrols, and ISR operations.

Privinvest offers repair, refit, and maintenance services. The worldwide group teams of experienced ad highly trained experts are available 24/7 for appropriate support, advice, and guidance. Privinvest has modern facilities in all its affiliates in Northern Europe, eastern Mediterranean and in the Arabian gulf as such making their services more and readily available. Besides, they have highly and technologically revolutionized workshops. Military-grade tooling, qualified project managers that oversee ship repair and maintenance to ensure all customer needs are met in time and within a friendly budget.  Privinvest further offers shipbuilding-training, logistics support, and integration of combat systems.


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