LocationSmart Protects Online Enterprises from Suspicious Online Activities

LocationSmart is in the know of the size of the world and how hard it can be for companies to manage their resources that are located at different geographical areas across the world. A company can be spread out across the world with employees scattered and using different devices. Consumers can also be spread out across the world just like data and assets. LocationSmart identified that problem and came up with a solution. The solution is the mobile location-as-a-service. It provides the service for over 15 billion connected devices across the world. Additionally, it provides enterprise developers an opportunity to use a single API to build many location technologies via the cloud. That offers ease of interoperability, flexibility, as well as peace of mind.


Many devices are in use today across the world. The devices are continuing to be connected with time and with the Internet of Things, billions of devices will have been interconnected by 2030. The interconnection is bringing the problem of gathering data from as well as communication with customers, their workforce as well as assets. Therefore, entrepreneurs are in need of easy access to services based on location, while adhering to anti-fraud protection as well as privacy standards.


Enterprise application developers have been empowered a great deal today by LocationSmart. They are leveraging the available capabilities to build robust location-aware solutions. For instance, LocationSmart’s IP geolocation is helping enterprises to connect and engage with their customers in a more efficient way no matter where they are located across the world. As a result, enterprises have the ability to provide relevant content to customers according to their specific location.


Online safety is also another worry that enterprises are dealing with today. IP geolocation offered by LocationSmart has come to salvage the situation. It is protecting businesses from attacks via non-invasive practices. The practices involve automatic detection of suspicious activities from unidentified locations. Additionally, companies are not immune from online fraud. The IP address identification practice is now in the mobile world to protect businesses from fraud. It helps enterprises to validate login credentials of an account user when they try to sign in.


Copyright protection has always been an hot issue over the past few years. LocationSmart stepped in to help to ensure enterprises’ published materials as well as licensed content cannot misused. That works through access control based device location. Additionally, the company’s geolocation service comes in handy for iGaming operators to meet the strict state as well as regional regulations. It gives the operators a peace of mind because only permitted players can access their platforms. Therefore, LocationSmart has exceled in many levels to bring sanity to online enterprises who are struggling to keep up with the increased cybersecurity issues.


Visit www.locationsmart.com to learn more.

Betterworks Launches Better Software for Tracking Team Production

It has been said that teams is how better things happen. This is also true of Betterworks. The creation of software for HR has made a tremendous difference for all businesses. Betterworks has now released their team edition to help the small and midsized business.

Conversations about what’s happening in the workplace are happening every day, but now they are happening in a better way when it makes it easier to check-in with conversations. Businesses that are developing need the tools and resources that come with the team edition of Betterworks.

This enterprise HR software program is designed for Continuous Performance Management. This economical package, is also self-serve, and it contains what many believe are the perfect management tools for their teams and more. The small and medium sized businesses will benefit from this software by increasing their ability to align together on projects.

The software is also slated for improving accountability among team members, as well as improving their overall performance. This is how agile organizations are functioning, and they are doing so while learning how to perceive coming changes, and how they react to them while improving performance.

Leaders in small and midsize organizations fully recognize that their consistent production will help fan the flame for other employees as it encourages them to get things done.

The original format of Betterworks didn’t have everything that the Team Edition offers. Performance should always be trackable, and when it isn’t, it means that the team and their leadership could be losing sight of the end goal.

The purpose of a software like this is to ensure that activity and performance is being tracked. This new edition of the software makes it possible for up to 100 people to set aspirational goals. This will be translated into Objectives and Key Results, while allowing them to track progress towards those goals.

Another major perk of the software is the ability for conversations to take place between employees and managers. This is unprecedented because it’s never been widely accepted for managers and employees to have open conversations about what projects need to be done, and what needs to take place.

It wasn’t until Betterworks created the team edition that small and midsize businesses were able to utilize the same tools and accomplish just as much as a larger organization. It seemed that smaller companies were always lagging due to a lack in software, as well as the moving parts that organized conversations and projects to create the agile environment.

LocationSmart Can Help Businesses Leverage IP Geolocation to Bolster Bottom Line

Ask any businessman or woman today about IP geolocation and they can probably tell you that they have a basic understanding of what it is. It’s the ability to pinpoint the location of any smartphone user or internet-connected device based on sourcing the IP address of the user.


But when you ask those same business folks about how IP geolocation can dramatically increase their bottom lines, garner new customers, enhance customer service and more, you may get a more circumspect response.


The fact is, however, that business models across an array of industries can realize tremendous benefits to their business if they take advantage of IP geolocation. In fact, there is an entire industry centered around bringing what is sometimes called LaaS, Location as a Service, to business owners to bolster their operations and bottom lines.


The premier operator in this sector is LocationSmart, a California-based high-tech firm that has been working in LaaS and IP geolocation since the mid-1990s. Today, LocationSmart has the largest and most advanced Laas service platform and infrastructure in the world.


Some examples of the practical applications of IP geolocation are:


  1. Law and Regulation Compliance Made Easy


Many industries are heavily regulated. Such rules and regulations are tied to the geographic location of the business. For example, all 50 states have unique tax laws and rules for games, such as the lottery, or other paid online gaming sights. Providers of these services benefit greatly from being instantly able to locate people who are buying lottery tickets and playing games so proper rules and regs can be applied to each individual case.


  1. Fraud Prevention and Security


When a company takes a credit card order online or by smartphone, how do they know the buyer is using a stolen credit card or not? IP geolocation makes verification of exactly who is buying what, from what location and using what payment system. Using LocationSmart LaaS saves millions of dollars a day by streamlining the bureaucratic process of confirming user ID and banking information, It makes it an instantaneous, accurate and secure process.


  1. Saving Costs by Improving Logistics, Supply Chain Management


A trucking firm operating dozens of vehicles can save enormous sums of money by tracking the location and movement of each asset every step of the way. The shortest routes can be effortlessly plotted saving fuel and vehicle wear and tear. Dispatching orders are simplified and made less error-prone. Drivers can also have instant support in the event of a breakdown or taking a wrong turn.


Managing logistics and supply chains for firms that sell and distribute a lot of products are made vastly more efficient when packages can be tracked, delivered and confirmed – and paid for – using LocationSmart’s powerful LaaS platform.


For updates, follow LocationSmart on Facebook.

Choudhry and Anderson Edits a Collection of Constitutional Essays

Have you asked yourself what is “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions?” It refers to the assortment of essays that feature a wide variety of defies brought by territorial disagreement during the constitution-making procedure and constitutional design. It is incredibly relevant to the existing conflicts across the world, comprising those in Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya.

The collection comprises 17 case studies of nations undergoing constitutional engagement in various contexts. It contains things such as small distinct territories, diverse countries with numerous politically salient parts, and bi-communal countries. Additionally, the volume has places where territorial politics is essential. The writers extracted case studies from Kenya, Cyprus, Nepal, Iraq, Spain, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

The volume of essays provided policy recommendation depending on a radical view of the complexity of political and territorial cleavages. The collection concludes with a synthetic section that makes originals conclusions from relative examination of case studies relating to the existing research. The collection of essay is used in various areas such as consociational power-sharing plans, and devolution.

Apart from releasing the assortment of essays, Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson wrote a confidante policy paper on a similar subject. The policy seeks to offer insights on how territorial claims relate constitutional design and constitution-making process. Additionally, they provide advice that might be helpful to advisors and principals who take part in constitutional moments.

George Anderson is the ex-deputy minister of Canada. He also served as the president of Forum of Federations. He is a member of the center of democracy and diversity at Queen’s University. Apart from that, he has a membership with Sandy Team of Experts for the department of political affairs of the United Nations.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the owner Center of Constitutional Transitions where he serves as a Managing Director. Additionally, he is a globally known constitutional attorney and scholar. Sujit advises on governance, constitutional amendment, and the role of law procedures for many decades in different countries.

Read more here https://www.ssrn.com/abstract=761927

Betterworks Unveils Team Edition


Betterworks is well-known for its HR software that addresses management and continuous performance incentives. They have just introduced Team Edition. This new products is a self-service package with tools that address the needs of smaller and midsize businesses. Companies that use the product can look forward to an increase in performance across the board.

Team Edition offers the very latest in technology that address performance management. Betterworks can provide businesses with the following performance benefits.

1. Companies can create and convey a company’s goals so that employees can focus on top priorities.

2. The new software can also track progress across the company.

3. Businesses can implement course corrections in real-time.

4. The software also provides a conversation template that inspires crucial company conversations.

Betterworks began in 2013. The company designs software tools that can give businesses the meaningful data they need to turn a profit and run smoothly. The software also keeps track of a number of key data points. Companies remain aware of the data points that can help them improve at any point.

Betterworks has a ton of features. Its software packages address heavy-duty issues that help keep companies on track. Prices will vary for the software, however there are many who think the ability for companies to scale up is well worth the price. Betterworks allows companies to move from annual reviews to an oversight of continuous performance. Betterworks provides the software that allows businesses to achieve the next level in performance.

Download the Betterworks App – https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/betterworks/

A Look at Talkspace Under the Leadership of Oren Frank

Talkspace is an online therapy start-up that offers its services to clients via mobile based applications. Clients or patients using Talkspace can opt to receive therapy services via text or video. In a recent interview, Talkspace’s CEO, Oren Frank revealed that the firm is getting serious about selling to employers. The start-up recently hired a chief medical officer who was previously working at UnitedHealth to make this a reality.

Oren Frank revealed that the hiring of Neil Leibowitz comes at a great time as the company has more than one million active users. With Neil’s expertise, Talkspace will be in a position to prescribe prescription drugs to its clientele.  Read more on Wikipedia.

Talkspace charges its clients $79 for a weekly service that enables the user to talk to a therapist. The weekly charges for texting a mental health expert is $49. Oren Frank also revealed that the firm is generating tens of millions in revenue, which is excellent news for investors eyeing a looming (IPO) initial public offering.

According to Neil, Talkspace has not yet decided on whether it will exclude medication such as opiates from its list of prescription drugs. But what we can be sure of is that Talkspace’s physiatrists, who are independent consultants, will be in a position to prescribe medication using a video tool as state and federal law requires.

About Oren Frank

Oren Frank is the current CEO of Talkspace while also being its Co-Founder. Founded in 2012, Talkspace objective is to make psychotherapy both accessible and affordable to millions of people who need the service globally. Talkspace is a B2C firm that pioneered the “Unlimited Messaging Therapy”, a contemporary solution that is proving beneficial in removing key barriers to entry to the outpatient mental healthcare services. Under the leadership of Oren Frank, Talkspace is proving to be beneficial as more clients are enrolling for its service.

Read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-the-therapist-will-whatsapp-you-now-1.5466160


Shervin Pishevar Compares Modern-Day Monopolies to Ma Bell

Years ago, the biggest monopoly that the United States had to contend with was Ma Bell. The telephone company was the only one around, so people had no choice but to use them if they wanted telephone service.

Shervin Pishevar, the co-founder of Sherpa Capital, identifies that there’s a few new Ma Bells in town. This includes Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. In his tweet storm, he refers to them as robber barons that are out to destroy all of the different startups.

Shervin Pishevar warns that these monopolies have been allowed to thrive for so long that there are many people crying out for Amazon in their area. However, it’s not healthy for entrepreneurship. Every time a startup has a chance to compete, their bought up or destroyed by the monopolies.

As Shervin Pishevar points out, breaking up Ma Bell ended up being what was best for the American people. The same should be said about all of the new monopolies. Breaking them up could provide more choices and, ultimately, be better for the economy.

It’s going to be hard to break up the monopolies. They’ve been allowed to grow in power for so long that people have grown dependent on them. Shervin Pishevar dedicated a significant amount of tweets to warning about this power. As a result, a lot of people are talking about these modern-day monopolies and what should be done about them.


CloudWick: Success With Data, Machine Learning, and Security

CloudWick is an organization providing the systems and management required to filter and use big data. They achieve this because of their models in data lakes, machine learning, and security, and the models do not require intervention from any developers.

Data lakes are utilized efficiently. CloudWick can architect and migrate workloads to them effortlessly for businesses. The company is currently working with more than 50,000 clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This union gives them the ability to work with others who are experts within AWS. To speed up the analysis, CloudWick packaged a quick process using data lakes from AWS and CloudwickQuick.

Management areas that CloudWick excels in are business solutions, such as fixed billing. A business needs to control cost, and one way to control finances and still get the benefit of data management is to be able to set a budget for the process. Offering business solutions and experience with managing data lakes frees up businesses to focus on what they know best.

Machine learning enables CloudWick to provide true traffic and filter out false movements. It has the power to distinguish noise and context to make a calculated list of highly possible cyber threats. The One OSAS uses net flow and data to notice unusual presences looking for areas to attacks. The One OSAS brings together filters and pattern detection. These can be sent through machine learning and screened for risk while looking for off-mark ranking orders or unusual networks. The CDL security merges events with alerts to create meaningful results.

The security involves sweeping cloud and virtual data across all networks into a modern, intuitive system that is simple. It does not require any high-end training in cloud technology to operate. CloudWick is working to answer the call between organizations, big data, and security while making the process accessible with pricing, usable information, and reasonable for management.


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