ClassDojo: An App That Links School and Home

ClassDojo is an app that helps link teachers, students, and parents. It is an easy and proactive way to keep families and schools involved. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to follow up, but ClassDojo makes the effort almost seamless. Some ways the app can keep parents in the loop are by creating timelines and progress reports. Parents and guardians can find out if their child had a productive day because students can create timelines of every school day’s activities if they choose to. They can document their studies in the morning and what they did during the break.

You could see what they had for lunch and even if they liked it. Teachers can put together useful reports for parents. Things like projects completed, grades, and classroom participation can be logged. ClassDojo opens up a world of communication. Text messages can be sent as well as photos and videos. Teachers can record personalized videos for each family or create a bulk one. ClassDojo makes interactions personal and professional. The app has the ability to take the classroom to an entirely new level. It allows school work to travel beyond the school walls and into each child’s living room.

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