Darien Dash Is Passionate About All Of His Work

Darien Dash was inspired to be an entrepreneur since he was a young boy because of all of the people in his family who were involved in the entertainment industry. His stepfather is a record producer and his cousin is also involved in that industry, and he says that they are two of the people who inspire him most. He and his cousin got together to create a record label when he was in his freshman year of college and they made it into a success with over $100 thousand in profit from it and such artists as Jay Z signed to it.

There was so much that Darien Dash wanted to do with his career and one of the things that he felt most passionate about after he graduated from the University of Southern California was helping those in minority communities. The way that he felt called to help them was to provide them with the technology they were missing. He started with these efforts and was soon recognized for his work. President Clinton asked him to help him make the internet available to every American. Darien Dash partnered with the Hewlett-Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, to create the company that technology firm to do that through. To know more about Dash visit crunchbase.com

Darien Dash’s latest project is The Movement Management firm, in which he works to advise people in all kinds of industries. He works with athletes and people in the entertainment industry. He works with those who are running businesses of all sizes, as well, and he doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Darien Dash says that he works long hours each day depending on how much his clients need from him. He is willing to put his all into his work because he is so passionate about it, and he has a great team that helps him get it done.


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