Doe Deere, the Woman I Revere

We all have that one person we consider to be a role model. Doe Deere is one among many that have shown us everything is possible, and that our dreams are valid. So far, Doe is renowned for her contribution to the cosmetics industry since she is the founder of Lime Crime. Like most successful people, Deere has established a routine for almost everything Doe does. For starters, Doe Deere has maintained a morning routine whereby she wakes up at 8:30 am. She can wake up at the time mentioned above without the use of any alarm clock, something that comes as a shock to most of us. Shortly after waking up Deere stretches to keep her body fit. Deere also ensures that she has taken a glass or two of water since she finds it useful to keep her body hydrated all day long.

Later on, Doe prepares herself breakfast with grits being her favorite. She also enjoys having yogurt, fruit, and juice blend. Shortly after breakfast, Doe Deere takes the time to reflect on things and even think of new ideas for expanding her business. It is also the point in time when Doe takes the opportunity of looking into her calendar so as to keep in touch with various meeting arrangements for the day. Whenever time allows, Doe Deere uses her morning period to open and respond to her emails. However, she has sufficient time to deal with emails later in the day. It is also during her morning routine that Doe also keeps in touch with hr employees using an internal company chat.

After having a shower, it is time for Deere to dress up and apply makeup. Her makeup session does not go without Doe listening to her favorite song. Before applying any facial accessories, Doe first moisturizes her face using the Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’. She then uses the L’Oreal ‘True Match Foundation’ or MACs ‘Studio Fix.’ The makeup session is not made complete without Doe Deere applying an extra layer of powder to her beautiful face. The process then ends with the application of blush and lipstick. Doe is incredibly energized during the makeup sessions mainly because it gives her much opportunity to spend time with herself as she reflects on things. During special occasions, the composition exercise might extend to up to an hour. However, impromptu meetings mean that Doe can only use fifteen minutes of her time to apply makeup.

Deere also loves to interact with her two cats especially in the morning, and then heads to work when it is almost clocking noon. It is at 6 pm that Deere’s workday ends and she heads home so as to take a shower in preparation for a morning hairstyle up.

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