Drew Madden reveals compatibility issues within American healthcare

Drew Madden is one of the nation’s leading experts on matters concerning healthcare. He has spent his entire career inside of the healthcare IT industry, working at both the Cerner Corporation and Epic Systems. This extensive knowledge of the two dominant healthcare IT platforms in use throughout the United States has given Madden insights into the problems facing the country’s healthcare system that few others possess.

One of the most serious problems that Madden has identified within the U.S. healthcare system is the serious lack of interoperability between healthcare platforms and between hospital networks. Madden says that this may seem like a counterintuitive result. After all, the vast majority of medical practices in the United States, including the country’s largest hospitals, all use systems that were designed by either Epic or Cerner. Yet, the nation’s healthcare networks still have electronic hospital records that are highly siloed. This, says Madden, can lead to extreme inefficiencies and poor patient outcomes. In extreme cases, Madden says that lack of availability or acceptability of electronic hospital records can lead to needless deaths.

It has been in his battle to resolve the nation’s healthcare network interoperability issues that led Madden to found his own healthcare IT consultancy. Called Evergreen Healthcare Partners, the company is focused on not only creating top-flight technical solutions for hospitals that are struggling with cumbersome software systems and other IT issues, but the company is also geared towards a human-centric approach. Madden says that no matter how good the software is, it will not be worth much if the people cannot use it, or they cannot interact effectively with each other.

However, Madden admits that the problem of cross-compatibility of electronic hospital records is a decidedly technical issue. Madden says that the solutions to these problems, by their nature, are highly complex and difficult to implement. But his firm is dedicated to helping hospital networks resolve their cross-compatibility issues, potentially saving tens of millions of dollars each year.

Madden says that he hopes to branch out into non-IT-related areas within the healthcare space. He believes that with strong skills and leadership, the nation’s spiraling healthcare costs can be brought under control.

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