Glenn Schlossberg’s Ambition to Leading the Fashion Industry

Glenn Schlossberg is a prominent clothing designer and entrepreneur with an ambition to lead the fashion industry successfully. Founder and current CEO of the Jump Design Group, Glenn uses the most innovative ideas to overwhelm his competitors in the market continually. Glenn Schlossberg’s delight for fashion began when he saw his father’s dress factory uniqueness from the standard factory settings. Glenn started Jump in 1990 as a brand for producing formal wear for colleens attending prom. Initially, his main intention was to use the cotton Lycra fabric for its stretchy nature to design his clothes. After realizing that the Lycra fabrics were actually off trend a few months later, Schlossberg set to focus on the junior dresses division. The group currently produces formal and everyday wear for all women under four labels; Macy’s, Bebe, Marina, and Tiana B. Jump Group is an exceptional fashion firm which reads and predicts new customer trends in the fashion industry to innovate new designs.

In an interview, Schlossberg considers building Jump his greatest life accomplishment. He is especially gratified with the number of employees he has supported over the years working at Group. The Jump Group CEO admits that his motivations come from his artistic nature. With each innovation he releases and becomes the best seller, Schlossberg receives the greatest of pleasures and a will to keep going. Glenn has learned for over the past years of building his success that the most important lessons are persistence, determination, and hard work. Glenn Schlossberg decided to get to the business industry without further education from high school since he did not do well at school. He began working at his father’s company where his primary roles were predominantly in shipping products and the warehouse. Together with his wife Zena who had an MBA from Cornel, Glenn was able to make a working business plan which he sold to investors for financing. With the help of the contacts he had with retailers, Glenn was able to kick start his business.

According to, apart from his inventive and entrepreneurial nature, Glenn is also a philanthropist. He raised more than one million dollars for Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation for LIJ. Along with his wife, Glenn supports Cornel University. Through the NFTE network, Glenn is actively involved in teaching inner city schools. He also enjoys traveling to different parts of the world monitoring fashion trends. His most exciting part of the world is Asia due to the concepts they use in fashion designs.


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