Grupo RBS Becomes A TV and Internet Innovator

The media landscape is changing all the time with the Grupo RBS brand taking an innovative approach to the TV stations it operates. The brand established its first TV station way back in 1962 after starting operations as a radio station in the state of Rio Grande du Sol in the south of Brazil. The media company has always taken an innovative approach to the acquisitions, mergers, and expansions it has enjoyed over the last six decades with Grupo RBS creating Brazil’s first community TV station in the 1990s.

Grupo RBS has been developing its TV presence since early in the development of technology in South America. Despite being enjoyed since the first half of the 20th-century, the widespread use of television was not seen across major nations such as the U.K. and U.S. until the middle of the 1950s. In South America, the first TV stations would not gain a foothold in the culture until the early 1960s but have since become huge parts of popular culture. The mid-1990s are now seen as the boom time for the development of television in the southern portion of Brazil with the creation of TVCOM community broadcasting channel taking place in 1996. By 1997, RBS was looking to create specialist TV channels designed to bring news, information, and entertainment to specific groups in Southern Brazil. In 1997, the Canal Rural station went on air focusing on the lives and work completed by members of the farming community in Rio Grande du Sol and Santa Catarina. To know more about RBS visit

The entire media sector is changing as the TV sector becomes more concentrated on the digital delivery of programming and full channels. For Grupo RBS, the switch to full HD quality scheduling in 2008 proved a milestone that has been followed by more digital content being made available. Grupo RBS has been focusing its work on the development of digital content platforms that includes video and TV streaming services that will change the way TV is delivered across Brazil for decades to come.

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