Gustavo Martinez Notes Why Independent Consultants Can Be The Way Forward For Marketing

Gustavo Martinez holds over 35 years of experience in the advertising world, during which time he has worked with some of the most recognized names in the niche. Some of the most prominent of these have been the McCann World Group, Mather, and Ogilvy, each of which he served as president of. Perhaps the most notable of the firms that the marketing professional has worked with, however, has been J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, with which he served as CEO for several years.


While the marketing professional has achieved a significant amount of success with each of these companies and been involved in a variety of well-known advertising campaigns, he’s recently turned his hand to entrepreneurship. In doing so, he has started serving as a marketing consultant for a large number of companies across the country, with this giving him a significant amount of freedom.


As a result, Gustavo Martinez has been able to flex his creative muscles much more than he may have before. This is something that he notes should be a priority for the majority of marketing professionals, as the industry is first and foremost a creative sector. As a result, he has routinely noted that the niche requires a significant amount of creativity and flexibility.


These traits, according to the entrepreneur, are what separates the marketing world apart from many other typical 9 to 5 jobs. Throughout his career, he has described the industry as needing a form of applied artistry, which can be vital for the majority of professionals to succeed in the niche. While he notes that there’s a definite and tangible goal to work toward, he also suggests that there’s no set formula to get there.


As a result, Gustavo Martinez has highlighted that a certain amount of freedom is needed for marketing professionals to do their job effectively. This is something that he notes working as a marketing consultant rather than an in-house professional affords him. For the past several years, he’s claimed that being boxed into a typical nine-to-five office job can often be detrimental to an advertising professional’s success.


This has predominantly been because he believes that being an employee can often mean that a marketing professional can be restricted in a variety of ways. However, acting as an outside consultant can overcome much of this, which is why he notes that the consultancy model has been a vital aspect of the industry for over a century.


Throughout this time, Gustavo Martinez has said that the more creative and free a professional is, then the more valuable they can be to an advertising agency. Alongside this, the entrepreneur has claimed that marketing geniuses may often struggle to adapt to the modern workplace, which can have a variety of negative implications on their work.


To overcome this, however, the entrepreneur suggests that giving a marketing professional the room they need to grow and feel free can be an essential part of the advertising process. By doing so, Gustavo Martinez suggests that the independent consultancy model can be the most effective way of fostering high-quality results.


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