How Matthew Fleeger is Making Oil Industry History with Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerMaking positive strides in the oil industry, both Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are names recognized when success and innovation are mentioned. What started as a family-owned operation in Dallas has turned into a nationwide phenomenon with locations around the South and Midwest regions. Gulf Coast Western has an origin that is founded in mission and principles sought out by those looking to partner with such a company and still carry them today.

Matthew Fleeger is both the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western and behind many of these practices that have moved them through the ranks in the oil industry. It was Matt’s father who initially founded the company back in 1970 and made a point to ensure that Matt would carry these same foundations and principles through the business under his leadership. In order for Matthew to get to the point of CEO, he had to make his own path to leadership. Matthew Fleeger has now always been with Gulf Coast Western, as he did take a break after beginning his professional career and took on new experiences to give him a well-rounded view and new perspective. This experience allowed him to come back to Gulf Coast Western in 2009 and with a new and appreciative understanding of leadership and the oil industry.

Matthew Fleeger

Working on areas such as customer service and cost control has allowed them to expand their customer base beyond its original limits. Customers over the last several decades have found Gulf Coast Western attentive to their needs and willing to listen when they have concerns. It has been Matthew’s personal mission to keep the transparency between Gulf Coast Western and their clients open under his leadership. In more recent years, Gulf Coast Western is striving for a production increase in the next few years. They are continuing to explore and develop areas in the Gulf and Western regions of the United States that carry domestic oil as a resource.

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