Jack Plotkin: The Future of Real Healthcare

Jack PlotkinIt doesn’t take long listening to news before you will hear a story or two about the future of healthcare.  Unfortunately, if you really listen to it, there is really little to do with the future in terms of real solutions.  It’s only a thinly veiled story about who someone is doing–or not doing–now.  That’s not a situation that Jack Plotkin takes lightly.  In fact, Jock Plotkin believes that in order to effectively change the future, you have to actively start with today.  That’s the reason he’s so excited to be the CTO of Telehealth, a firm that is taking a serious look at healthcare and cutting it off at the knees with a revolutionary look at what we have today and can be leveraged for tomorrow.

With Telehealth, users can use an interface using ordinary telephony to become more actively engaged with health care providers, providing information that is more valuable and more directly beneficial to the user’s health.  Telehealth is easier and more engaging to use, which means that users are more likely to provide health care professionals with more of the information they can use that will help them with the diagnosis and treatment of their problems.  

Plotkin considers this level of technology a long time coming.  In fact, with the recent advent and success of wearables, he considers Telehealth the next step in a long process that will bring both health care providers and users closer together for mutual benefit.  The old ways of providing health care solutions is only single dimensional when compared to the approach of Telehealth, which makes the user more accessible to the provider and the provider more accessible to the user.

Jack Plotkin

Even the cost of the Telehealth approach is going down as the technology improves.  In fact, there can be little doubt that as the acceptance of Telehealth grows, everyone will benefit.  Jack Plotkin is betting the future on it.

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