James Dondero Is A Hands-on Philanthropist

The backlash against the wealthy donors offering their financial assistance to the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France following a devastating fire was seen as a watershed moment. As we move forward the public wants to see more from the world’s most important philanthropists than simply pushing forward an agenda of writing checks for important campaigns and global problems. James Dondero is a philanthropist who is showing the world how to work in a successful and meaningful way to provide a better future for the people of his local community in Dallas, Texas.

Striking the right balance between writing checks for important philanthropic causes and getting his hands dirty has marked James Dondero out as more important to the people of Dallas than we could imagine. James Dondero likes to make sure he understands exactly where the funding he provides for any important cause and often takes a hands-on approach to the groups he backs with funding and more. For Dondero and his Highland Capital Management brand, the work being done with the University of Texas Center for Brain Health is vital to the future of everybody in the world with the HCM President helping out n the ground at the medical center.

That is not to say, James Dondero does not write checks for the causes he feels are important to the people of the Dallas community. The thing about Dondero and the Highland Capital Management group is they are determined to make a positive impact on the state as a whole. At Highland Capital Management, the brand name of the investment group and the bank has been used to drive on funding drives for many different campaigns. One of the most high-profile campaigns the investment group has been part of has been the movement towards creating new habitats at Dallas Zoo for a range of new animals.


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