Jeremy Goldstein Fights Mental Illness with Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney in New York, and he recently hosted a wine dinner that supported his favorite charity. The dinner was called “You Are not ‘A Rhone.'” The proceeds went toward Fountain House, a charity that helps those surviving with mental illnesses live normal lives.


In 1944, a group of people diagnosed with mental illnesses decided to take matters into their own hands. They formed a support group that they called “We Are not Alone.” This shows us that although mental illness was being addressed in 1944, we aren’t finished making a difference with this issue. That’s because people are afraid to discuss this topic, and it is the reason that Fountain House continues to grow.


The services that Fountain House offers the public are needed so badly because one-fifth of the adult population in the United States need to obtain treatment for a mental illness each year. One out of every 25 people has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Children from ages 13 to 18 are also susceptible to mental health issues. One-fifth of this population is expected to be diagnosed with a mental illness in its lifetime.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This boutique law firm advises compensation committees, corporations, management teams and CEOs in matters of corporate governance and executive compensation. The issues of particular interest for this law firm are areas that can be described as sensitive situations and transformative corporate events.


Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University where he graduated with distinction in all subjects. He received his master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He obtained his Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. He is on the board of directors of Fountain House.


Fountain House initiatives are working extremely well for the community. In the United States, only 15 percent of people diagnosed with mental illnesses are currently working. Fountain House has a population of employed people at a rate of 42 percent. Fountain House is also a place where 500 people diagnosed with mental illnesses may sleep every night. Because these people are associated with Fountain House, they are not being admitted to the hospital as often. This lowers the amount that Medicaid must pay for mental health treatment by 21 percent.


People struggling with a mental health issue have difficulties graduating from high school, and they only do so at a rate of 32 percent. When they are being helped by Fountain House, they graduate from high school at a rate of 77 percent. In addition to a place to live and high school graduation, those supported by Fountain House also have higher self esteem, an increased amount of confidence, pride in their accomplishments and friendships.


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