Lime Crime: Announcement and Background

Lime Crime is a brand of makeup that is advanced. It was established in the year 2008 by two entrepreneurs by the names of Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere. Their known for products that are cruelty-free and energetic. It’s a beauty brand that’s digitally native and launching. The company is standing apart by making a world of magic. In this world beauty is defined again and there is an encouragement of self-expression. Leading retailers like, Riley Rose, and Bloomingdales has a demand that’s high for Lime Crime. In the beginning the company has started with Cult Beauty and started up not that long ago in the UK. Also, recently it started up with Selfridges and FeelUnique.

Lime Crime for several years have been laying trends that have by the storm captured the industry of beauty. This was from in a rainbow consisting of shades of Unicorn Lipsticks and Velvetiness This had started the liquid of ultra-matte lip craze. Also, not that long ago there was their product called Unicorn hair. The name speaks for itself. The brand right now has been a phenomenon all around the world. They have customers in many different locations like London, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Lime Crime a little over a month ago had made an exciting annocement on June 18th 2018. The annocement was that they were obtained by a leading private equity firm called “Tenegram Capital Partners”. That firm is centered on branded companies of retail and consumer. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Stacy Panagakis. She was before the General Manager of company “Fresh”. The obtaining Tenegram did with Lime Crime will assist with its strategy of growth. This will then create more ways passionate base of consumers experiencing creative products and a marked whimsical world.

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